"I Need Your Help,"

Chapter 10,


By Japanese Evangelist Paul Ariga

Koji Honda, Pastor & Evangelist, Kobe, Japan

Yet, I cannot reach Japan's millions alone. Neither can Koji Honda. We need your help. We must have your prayers. Japan's 100 million are waiting for their day of salvation and visitation. Will God forget to bless my people? He has sent salvation blessings to other countries. God must not forget the perishing souls in my country.

With tears I plead for your help to help me win my own people to Christ. I have been challenged by your large hearts and generous gifts. I want the Japanese Christians to catch your same vision.

Koji Honda, Japan's leading evangelist, needs your help. After a Crusade he almost collapses from sheer exhaustion. He carries the burden for the salvation and evangelization of a nation upon his overtired heart. With much panting and his hand over his heart he cries out, "Paul, I think that I am going to die."

I encourage him by pleading, "Bro. Honda, please stay alive until I have learned enough from you to preach well enough to carry on in your place."

My wife and I have made great sacrifices in the Crusade work. Koji Honda has made even greater sacrifices. He has a wife and 6 children.

Koji Honda is gone from his large church 50% of the time. With Eddie Karnes he has been carrying on a heavy Crusade schedule for the past seven years. Who will help him?

Now Koji Honda, Eddie Karnes, and I face the biggest challenge of our lives. We face the Tokyo Olympic Crusade, (Sept. 5-13, 1964) in the world's largest city of 10 1/2 million.

Koji Honda's Kobe Central Church members are giving a missionary offering of $1,400 for this Crusade. Tokyo is 400 miles away from Kobe. The Tokyo Christians will raise another $3,600.

Eddie Karnes and I must raise another $5,000 during our Tokyo Olympic Crusade tour in America. Will God help us? Will you help us? Some American military planes cost over one million dollars apiece. Yet we are trying to evangelize 10 1/2 million people in Tokyo on a modest budget of $10,000.

The God who sent Jonah for the Nineveh Crusade has also sent us to hold the Tokyo Olympic Crusade. People will be in Tokyo from almost every nation in the world. God will not fail us nor them.

Tokyo is wide open to the preaching of the Gospel. This is Japan's hour for revival. In 1923 there came the great Tokyo Earthquake which took thousands of lives. Eddie Karnes spoke to some Christian leaders in Tokyo and said, "I feel about this Crusade like I felt about the Nagoya Crusade. A week after we closed 5,000 Nagoyans perished. Could it be that God wants Koji Honda to hold a Tokyo Olympic Crusade before another hour of earthquake judgment in Tokyo? God forbid that we should miss God's plan for evangelizing Tokyo."

I need your help. Japan's lost millions need your help. This will be Koji Honda's greatest soul winning Crusade to date. He needs your help.

Can I count on you? Thank you, I knew I could. Thank you for your prayers and gifts. Together in heaven we shall present these souls that we have won to our Lord. What a glorious hope. What a thrilling privilege to be your soul winning substitute among 100 million souls.


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