Burden of Canada

by Eben

Note: This prophecy seems to be timely, though composed in 2005. The present governmental approval of same-sex marriage (read: destruction of traditional marriage of one man and one women, together with the ruin of the family and the entire social fabric of Canada) entails what appears to be a hard and uncompassionate word, but which is meant only for repentance and restoration, not ruin and death.

God is fully able to forgive and save and restore, but we who have sinned against Him and broken his moral laws must seek his mercy and grace through since repentance--but repentance entails real change of our direction by our own choice.

By the way, news stories depict Canada serving as the conduit for terrorists and drug dealers and illegal immigration into the U.S. What a blessing, spiritually and economically, Canada has been to America. But that has changed radically. Ruled by humanism and secularism, the Dominion of Canada has by choice joined the ranks of failed "goat nations." The surfeit of rottenness in Canada will surely bring death and destruction to America her neighbor, so we in America ought to be on our knees, interceeding for Canada and her entire people. Practicing the Golden Rule even in this respect is a matter of life and death for America and not just Canada. Praying people who know Jesus, pray! The Lord is coming soon, and there remains only a brief space of time for Canada to gain repentance and revival.--Editor

You are a hybrid nation, two countries and two peoples married into one, but continue to abandon me and I will split you, and you will not be able to put the pieces together ever again. You are the Egg-Man setting on the wall who falls off, shatters, and cannot be mended. You are as brittle and hard-shelled as an egg, and exalt yourself, thinking nothing can topple you from your high perch.

A little wind will blow you off your wall, and you will shatter and become a loathsome mess. All who pass by will hold their noses, for you will rot and stink from coast to coast and to high heaven.

Because you choose immorality and abomination, because you pass laws against My people the Church, because you pass laws to shut down the free word of God being preached in your land, because you do not sanctify human life and the unborn, you will be cast down and broken up.

But if you will return to the faith of your Fathers, and confess to Me your sins, heartily, I will forgive you. Do it very soon. The little wind is already blowing at your back, Egg-Man!

The Burden of Canada is ended.

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