"Angel Stories,"

by Pearl A. Ginther

How many of you believe God assigns an angel to you when you ask and want him to? Can we understand God's purpose for angels in our lives?

Betty Mulz, a 28 year old vacationing with her husband and daughter and parents to Florida, suddenly took sick. An ambulance took her to the hospital. Gangrene set in. She lay in a coma for 44 days. A night nurse on the third floor came to check the patient's vital signs and found no response to her probings. Betty Mulz had slipped from this life into the next. At 5 o'clock the doctor pronounced her clinically dead. A sheet was pulled over her head and the lights were turned off as the nurse left the room where Betty Mulz's body lay.

Betty's father came into the room, but she could not know it, as she was gone, feeling as though she was on a roller coaster at Disneyland. It was like taking the fastest jet from earth to another planet. What she saw ahead of her was something bright and glorious spread under a deep blue sky.

She had no fear, only peacefulness, and enjoyed the beauty. Majestic music filled the scene with exquisite harmonies. Countless choirs sang, and around her feet living waves of flowers splashed the velvet hgreen meadows with color. She felt fulfilled and youthful.

An angel appeared and walked with her. She understood he was the one God assigned to her when she let Jesus come into her heart. He took long strides up the sloping hillside, and he and Betty spoke no words, but communicated easily just by thinking what they wanted to express. Her tall companion wore flowing white robes, and his face had masculine features, and his hands were large and strong.

They reached an enormous sheet of translucent pearl, apparently a gate in the walls of the Heavenly City. She then detected a great brightness. It was Jesus's face, too bright to look at.

She recognized people around her before the throne of God. One was Jack Haskem, a singer whose record she had when back on earth. People were tending flowers, flowers with no bugs, and they got no backache from their work. Builders were busy constructing dwellings, expecting large numbers of people--soon. She wanted to stay.

She saw shafts of light ascending from earth, swift as laser beams; these were prayers, and armies of angels stood waiting for orders to execute the answers to the prayers. On a particular shaft of light, she saw as well as heard a prayer she recognized--it was her father's. He breathed the name "Jesus." It was his wish that she had not died.

Immediately, she felt herself travelling on a fast elevator, descending at an alarming speed. It slowed down and stopped. All was still. She threw back the sheet over her head. She opened her eyes in the hospital room and looked into her father's face. She had returned to life. The doctor certified that she had been dead 28 minutes. She was sent home two days later. A nurse, who had seen her lying dead, ran out of the room when she saw her alive again, thinking she was seeing a ghost.

Mickey Rooney had just played the starring role in the movie, "Bill," the greatest film of his career. He was fighting depression. His wife, the eighth, had just left him. He had lost desire to live, but one day walked into a restaurant and ordered a bowl of soup. He lay is head in his arms, depressed and feeling too lonely to care about anything.

Then he felt a gentle pressure of a hand on his shoulder. Supposing that the waitress had brought his soup, Rooney lifted his head and started to lean back against his seat. He saw a youing waiter dressed in a white uniform. He said to Mickey Rooney, "Sir, I have a message for you." He spoke with conviction and sincerity. "The Lord Jesus Christ asked me to tell you that He loves you very much and that you will experience great joy from Him." Then he turned and walked away.

At once Mickey felt a contentment and peace. Waves of joy gushed through him. For the first time in a long time, he felt hope. He went to find the young waiter to thank him and only found the head waiter. The man told him that no one employed there fit the description of that young man

Mickey Rooney says he knew he had the message delivered to him directly from Jesus by an angel. He went on because of that encounter to receive Jesus as his personal Savior, and later married a woman who shares his Christian commitment. He said that for the first time in his life he found out what real love is, because God is love. "We have him in the center of our marriage and our lives," Mickey Rooney said. An angel was sent to keep him from committing suicide.

Let us pray for others and their protection, [those who face similar dark moments in life].

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