"Divided America," A View of Islam's Techniques and Tactics to Defeat the West, by Ronald Ginther

It is clear that America is fatally divided, right on the eve of destruction and self-destruction. Our enemies watch us keenly from all sides, waiting for the right moment to strike us down, when we are most distracted by our internal divisions and appear to have given up any last modicum of resolve to fight for our freedom.

President Bush has stated his views about Islam in a recent interview with Bill O'Reilly, who wrote the bestselling expose of secular humanism, "Culture Warrior, and also conducts the very popular The O'Reilly Factor radio program. President Bush declared that he believes no people of a religion will kill other people holding different views--thus, religion is not an issue with him. This is strange and curious, as the day he was interviewed hundreds of Iraqis were being slain--as Shiites and Sunnites, both Moslem sects, are killing, torturing, kidnapping, bombing, shooting each other, with no end in sight. But religion is active in other places as well. Intense genocide is being practiced at this very moment by the militias supported by the Moslem government of the Sudan against the black Christians of the south, called Dafur. Communist China is killing, torturing, and imprisoning tens of thousands of Chinese Christians. Christians are being persecuted and killed in India by militant Hindus. These are just a few instances of a world-wide persecution against Christians by Moslems, Hindus, and communists.

The only thing that can explain the President's view is not lack of information, but his world-view--which is secular humanist in many of its features. The politically correct view at present is secular humanist, and the U.S. State Department view of persecution does not admit to the existence of Islamic persecution of Christians. If there is persecution, it is put down to "insurgents" rebelling against central government authority or "sectarian" or "ethnic" struggles.

The President's view of the current world-crisis (which Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, and its world-wide television and radio ministries, has called World War III) is but one view that divides public opinion in the U.S. concerning the peril it is in.

The second view is that terrorism is not religiously motivated (there is nothing wrong with Islam, for instance, or any other persecuting religion), it is a matter of law inforcement. This view is most odd, to say the least! It denies the beliefs, commitments, and statements of the terrorists, who are religious in every way--language, belief, and performance. Their whole world-view is religious, though it is true they may be using religion to set themselves up as dictatorial rulers over the world once they have crushed the democratic West.

Britain and Canada and Europe hold this view--that Islam is not the source or motivation for the current threat of world-wide terrorism--it is merely a certain minority that has become radicalized somehow and is seeking ways of making trouble. True, this minority is breaking laws, by seeking to bomb airliners full of people and blow up buildings and so on, and so it is a matter of law enforcement. Islam is, consequently, not perceived or identified as a national threat (which it demonstrably, irrefutably, is!). In regard to the secular humanists currently in charge, Islam must be pacified at all points, assured it is not a target of the government's program to protect the country. The hate-preaching, anti-national mullahs are tolerated and overlooked (one main London cleric wrote the Queen of England, demanding she convert to Islam!). The fact that terrorists are often naturalized British, American, or French citizens is not noted--they are "de-profiled," and secularized in the government books.

The current President adamantly holds the view that only a minority of Moslems subscribe to certain radical views that make them dangerous terrorists and threats to our national security, and he also makes it plain to all that he believes Islam does not teach violence against Christians and Jews (thereby denying the Prophet Mohammed's own words!). He shows, thus, a total ignorance of the Quran and Islam, and a total ignorance of history--but this is the secular humanist view, which is not based on any real, documented facts about Islam.

The third view is that the mass of Islamic people are peaceful and peace-loving. This is a myth. Islamic people do not come to America or any other country like other emigrants. These people carry a government with them, that is foreign, alien, and aggressive, and hostile to the government and society that is giving them shelter. The government is Islamic--its laws are called the Sheriah, which is mullah-promoted, interpreting the Quran (the angel-inspired Holy Book of Islam) and Hadith (the Sayings of Mohammed and Islamic teachers).

Every country that Moslem people enter finds out eventually that a new government has set up shop. France, too tolerant and secular humanist to fight for its own territorial integrity and national sovereignty, allowed the Moslem immigrants to set up enclaves, where Sheriah, the religious laws taught by the mullahs and imans, ruled society. Soon Paris was ringed by these enclaves, ruled by the foreign government of the Moslems. Within several decades, with the mass production of Moslems due to the prolific sexuality and non-abortion policy of their society, they were strong enough to confront and threaten the secular-humanist French authorities in Paris. Mass riots and demonstrations erupted, and yet France does nothing but try to ignore and appease this alien, hostile government, religion, and non-Western society within its border. Thousands of incidents of attacks on French police continue, with no end in sight of cars burned, smashing of windows of shops, and riots in the streets, since France will not fight back and regain its freedom.

In America, a much larger bird, consumption from within takes a bit longer than it has in France--which is half-consumed (Belgium is gone under--having given in already to the Moslems, and is passing laws against Christians and Jews to placate the Moslems.). The secular humanist ruling classes here, including the President, are playing right into the hands of the Moslems of America. The so-called moderates (who often are well-meaning, but uninformed even about Islam) of Islam know how to use the press to continue the myth that Islam is a religion of peace. "Islam" does not mean peace. Experts have studied the term, and it can only mean "Submission." It is submission by all to Islam--all--not some, but all humanity. That is what Islam demands--submission by all.

American journalists thrown to the ground, with guns pressed against their heads, told they either convert or die, as happened recently to two Fox News journalists in Hamas-terrorist ruled "Palestine," is the near future of what Islam intends for everyone in the world who is not already Moslem. This is not hate language. This is fact, as reported by the growing ranks of former terrorists who have given up their religion of hate and war and brutality to turn to the God of Christ, who is the only true Peace of the World.

The idea that secular humanists (including moderates in Islam) like to promote is that only a minority are radical, or "fundamentalist." This is true, in a sense. But the minority is huge, in terms of the numbers. There are about 1.3 billion Moslems, rapidly growing in numbers due to the sheer number of babies being born (according to reports, Osama bin Laden came from a family of 80, and he and his brother have fathered huge families themselves) in the uneducated, poor Moslem families. If only ten per cent of the Moslem populations is terroristic, that is 130 million.

The rest of the Moslems, however, are fatally complicit with the terrorists in their midst. They fund terrorist organizations, and look the other way as their disaffected, poor young men without jobs are recruited by high-paying recruiters, and do no stand up and protest against violence by Moslems when the atrocities are committed against the West.

Time after time, when atrocities are committed, the "moderate Moslems" remain silent, when it comes to admitting their own responsibility. In Britain, after the vicious, well-planned subway bombings by Moslem terrorists, by affluent, "assimilated Moslems" speaking good King's English accents acquired by years of residence in Birmingham, the Moslem clerics of London responded in a typical fashion--they went on the offensive and blamed the British government for provoking the bombings by waging war in Iraq! Tellingly, a major British authority said in response to the foiled airliner bombing plot that it was a matter of law enforcement, entirely missing the point of all this.

It is clear that the Moslems know how to manipulate anhd use the media's bias against Christians and Israel to their advantage. They know how to gain advantage from the secular-humanist doctrine of radical tolerance (permitting everything but Christian views to prevail), and the establishment's ignorance about Islam and its "government-in-exile." Because they know how to exploit these dangerous weaknesses in the nation's defensive armor, they continue to take ground, politically, and also continue to divide and muddy public opinion. They are pressing toward the point where the moral resolve of the British people will collapse and the British state will choose abject appeasement and abdication rather than fight messily and bloodily with the enemy within.

This is the classic tactic of a Fifth Column, to stir up fatal divisions in public opinion, creating confusion of all kinds in the minds of the masses of uninformed citizenry. This Fifth Column is a big-toothed wolf in a meek-looking sheep's clothing. They are, they claim to one and all, simple, working people, who want to live and work in peace and be left alone by the government. They run for public offices where their numbers can tip the election toward a Moslem, saying these same things, though they are at the same time critical of the "inequity" of the government in its treatment of the "Moslem community." Who, then, do they serve? Everybody, as any true national would do? Not at all-they serve their growing Moslem constituency, at the expense of the nation around them.

Meanwhile, the rigorous recruitment of young Moslem men at the mosques and medresses for terrorist acts grows in velocity, and plans are made and implemented for carrying even more ambitious and grandiose attacks on the infrastructure. The object is to attack and destroy major features of the national economy and national pride, so as to create disorder and anarchy where their numbers can be used to win a large amount of power and concessions in any new government. Meanwhile, trained terrorists are entering the country with virtually every incoming flight, for use in setting up sleeper cells and doing surveillance. Meanwhile the key installations are examined and monitored for eventual attack and destruction. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian, Iranian, United Emirates money pours by the container load in to build yet more grand mosques and schools in cities where no Moslems yet live--in order to give a message that Islam is the wave of the future, and that Britain, or France, or the U.S. is going to become an "Islamic state".

It is, thus, clear what Islam intends nationally and globally. A headless hydra of a religion and a government and society combined in one entity (cut off one head, it sprouts ten more in its place!), Islam seeks to dominate the world with the wonderful means it has been given by Western philosophy, Western technology, and Western oil money.

The West's ruling philosphy, Secular Humanism, is the perfect doorman to open up every Western nation to them for its eventual takeover and makeover into a theocratic, totalitarian Islamic state. The current U.S. president's refusal to accept the reality, that Islam and other religions are not peaceful (and what is peaceful about Hinduism, when it burns Christian churches and bombs buses and trains?) is typical of world leaders today who still deny World War III was declared in 1997 with the first bombing of the World Trade Center in NYC.

Jesus prophesied these very times and their ethnic and religious wars. Except for the world-wide explosion of Christian faith in Pentecostalism (which outpaces even the world's population growth rate by the hundreds of millions)*, Islam's militant triumph is assured and a Dark Age worse than any in history will engulf the whole of humanity. At the least, the world as we know it will be utterly changed, as Islam provides the driving engine of violence and war and social upheaval to precipitate catastrophe and the complete fulfillment of the prophecies of the End-Time Eschatology revealed in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

*Jeffrey Roberts, speaking on his prophecy program on Daystar recently, gave this amazing but credible information (actually, the exact figures as they have been estimated) about the world population rate versus the Christian Evangelical/Pentecostal conversion growth rate.

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