The Burden of Helvetia (Switzerland)

by Eben

You think you are eagles and are secure high up in your mountains and crags, But I see you as evil dwarves and I will tear you down from your high places, I will knock down your fortresses, I will dig them out of the bowels of the mountains where you have hidden them. I will also unlock the secret treasuries and take the immense hoards of gold, silver, jewels, bonds, and articles of fine craftmanship.. You have profited from the destruction of the poor and from the destruction of nations and from the destruction of My People. You take pride in this! You flourish on the suffering of your neighbors and then boast about it before the TV cameras!

You are a wicked nation. You have forgotten my holy laws, my word, my love for you. You do not honor Me, and you think there is no God to hold you to account! Your churches are dead and empty, your banks and shops and workshops are full and populous. But I will take your ill-gained wealth and give it to My People and to My Church, and they will be comforted, and they will use it for righteousness’ sake. It belongs now to them, for I have transferred it to them with my own Signature on a draught with powers to seize your total assets. You will pay back double the interest you reaped on the gold you stole from My People in the Second World War! Your own people were set upon by Moslem fundamentalists and murdered on the steps of an ancient heathen queen’s temple-grave in Egypt. That is a foretaste. Sophisticated as you are, you shall be dragged out from your houses and banks and businesses and shops and beautiful places of art and pleasure and refinement and stripped naked and slain! You have forgotten Me! Turn back to Me, and I will spare your lives-—but if you will not turn back to Me, and serve me as your Fathers once loved and served me, all this will come upon you suddenly. Who am I? Your many righteous, Godfearing Fathers knew me, the righteous, true, almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, so go read their words, which are covered with dust in your fine libraries and museums! And above all read My Word the Bible!

Take it all to heart, and turn back in the brief, few moments remaining to you. I have mercy and forgiveness enough for you, but My People will be repaid their losses with four-fold accrued interest and the other billions that countless crime bosses and murderous tyrants entrusted to your secret vaults will go to My Church! You will make four-fold restitution to all those you have afflicted and stolen from for the last two hundred years.

And, again, the many billions you have taken from the bloody hands of men of violence, that too will be taken by My hand—-you have no right to it. Despite the good and righteous churches still in your midst, you have passed them by in your limoisines with contempt and indifference in your glance, committing your crimes without a moment's twinge of conscience as to what the Church of Christ might think of your behavior, then going to deposit your ill-gotten gains in your own name before you fly off to some posh resort half across the world.

Just as your mountains are sliding down upon the lowlands, so My judgment will slide down on you, an avalanche of doom without any more warning. Continue to spurn My love and forgiveness, continue to disbelieve and espouse secular and humanist philosophy instead of My Truth, My Written Word, and your spiritual fathers' tear-filled prayers for you will not spare you any longer from punishment. Your glittering, white, high-towered haven for wickedness will be broken up and torn down and smashed flat, Helvetians-—you will be brought down to ground zero--this is the end of the Burden.

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