"Biography of Duane L. Smith,"

Author, Bible Expositor, Teacher, Lay Minister,

by Ron Ginther

Designed, destined, distracted, entertained, diverted, intercepted, called, encouraged, defiant, rebellious, independent, self-seeking, rolled over on, trampled, pressed down, squished, broken and contrite, called, restored, used, raised up to serve as a teacher and lay took a lot, but God accomplished his perfect work in his servant, disciple, and son of grace, Duane Smith!

But wait a moment, that was just the beginning warm-up of the Potter working the clay into a vessel he could use in his kingdom:

...Impatient, self-seeking, diverted, struggling with flesh (his own) and others, rolled over on, trampled, pressed down, pounded, squished, bedeviled, be-angel-ed, bewitched, ignored, belittled (back to the pounding on the potter's wheel), called, anointed, encouraged, God-seeking, repentant, still some self-life active, rolled over on, trampled, pressed down, pounded, squished (back to ole wheel!), now wholly surrendered, loving, patient, delivered, kind, used, cheerful, forward-looking, servant-hearted, sacrificial, rightly dividing the Word of God, faithful to the end, faithful to the Cross of Christ, taken at his highest point Of spiritual maturity in his short life.

Part II

Heaven's Haven of Rest for Duane (resting by the still waters of Jesus):

Approved (“Well done, good and faithful servant!”, commended, crowned, blessed forever, rejoicing in Jesus forever!

*Duane L. Smith was a true, converted saint, obscure in this world in terms of fame and fortune he did not have, but he is enjoying the manifold, indescribable blessings now of Christ his wonderful Savior and Lord. He was never recognized by the world, but he is well-known in heaven as a man of God who finished his race like the champion he was. God the Potter took the clay of Duane Smith and made a vessel of gold and silver, fit for wonderful kingdom service in the Word of God.

This is the kind of man of God that St. Paul was-— only without the notoriety and recognition. In his hard life, Duane Smith went through every kind of shipwreck and imprisonment and even torture too, and he came through spotless, with a shining garment, a victor’s laurel crown on his head. Jesus, to whom Duane surrendered by stages and finally in total degree, was the means by which Duane overcame the devil, the world, and his own self. No disappointment or disaster or depreciation by others could stop him. Jesus was sufficient for him, and so Duane L. Smith is a beautiful example of grace and mercy the angels are rejoicing over right now in heaven as this is written. Praise be to God! To God be the glory for Duane L. Smith’s life that evidenced many, overwhelming sufferings for Christ, and we thank God for his faithfulness and love for others and his Bible-inspired accomplishments. This splendid "butterfly" of the Lord has emerged at last from the darkness and inner turmoil and painfulness of the chrysalis and is now soaring on his glorious, new wings!

He left surviving him a wife, but they had no children, except that there are many spiritual children of his ministry, to be sure.

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