"Rev. Jerry Falwell: a Requiem,"

by Ronald Ginther

Pastor Jerry Falwell of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty University, and the Moral Majority--a leading conservative Christian--has passed away suddenly from apparent heart failure at the age of 73. He was found unconscious in his office ("his Gospel boots on") and rushed to the hospital. He had been in the hospital in 2005 for heart and lung problems. The BBC's TV report was hostile--as you and I would expect to hear from a full-blown HIV-atheistic organization that has as its agenda the destruction of Christian values and institutions and even the end of a Christian voice in America's affairs. They called him a racist, supporting the apartheid regime of South Africa. I refuse to believe anything they say about this issue--it cannot be credible, coming from such a polluted, prejudice, biased source as this one. I know the apartheidist regime ruling South Africa was replaced by another government headed by Nelson Mandela, supposedly a vast improvement, but it is proven to be a basket-case not much better than Zimbabwe (the former Rhodesia). The pandemic of AIDS, due to the unrestrained immorality of South Africans, is devastating an entire generation, leaving millions of orphans in the most dire circumstances. The government's welfare system and socialism are not helping the economy either. But this is the "improvement" the BBC fought for and got. Now the BBC has the word on Jerry Falwell, a man the BBC was not worthy to have enter its doors at Bush House in London. They did not mention anything good. They did not mention he was a family man, with a long, successful marriage, and that he was a truly moral, exemplary, even "squeaky clean" man in every respect, and that he loved God and served Jesus Christ and witnessed and ministered to sinners all his life as a pastor and friend. They said he could say the most terrible things in an affable way--things like "sin is wrong and destructive to a person," "God loves the homosexual, but hates the homosexuality," and "God wants everyone to be saved in the Name of Jesus Christ by accepting Him as their Lord and Savior."

I just heard a full-blown HIV-Leftist on Talk Radio, who claimed to understand Middle Eastern terrorism because he spent 7 years in Gaza, accuse Rev. Falwell and Pat Robertson of pandering to the death squads of the contras in Central America, when both were there for the sake of Christ's Gospel and both have always supported the return of democracy and freedom after the authoritarian leftists and socialists were on the verge of taking over whole countries in Central America and wiping out all freedom there. The Contras won, even with the American Left trying to stop any aid from the U.S., and the socialists lost--so that freedom was restored. We see no problem with that outcome--but the Leftists do, since they prefer authoritarian, socialist governments that control every aspect of life and put Christians in prison.

In any case, no Christian could support death squads--that would be a complete denial of Christ our Savior and Lord, who said love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you. To accuse Christians of that is a calumny and a base lie.

The BBC mentioned Liberty University and the Moral Majority, only because they are perceived as a political threat to the liberal establishments and elites of this country and Britain. They do not see that this school and moral reform movement form about the only basis for hope for the survival of America and also Britain. The BBC refuses to accept that terrorism is not deserved by America, and roots for the terrorists because they are against America, whom the BBC regards as the true enemy in the world. But Jerry Falwell, seeing that America was founded as a Christian, covenanted nation under God, did not accept the secular humanist template, godless and anti-Christ and self-destructive and immoral as it is, but stood valiantly and consistently on the Word of God and the Ten Commandments as the true basis for any viable civilization. The BBC, and its cohorts in America, are true dunces. When their names go down into a pit of everlasting shame, Jerry Falwell's name will rise, and he will have many golden crowns to present to Christ for his love of Jesus, love of sinners, and his unfailing, courageous witness (taking the persecution and bitter, unjustified attacks of the secular humanist media with a smile and Christian love) for the sake of Christ. A true Christian champion has laid down the torch. Will YOU take it up, fellow Christian? He did what we are all called to do--take up the banner of Christ and stand regardless of all opposition and bitter attacks on us, whole showing true Christian love to our enemies and inviting them to accept Jesus as their personal savior so they might be saved and be taken to heaven. We can do this same thing that he did--in our own situations. Let us do it now--while we still have life and opporltunity.

A while ago I read Jerry Falwell's autobiography, and I was intrigued by his ability to tell on himself and throw his whole weight and reputation on the grace of Christ--it was most refreshing! He did not present himself at all as a holier than thou Christian. Rather, he was saying, I was just like you, my friend, a desperate sinner caught in Satan's bondage and the shackles of sin, but Christ, crucified and risen from the dead, set me free! We need more witnesses of grace so outspoken and candid and transparent as Jerry Falwell was. No wonder he rose to the heights he did--you can't keep an honest, genuine Christian down, who consistently lives godly and refuses to compromise his beliefs and Christian lifestyle to conform with the fallen world. The world tried everything it could think of to silence and discredit him--but it utterly failed. He is now enjoying the eternal bliss and beauty of heaven (a place his detractors in the BBC, in the U.S. media, and Liberal Talk Radio, unless they repent, will never see). No doubt the Lord said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter now into the joy of the Lord!"

Have you noticed? The vicious attacks of the secular humanist media have been stepped up, without his enemies waiting even 24 hours in deference to the grief of his family, friends, students, and millions across the nation. These disgusting little frogs in the media are croaking up a storm against a man whom they could not face while he still lived in order for him to give his own defense. No, they conveniently attack him after he is gone, so that they don't have to deal with the facts and can slander and smear all they please. There are always plenty fools to believe them too. This is what they are counting on. The Democrats do not all go along with this cowardly attack. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, for two, have complimentary words for him (this must be said for them!). How about the others? There is a deafening silence so far, as the frogs in the slime and duckweed of the political swamp begin to croak, "Falwell was a racist!". I love the little peepers that announce spring in the Northwest--but the human variety are quite another thing. In the Bible, a not very nice view is taken of frogs. Frogs are used to describe unclean demonic spirits, even the Anti-Christ and the Beast and False Prophet. They are basically unclean creatures--happily breeding even in contaminated waters or foul water--and when they take on voices and speak blasphemy they are truly demonic spirits. Well, we are truly in the Latter Days just before the Rapture, when we can expect demonic spirits to start speaking out against the godly and righteous ones--as we can clearly hear them already speaking in this case of Jerry Falwell's passing.

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