"Small Things," Thansgiving Message by David R. Barnhart, Abiding Word Ministries


"Small Things," Thanksgiving-Christmas 2010, by David R. Barnhart, Director of Abiding Word Ministries

"Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit," says the Lord of hosts..."For who has despised the day of small things?" (Zechariah 4:6, 10)

Dear Friends in Christ:

Over 2000 years ago, God entered this sin-filled world in the person of a little baby boy. Jesus was born to a humble peasant couple in a lowly stable in obscure Bethlehem, Israel. He came to earth with one purpose--to offer His life for all who would believe in Him. Our Lord often demonstrates His love, power and grace through the use of "small things."

Zerubbabel faced overwhelming opposition when he set out to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. One obstacle after another threatened his efforts. Zerubbabel's discouragement quickly turned to joy when he received a word from the Lord that not only would he lay the foundation, he would place the top stone on the Temple. God's message--Ignore the obstacles and press on to victory!

Often we become discouraged as we face blistering attacks on God's truth from a society that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. How could we possibly make a difference for God's Kingdom? But it is precisely in times like these, God reminds us He "has chosen the foolish things in the world to shame the wise, and weak things of the world to shame the things that are strong" (I Cor. 1:27).

Throughout history God has used small things to accomplish His purposes. The vast majority of congregations in America today are comprised of less than 200 members. While mega-churches may draw much of the world's attention, it is the small churches that have sent the vast majority of missionaries throughout the world with the message of salvation in Christ. Committed Christians, most of whom are known only to God, continue to raise the standard of the Cross before the eyes of a lost and dying world.

For nearly 27 years, God has used the small efforts of Abiding Word Ministries to shine the light of His truth on issues that threaten our nation and churches. He continues to use this ministry to inspire and encourage Christians to stand on His unchanging Word. In this crucial hour, Abiding Word Ministries is facing unprecedented challenges. Requests for our newsletter, THE VINE AND BRANCHES, have increased this year to over 2000 copies per issue. Now, the Lord is leading us to further expand our mailing list and the newsletter itself, even as much of the religious and secular media are censoring and sanitizing the news in order to make it conform to their liberal agenda. But, in this one thing we are confident--He who called us is faithful, and He will provide.

As we prepare for another year of great challenges, we need your prayers and financial support to carry on this work. Your gift, large or small, is greatly needed and appreciated. With your prayers and support, Abiding Word Ministries will press on for Christ in these critical days.

We extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to each of you who regularly prays for and contributes to this ministry. We praise God for your faithfulness. We pray the Lord's blessing upon you and your family in this Thanksgiving-Christmas season and throughout the coming year.

In the Savior, David and Mary Barnhardt

Abiding Word Ministries

David R. Barnhardt, Director

P.O. Box 275

Canal Winchester, OH 43110

[For a free copy of the next issue of Abiding Word's quarterly magazine, VINE AND BRANCHES, you can contact David R. Barnhardt. Few men of the church today are so firmly based on the Word of God as much as David R. Barnhardt, and he can express the Bible truths directly against the errors and deceptions that are running rampant in churches today, while kindly drawing Christians back to the Lord and the right path amidst this dark, chaotic time. I always read his highly interesting, lighthouse of a magazine cover to cover in a sitting or two, and you will too! I had must remarked on the Home Page of the Emmaus Walk about "small things," and here came the letter from David Barnhardt speaking about them! Is God speaking a word to us? Yes, He is indeed speaking to us, if we have ears to hear Him. So do not be discouraged, don't despise the lowly circumstance you are in, or the lowly circumstance of your church or your pastor or the ministry you support--for Almighty God uses small things for his glory, as this letter points out so eloquently.--Ed.]