"Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ," Questions by Ronald Ginther


"Questions for 'Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ,'"

by Ronald Ginther

1. What was Joshua's original name?

2. What's in his new name Joshua? Name at least two major things. 3. Who gave him the new name?

4. How is his name translated today?

5. His father's name?

6. His tribe?

7. His time period and two major bookend events?

8. His first great role, possibly?

9. His second great role (hint: it was secret or undercover)?

10. What did God choose J. to do specifically in his major role as leader of the Israelites after Moses?

11. What was the scene or name of his first, biggest defeat?

12. Who were the Gibeonites?

13. What was lacking in Joshua, what did he fail to do, in both cases?

14. Did he repeat these mistakes afterwards? Yes or No? 15. Joshua was relatively young when he lead the Israelites into the Promised Land--T or F? 16. How old was he then? 17. Have you read the account of Joshua in Numbers? Do you see why it is important to read it?

18. Who is the Jesus of the Old Testament, not only in name but in his God-chosen role?

19. What is the most immortal thing Joshua said to the people of Israel, after he challenged them to love, serve, and obey God alone?

Please go to "Joshua Test Answers" to correct your test responses. If you answered 99 per cent correct, but failed on 18, you need to read Joshua all over again in Numbers. But just learn that one thing, and you know what Joshua was all about!

Bonus question to stimulate the imagination: What if Joshua hadn't been available to Moses to choose as his successor? Without a Joshua, what would have happened to the whole enterprise of getting the Israelites into the Promised Land?

"Joshua Test Answers," by Ronald Ginther

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