"Love's Old Sweet Song," New Stanzas by Ronald Ginther


"Love's Old Sweet Song,"

Two Stanzas By Ronald Ginther

To You, O my Strength, I will sing praise.--Ps. 59:17

Note: With the added stanzas, this has become a song of the Coming Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is coming as the Bridegroom for His Church the Bride. It has intimations of that grand event, the Rapture, which is the chief event at the Twilight of the Church Age and the hope of multitudes of believers, but at the same time it can also refer to the drawing to a close at the twilight of the Christian's life and the simultaneous drawing close of the Savior to his own, as He, the Good Shepherd, gathers his weary sheep, one by one, gently and softly. "Love's Old Sweet Song" is, of course, the Gospel, the Good News, given us some 2,000 years ago, beginning at Calvary.

Just a song at twilight

when the light are low,

and the fliking shadows

softly come and go.

Tho' the heart grows weary

and the day is long,

still to us at twilight

comes love's old song,

comes love's old sweet song.

New Stanzas:

2. There's a song at twilight

sung by birds unseen,

and their wings a'flutter

catch the last light gleam!

And our hand, she tremble,

oh so weak, unsure--

now that Day draws nearer

comes Love's old song,

comes Love's old sweet song.

3. There's a song at twilight

which dear Jesus breathed

way up on His cross

while the earth lay grieved.

Strange, the strength His dyin'

imparts our heart!

Still to us at twilight

comes Love's old song,

comes Love's old sweet song.