"PA Recognition Spreading Fast,"

Israel My Glory, March-April 2011

Ireland has upgraded the status of the Palestinian Authority (PA) diplomatic delegation in Dublin, starting what many in Israel fear will be a domino effect leading to the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian Arab state.

Irish officials stressed the PA delegation was not being upgraded to a full embassy [a flat-out, bald-faced lie by secularists!--Ed.], but rather a diplomatic mission,a nd that Dublin was not recognizing "Palestine" as an independent state. Still, the move does mean the head of the PA delegation will be referred to as "ambassador" and will present credentials to the Irish president just like a real ambassador. So while Ireland is playing a game of semantics [sic, read: the Irish government is "lying" through its "teeth", with Irish destiny as the big loser--Ed.], the reality is that the PA will be represented as an independent, national entity in Europe.

Israeli officials were furious. Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon warned that these de facto recognitions of a Palestinian state were putting bilateral peace further out of reach and are actually advancing another onset of violence.

"Unilateral steps are creating a bubble of expectation for the Palestinians. We can see an obvious connection to the recent spate of recognition and a hardening of the Palestinian position," said Ayalon. Ayalon was referring to the new trend in Latin America to recognize a Palestinian state in all of Judea and Samaria, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay all have done so over the past few months. (

Note: These diplomats and nations know full well what they are doing. They are creating legitimacy for a terrorist state as well as making it all the more bold to attack Israel and slaughter Jewish people, young and old, in the most underhanded, vicious, terrorist attacks. May the murder and bloodshed these recognitions lead to fall back on the heads of those who have given them! God will see to it, as His unchanging Word says, we reap what we sow! The South American nations will reap in violence and bloodshed what they have cast upon Jewish heads through their recognizing the PA as a state, which it is not and can never be in God's eyes. They will see their own children slain in their beds, their heads bashed in by terrorsts, their wives and daughters raped and then beheaded, their sons beheaded and cut to pieces like animals and strewn in the streets--all this the terrorists have inflicted on Jews in Israel whenever they got the chance, and they are still doing it even up to this day, and will continue to do it until Christ returns to set things straight on earth, once and for all. Shame on Ireland, but shame on those South American countries listed here, and any who join the infamous list of anti-semitic, anti-Israel states recognizing the PA. Russia and America too are on the list, and now the American Eagle is sleeping with the Russian Bear-- strange bedfellows indeed! How long will their sleep last? it certainly cannot last.--Ed.

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