"The Exodus Questions"

1. What does Exodus mean? "Ex" has what meaning? Isn't "exit" the same thing?

2. Since God took the Israelites out of Egypt, led by Moses his servant, what was the purpose of this taking out? How does it compare with what God has taken us out of sin and the world?

3. The Israelites were taken out of Egypt, but soon there was a problem revealed: what was it? What did the Israelites have in their hearts, what was their big hang-up in wanting to go back to Egypt?

4. You can take a pig out of a pigsty, and clean him up and dress him in clean clothes to sit at your own table, but give him a dirty mud puddle, what do you think will happen? Is this what happened with the Israelites?

5. What proof can you give that the generation Moses led out of Egypt failed the test?

5. How long did the rebellious generation go round and round in the wilderness of Sinai?

6. After the first generation passed away, all except what faithful men?

7. Moses was faithful and went into the Promised Land. (T or F).

8. How are we like the Israelites in their wandering round and round, unable to go into the Promised Land. What exactly was their problem, why God could not allow them to go in? How are we the same or different?

9. What is the solution for us, as it was for them?

10. Who is our personal "Exodus"?

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