"Ground Zero Precedents," by Ronald Ginther

Hagia Sophia, the Mother Church of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, captured by the Moslem Ottoman Turks in 1453 when they conquered Constantinople; it was made into a mosque, and is now, officially, a museum, though the minarets testify it is Moslem territory forever.

It is not surprising that Islamic imams chose the Ground Zero site to build a mosque as a momument to Jehadist or Holy War terrorists, as well as proclaim to the whole world that Islam had struck and conquered America. As Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ demonstrated by walking it with a camera on him, the building Iman Feisal chose to buy for the 13 story mosque project is just 50 feet from a building destroyed by the fall of the Twin Towers, so now you know how very close it is.

Landing wheels from one of the jets went through several stories of the building, and body parts of the victims landed all over the area. That is further proof this is not blocks away and not part of Ground Zero, as some have claimed.

Know this: It is a well-known practice of Moslems: conquer the Christians, destroy a church, then build a mosque on it, or if you don't destroy it, just modify it, as Moslems did to Hagia Sophia, the mother church Greek Orthodox Christians revere most, and where their supreme Patriarch of Constantinople, after all these centuries, is still not allowed to hold services to this day, as the mosque is now officially a state museum, though the minarets and other Moslem trappings remain inside and out to remind tourists and Christians from the West it is still Moslem ground and will always be Moslem.

But since the 6th century it was a church like St. Peter's in Rome, the chief church edifice of Eastern Christendom until a vigorously defended Constantinople finally fell to the attacking Moslem Ottoman Turkish armies in 1453, on what the Greek Orthodox people call Black Tuesday.

The thousand-year-old Christian Byzantine empire perished on that day as well, with the Christian emperor Constantine giving up his life in battle as the Turkish armies poured into the capital. The triumphant Moslem Ottoman Turks naturally thought they had conquered the title to the Roman Empire and the ecclesiastical center of Christianity with one swoop, so they kept the name Constantinople for their capital, just to make it clear they had seized the throne from the emperors and Christianity's chief church, Hagia Sophia, or Divine Wisdom, making all its privileges and powers their own as the successors.

What a statement that made to the whole world! The Ottoman sultan, by conquest, made himself both Emperor and Caliph (head of state and head of Islam.). That has a clear tie in for today's politics in the Middle East. The Moslem Brotherhood was established to return us to those days when a single Moslem chief of state ruled not only a world empire but a world religion of Islam. They aim to restore a single world ruler, a supreme leader who can be both Emperor and Caliph, established on the old model the Ottoman Turkish sultans followed since the time of Mehmet the Conqueror of Constantinople.

By this, you should see something is clearly going on in the Middle East that is undergirding the turmoil in so many Moslem countries. The Moslem Brotherhood has much invested in such turmoil! They love it! It has created just the conditions they need to stage a takeover of a number of countries, after they push out or kill the moderates seeking democratic government and reforms.

It is the Moslem Brotherhood that is to gain most from the turmoil, as it is agitating and conspiring to gain control not only of Egypt but other Moslem countries too, in order to re-establish the lost, abolished Turkish-based caliphate under a new supreme sultan or emperor risen from their ranks. Islam in the 21st century has not progressed one inch from the 7th century, it is merely seeking to repeat the 15th century. It was Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, who abolished the caliphate and secularized the Turkish state government. They loathe him for that, and want to abolish his secularist state and wherever else they find secularism in Moslem countries. The Ottoman empire was also broken up by the Allies in their defeat of the sultan who was an ally of the Kaiser in World War I. All this the Moslem Brotherhood aims to reverse. Does this help you understand what is going on?

This is a titanic struggle of the ages, going back to the 15th century, and even as far back as the 7th century when Holy War, or Jehad, was first declared against Christians and Jews. That Holy War has never been revoked. It has only flared, and died down, then flared up, then died, than flared up again, in an unending pattern.

Moslems now think, quite reasonably, they might now be in a position to make a conquest of the world, or at least destroy America and the State of Israel and annihilate the Jews. These are good Moslems Mohammed the Prophet of Islam would certainly have approved of. He would have called them good Muslims, believers, whereas he would have put today's "moderate Moslems" to the sword.

CAIR, "Council of American Islamic Relations," is a front organization for the Moslem Brotherhood set up to deceive and mislead Americans. These faux or fake moderates are not moderates, but the Fifth Columnists of Islam in our midst, the Trojan horse whereby the perfidious "moderates" will leap out and open the gates of America to our attackers at the right, pre-chosen moment.

Look for it to happen--they have staked everything on deceiving us Americans to the point where they can strike us and take us down by surprise, when we are least on our guard.

They tried 9 years ago on 9/11 using jet airliners as flying missiles, and with just a few men (not needing an army to inflict a mortal blow) struck at the heart of both New York and Washington, our two capitals of finance and government, and they also intended at the same time to wipe out the White House and Congress but failed that part of the master plan.

Thanks to the grace and mecy of God, we survived economically and politically to face their next major attack, which may come at any time. If they could surprise us and our leaders so completely 9 years ago, what is to prevent them from doing it again, only the next time with dirty bombs or a plutonium explosion over the U.S. that would wipe out all our electronics and plunge us back into the 19th century. That kind of attack could possibly kill up to 100 million of us in the widespread starvation produced by the havoc the loss of our electronics would inflict on our nation's infrastructure which is so utterly dependent on electronics and the swift movement of goods and services, not to mention the transmission of money and business transactions by the billions each and every hour. All movement would stop, abruptly, perhaps not to be restored. What then? Most of us would perish, since we are dependent on the infrastructure operating as it has always operated in the past. Our nation's military would also be grounded. Anyone could attack us without us being able to respond or ward them off or retaliate.

The Ground Zero site for the mosque is not a church, you say? Well, it was! How is that for a precedent the Moslems wish to change to their own advantage? And the present structure is at the least a New York landmark as it is 150 years old, or even older. Landmark laws should definitely apply to it, preventing changing the look radically not only of the structure but of its use. But the point is this: Moslem conquerors routinely destroyed churches in the Christian countries they overran, from North Africa to Istanbul-Constantinople. They did the same in Spain and the Balkan Countries and Greece until they were driven back out.

A mosque can be built just about anywhere in NYC, but this site, Ground Zero, is so hotly desired by Moslems precisely because of this ancient practice of Islam. Once an area is conquered, it can never be given up. That is Islamic law. Churches are either destroyed or remade into mosques, making the converted church a testimony that Islam is greater than christianity because the Christianss were defeated. So too with New York's Ground Zero. Holy War terrorists succeeeded in bringing down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, along with hotels and other buildings rining it. For that reason Moslem mosque backers want to erect a memorial, a testimony, that Islam has conquered America. And, showing his true colors (green for Islamic-sympathizer), President Obama officialy stood up for them and their plan! That proved he is not culturally or in his thinking an American, he simply does not think like an American; he probably did not realize it, but his statement for the mosque and the rights of the imans to build their testimonial, triumphalist mosque at Ground Zero was an assault on a free America. If that is an impeachable offense, what is? With that one statement and his stand in defense of the mosque project, he did not stand for equality as he claimed, he stood for Islam and sharia law in an Islamic Republic imposed on a once free America.

I am not sorry, if you find that prognosis unpleasant, these are simply the stakes involved, and we must deal with reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. So-called "Moslem moderates" themselves need to come to grips with their own religion and its political-religious agenda globally, particular since the Moslem Brotherhood, with vast funding from oil revenues, is pushing that agenda to its inevitable objective, an all-out attack and conquest or taking over from within of the Western World including America. Draconian Sharia law is part of the equation, and will be imposed on everyone--"moderates" included, so you would think they would wake up to their own peculiar peril. Many of them are not really "moderate" at heart, and yearn for something stronger, something more authoritarian, and so they will gladly give up the freedoms they have enjoyed in the West for many years now. They will quickly change their ways, to adapt to the Sharia law culture, and their women will wear the headgear and other clothing to conform them to the 7th century tribal dress code that is sanctioned by so-called Islamic Republics.

This Islamization of clothing is already going on in Moslem countries, offically secularist, that are increasingly going under the control of the Moslem Brotherhood. Egypt is a case of this, and the dress of women changed radically to traditional Moslem garb for women since the 1970s. Head scarves for women were relatively rare up to the 1970s among the young women in pictures of universities in Cairo; but in the last twenty years or so they increased in the group pictures, until now it is nearly universally the case.

You see this model of changeover from Western dress to traditional Moslem dress followed all over the Middle East and in Turkey as well. That is why the wearing of head scarves by women is a flash point. Once you see most of the women are wearing them, then you know a critical mass of Islamization has been reached in a society.

That is why France recently banned them, when Premier Sarkozy woke up and fully understood they were a sign of French capitulation to Islam and its sovereignty in France.

America has yet to decide this issue, and it can only be decided rightly in one way: the banning of head scarves in public. Allowing this distinctive Islamic headgear is tantamount to accepting Sharia law being imposed everywhere, to one degree or other, throughout American society. No religion has the right to impose its ways on the other religions and the secular society as well, except Islam is demanding that right, and winning it increasingly in our courts and schools and government offices and airports and businesses. This process is Islamization, pure and simple, and it is the end to American freedom.

Either we capitulate, degree by degree, to Islamization, or we draw a line in the sand. Who in America has the courage to draw that necessary line to save American freedom? It certainly won't be the "moderates" in either Islam or Christian circles. Christian moderates will seek to co-exist, give a little here, give a little there to make peace with the Moslem aggressor in our midst who also claims to be "moderate," but there can be no peace, not when there is a war declared on the West and Christians and Jews since the 7th century, and there is nothing truly "moderate" about it, nor can there be as long as Islam has a Koran proscribing Christians and Jews in its later verses and a Prophet called Mohammed who carried out Jehad against them to his dying day, then commanded his followers to do the same!--Ronald Ginther

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