"Sorcery in America,"

Spiritualism, Telepathy, ESP, Ouija Board, Hypnotism,

by Gordon Lindsay

Volume I Preface

The subject of sorcery is not a specially pleasant topic about which to write. When one has experienced the blessings of Christ's salvation and life in the Spirit, he finds the so-called pyschic phenomena a barren wilderness, something actually repugnant to him. Nevertheless, when we see multitudes today being lured away into one or another of these delusions, we feel it is necessary--indeed urgent--that we expose the Satanic character of these practices that have their source in seducing spirits and against which Paul so clearly warned us (I Tim. 4:1).

While the writer was in the midst of preparing this book, his friend, Rev. Thomas Welch who was visitng him, told of an incident that occurred during his early ministry. He was in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, at the time, and one evening while strolling down a street in the city with several young ministers, they were about to pass a church. They did not know what denomination it was, but at the suggestion of one, they decided to visit it. Upon entering they found they were in a spiritualist meeting.

Shortly after they were seated, the medium singled Rev. Welch out and proceeded to describe a woman to him. He at once recognized the description as accurately applying to his mother. Every detail was correct. He, however, believed that the demonstration involved the impersonation of evil spiritis and rejected the claim that it was his mother's actual spirit. He said nothing audibly, but quietly rebuked the spirit in the name of Jesus. The medium, quickly alerted to this, cried out, "We don't want any of this Jesus stuff here!" and then demanded that he leave. My friend, not wishing to created a distrubance, left the meeting. Having finished telling the story to me, he said, "But do you know that those ministers that were with me were so impressed with the seance they became believers in spiritualism!"

Clearly, our generation needs to be warned against this ominous and alarming development. This so-called psychic phenomena have varied ways of manifestation and go under many names including spiritism, telepathy, ESP, clairyoyance, Ouija board, hypnotic trance, astrology, reincarnation, fortune telling, psychometry, etc. All these practices are today being linked together by those engaged in p0sychic research; not withstanding, it is the same old witchcraft and the source of it, as it has always been, is seducing spirits.

This book is the first of several volumes dealing with the various forms of sorcery. We belive it is important that every Christian for his own protection be well-informed on this subject. To supply this information therse books have been prepared.-- 1968, Gordon Lindsay, Christ for the Nations, Box 8658, Dallas, Texas 75216

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