Excerpts on Iran's Threat to Israel and Britain's Postwar Attack on Emigrant Jews Returning to Israel

Excerpt 1.

From the article, "Russian Diplomats Insist Nuclear Plant Presents No Danger to Israel, News from Israel Magazine, December 2010, drawn from the Jerusalem Post, 20 August 2010. The article carries this significant comment by the editor of the magazine:

"Rumors of Israel's imminent attack on Iran's nuclear facility have prompted Russian diplomats to assure Israel's apparent safety. But israel has to be extremely cautious. They remember what happened when they bombed the Iraqi reactor in 1981. Then President Reagan was furious and supported the UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel. President Reagan did not hesitate to publicly punish Israel when the Golan Heights were annexed in 1981, as he suspended strategic cooperation agreement and deliveries of F-16 fightger planes to Israel. One year later in August 1982, Reagan gave Yasser Arafat and the PLO leadership protection from Israel by allowing them into exile. Then in 1988, Reagan authorized the state department to enter into dialogue with the PLO, reversing US policy of refusing to recognize the terrorist organization."

[We also recall that Reagan did nothing when Iran's proxies working in Lebanon--today known as Hezbollah--bombed and destroyed the Marines barracks hotel in Beirut, killing over a hundred U.S. marines, merely withdrawing the survivors and pulling out from any further U.S. involvement there--surely leaving a very weak impression in the minds of our enemies, whothen would be emboldened to attack us again! You may access the pertinent articles on Reagan by this link]:

Articles on Reagan

"So the question remains, will Israel bomb Iran's nuclear facilities? Our answer is the same as before: Iran is not Iraq and has the intellectual capacity to fully result in the total incineration of Iran. But we realize that a nuclear attack on Israel would result in the total incineration of Iran. But we must add, nothing is predictable, as Israel always reacted when least expected and without announcements to the world."

[Note: you might refer next to the most interesting tract, "I Saw Satan in the White House," concerning a vision Bergman had about the evil advisors and counsellors that influenced Reagan and some of his weighty decisions. Could his glaring mistakes in condemning Israel's highly justified and legitimate attack on Iraq's nuclear facility and also Israel's annexation of the strategic Golan Heights in the aftermath of fighting off the attacking Syrians (territory which where historically part of Israel's territory, having been given Israel forever by God in his covenant with Israel) be the result of Satanic influence? If not, why? Satan is obviously full-time in the business of deluding good men as well as evil men in positions of great power, and though Reagan was a good man, even a great president, he could and did make some notable mistakes in foreign policy. The Iran/Contra Rebels funding/ coverup scandal was just one of them.--Ed.]

"Satan in the [Reagan] White House," by Earl D. Bergman

Excerpt 2.

"British Secret Agents Attacked Jewish Emigrant Ships"

"The Britsh intelligence service M16 used bombs and covert tactics to try to thwart the settlement of Palestine by Jewish refugees in the aftermath of World War II, according to a new book by Keith Jeffery on the history of M16 during the first part of the 20th century. Jeffery, a historian from Northern Ireland, notes that his book was "published with the permission of the Secret Intelligence Service and the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office."

According to the author, the British undertook the effort--dubbed Operation Embarrass [which really, truly made a donkey's posterior out of postwar Britain, to say the least!--Ed.]--in order to curry favor with oil-rich Arab states upset over the Jewish migration tot he Middle East.

M16 planted explosives to disable ships before they could transport Jewish men, women and children from Europe to Palestine, which was at the time under British control. London, following pressure from wartime Arab allies, adopted a policy of strictly limiting Jewish migration to the region. In addition to the direct physical sabotage, the British launched a disinformation and propaganda campaign to impede the settlement. [Though not the British government, the film industry in America inadvertently aided the Arabs in their political aims against Israel with such glorified accounts of the British and their Arab allies and their World War I revolt against the Ottoman Turks depicted in Oscar-winning LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.--Ed.]

Operation Embarrass was launched with spies, traveling under the guise of yachtsmen, planting bombs on five ships docked in Italian ports in the summer of 1947 and early 1948.

One ship was destroyed, two damaged; the explosives were discoverd on the other two ships before they were detonated. British authorities were able to escape responsibility because the Italian investigators ruled out the idea of British-sponsored attacks on the ships. Instead, the Italians believed the likely culprits were Arabs using British-made explosives.

According to Jeffrey, "the primary consideration" of the mission was that no proof could ever be established of the involvement of the government in London [but God Almighty, who covenants with his people Israel, sees all! Didn't the British know that? Apparently, they chose to be ignorant and ignore the Bible, just as too many American presidents, even Reagan, have done, to our great harm too.--Ed.]. In the event they were caught, British agents were under orders to claim that they had been recruited in New York by anti-Communist businessmen working "mainly in the oil and aircraft industries."

[The above has been taken by the author from:

World Jewish Congress Article Concerning M16 Secret Service Attacks on Jewish Emigrant Ships

The News from Israel Editor's Response to the above article:

"The revelation of britain's opposition to Jewish immigration to Israel demonstrates that harboring good relations with the Arab oil nations was definitely more beneficial to the British thant the return of the Jews to their homeland.

Not only the UK, but also the USA too deliberately sat on the sidelines, avoiding interference on behalf of the Jews [Shame for that on us, on America!--Ed.]. After all, the overwhelming majority of Jews were communist educated Soviet citizens [--no excuse for us there either, as what choice did the Jews have in a communist dictatorship, they were just trying to flee to freedom in the Jewish homeland!--Ed.]. And, most political experts determined that the Jews swere fighting a hopeless cause to establish a Jewish state on Israel's soil. Subsequently, an arms embargo by the US and UK was implemented against the then non-existing Jewish state under the pretense of not agitating the Middle East conflict [isn't the same ploy being played today by Britain and the US and the EU as well, even though the Jewish state exists, with Israel always the heavy loser in the "peace negotiations", the one that is being pressured to give up national sovereignty and strategic territory, even its capital Jerusalem, for the sake of so-called "peace with its Arab neighbors", which are just a collection of brutal and inhuman Muslim dictatorships and monarchies?--Ed.]

That did not stop the prophetic Word of God from being fulfilled, "And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country" (Ezekiel 34: 13).

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