"I Saw Satan in the White House,"

Message Describing a Vision,

by Earl D. Bergman

This message was available from Pilgrim Tract Society, Randleman, N.C. 27317. It may no longer be in print.

December 7, 1941, is a date America will long remember. Franklin Roosevelt was our President, and Cordell Hull was Secretary of State. Cordell Hull had just said, "If only we could have a few more months."

I, along with my parents and sister, was arriving for Sunday worship at a small mission in Aurora, Ontario,Canada, when many miles away Captain Fuchida gave the command that broke the peaceful silence of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands where our vast American fleet lay anchored.

Suddenly, out of the blue, the drone of fighter planes was heard overhead. It was 7:55 a.m. and it was too late, for ssweeping in on Pearl Harbor were one hundred Japanese planes that were bent on extermination, destruction, and annihilation.

Wave after wave of planes attacked the naval station. When it was over, 2,353 of our choicest young men were killed, 960 were missing, and over 1,300 young men were wounded. This has been the worst savage attack ever unleashed upon a nation by an aggressor.

It didn't take long for the tragic news to reach the cities and towns of our nation. Newspaper boys were soon crying in the streets, "EXTRA, EXTRA, REAL ALL ABOUT IT. JAPAN ATTACKS PEARL HARBOR."

Although I was only in my teens, I'll never forget our pastor getting up in church that Sunday and saying "Amnerica is at war; let's all pray."

In the White House, President Roosevelt immediately called the Cabinet into a special session and declared a national emergency. War was on. Ten thousand of our finest men changed their civilian clothes for dhakis, mothers said good-bye to their sons for the last time. Wives embraced their husbands and said good-bye as they marched off to the bloodiest war yet.

Almost forty years have gone by since Pearl Harbor. The question is, What have we learned from the disaster? In what and in whom are we trusting today? In fact, America is just as close to a sneak attack today as we were on December 7, 1941. [Haven't we been saying the same thing here a number of times? Yet Bergman was saying it in the 1980s!--Ed.] But the enemy today is far more ruthless and godless than Japan ever was. Our enemy today is godless, atheistic communism, hatched in hell and carried out by Lenin, Kark Marx, and their comrades. [And make no mistake about it, communism still is a tremendous threat to the US, now in the 21st century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, our greatest potential enemy after jehadist Islam; we are facing the rogue nuclear communist North Korea puppet state and Communist China its overlord and supplier of vital aid, not to mention the radical, rogue, anti-America Leftist state of Hugo Chavez-ruled Venezuela which is allied in turn to Putin's Russia and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Muslim dictatorship in Iran, with all its terrorist affiliates, the chief of which is Hezbollah quartered in southern Lebanon on the Israeli border, but which has terrorist sleeper cells spread across America and probably all of Europe too.].

In Psalm 20:7 we read, "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God." In WHAT are we trusting today? In a new President? In a new majority in the Senate? Are we trusting in our horses and chariots [our military]? These are momentous days we are living in. These are serious days. The world lives in constant horror of the black clouds of impending war over us. The free world is getting smaller. We're being isolated. The Iron and Bamboo Curtains (and now the Green Curtain of the Islamic Sharia-Ruled Dictatorships, which comprise over 50 nations, some of them already nuclear-armed) are ever increasing their ghastly shadow over the world. What are we trusting in, when we realize that only by one push of a button one half of civilization could be annihilated and, according to a recent program on television, as much as 90 per cent of the population of America could be wiped out? [North Korea, if it doesn't yet, will soon have capability to reach Hawaii and the West Coast of our country with its nuclear armed missiles, and China already has that capability to reach our entire country, thanks to vital, nuclear secrets stolen from our own arsenals and laboratories during the Clinton administration, next to Barack Hussain Obama's, the most corrupt and shameless in our nation's history!--Ed.].

In David's day, horses and chariots were used in offensive warfare. They were a symbol of power, a symbol of strength. In other words, David was saying that here some are trusting in their weapons of defense and offense. We could paraphrase this and say that many are trusting in their machine guns, stomic weapons, bombs, air power, and marines. And some are trusting in their offensive weapons. But the Bible says our only safety in this day is to remember the Name of the Lord. perhaps America is not napping as it was 39 years ago. Perhaps we are somewhat ready for the aggressor. But the question remains. In what is our trust?

In the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, engineers have literally hollowed out the mountains, making scores of larger rooms wherein are stored hundreds of atomic and hydrogen bombs. There is a sufficient number of bombs there, if strategically dropped, to wipe out every city and town from the face of the earth. It is in these mountains that some have their trust. It's also in our high-flying bombers and our missile sites around the world that many have their trust.

But praise God! It's not in the Sangre de Christo Mountains that our hope lies, but in the "sangre de Cristo," which means the "blood of Christ." In the blood of Jesus Christ lies the hope of the world, and certainly the only hope of America. This was never brought to me more emphatically than in a vision the Lord gave me January 27, 1981. At times the Lord has spoke definitely to me in visions. However, it had been close to a year since my last experience of this kind. I went to bed the night praying and longing for another visitation of this kind from God, for His Word plainly declares, "your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions" (Joel 2:28). May I say that I am nothing apart from the grace of God. I am no one special, but just a humble servant through whom God has spoke and revealed a tremendous obligation and duty that we have as Christians in one of the greatest nations of the world.


I saw the White House in all its majestic beauty and splendor and a number of the surrounding buildings. However, they were completely surrounded by water. I wondered at this, even in the vision. Why the water? The White House is not surrounded by water. Then a voice spoke: AMERICA IS AN ISLAND ON THE SEA OF TIME." As it spoke, I noticed that the waters were relatively calm. But little by little the waves grew higher and higher, and as the winds got more boisterous, it seemed that the waters would almost engulf the buildings. Ominous, thick, dark clouds, which were gathering in the distance, seemed to be moving in closer and closer around the government buildings. "AMERICA IS AN ISLAND ON THE SEA OF TIME."

The next morning I shared this vision with my wife and exclaimed to her, "I don't quite understand. America is not an island. It's part of a great continent." Later that day I felt strongly urged to go to Webster's Dictionary and look up the word "island." I found that it not only means "a land mass surrounded by water," but also "anything like an island in position or isolation, to make into or to isolate." This is exactly what our enemies are trying to do to America; they are trying to cut us off, to surround us, to isolate us.

In the vision, I found myself in various government buildings, but most of the time I was in the White House. Some years ago I visited the White House and was taken on the regular guided tour that likely an tour group would take through it. However, it was soon obvious that now I was moving about in rooms that the ordinary public seldom gets to see. As I walked from room to room, I came into a large, beautiful room. The sign read, "Office of the President." There on the right was President Reagan sitting in front of his desk--not behind the desk, but with his back to the desk. I believe this has a definite significance, but I don't want to speculate. He was very serious, looking over some very important papers which he held in his hand. I knew immediately that these were important documents. Tears came to his eyes as he sat there with bowed head, praying and asking God for wisdom and guidance to make the right choices and decisions.

Vice President Bush was standing approximately eight feet away on the left of the President. He also held papers in his hands. His countenance was strikingly different from the President, for he had a happy-to-lucky appearance about him. But he was using his influence to help the President make certain decisions, as there were more than one.

As I looked out the window, it was obvious that the waters were becoming higher and higher. The waves were hitting against the foundation of the building so strongly that I thought at any minute they would be undermined and topple into the waters.

Every few minutes one of two of Reagan's advisors would come into his office with a new bill in his hand, saying, "Mr. President, it's of utmost importance that this bill be passed." Immediately I knew these men in the Spirit. Instantaneously I could feel their spirit, and I knew what spirit they had. Some were good men, profitable and beneficial to America, trustworthy advisors. Unfortunately, others who came into the room were evil men that had mischief in their heart, and their motive was the destruction of our government. Likewise, some of the bills that were presented were good bills. Immediately, in the Spirit, I knew that they were durable and would bring stability and preservation to our country. However, my being cringed as evil, influential advisors produced bills which they claimed were of utmost importance to be passed, for I knew that they would bring the downfall of America. It wasn't hard to discern the subversion, ruination, and devastating effect they would have on America. The pressure these evil men brought upon the President was unbelievable. It was absolutely incredible.

That was bad, yet it was nothing compared to what I felt and witnessed. For there in the midst of these men in the office of the President stood another being. He was well-dressed and groomed. He had the aura of an intelligent gentlemen. I sensed immediately in the Spirit and by his sudden intrusion that this being was more than a man. He was none other than Satan himself, disguised in the form of a man. Doesn't the Word of God tell us in II Corinthians 11:4 that Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light? The spirit that radiated from him was indescribable, and his influence intense. Satan, along with these vil men, tried his utmost to exert extreme pressure on the President. They said that it was absolutely necessary for him to use his influence to have these bills passed. One thing that strongly impressed me was the tremendous influence that Satan manifested. There was a feeling of bewitching charm about him and his cohorts; an allurment, almost a fascination as the President listened to their proposals and the importance of having these bills passed for their constituents back home and the good of the nation.

I knew immediately that these evil men had an ulterior motive and that their magnetism and charm were nothing more than seduction. When the President hesitated and stated that he must have time, reasonable time, to study these bills as to whether or not they should be recognized, extreme demonic powser was brought upon him. At times it seemed that these men knew I was there. I spoke to the President. I tried to influence him by words and my presence, but it was to no avail. I wept, almost lamenting aloud, "Oh, God, help us! Come to the assistance of our President. Give him the strength he needs. Fill him with wisdom and discernment. God, grant him Your guidance and good judgment to be able to discriminate and pass reasonable judgment on those bills which are good and to reject and refuse those which are evil." Much of the time he sat there with a somewhat bewildered, uncertain look on his face. It was easy to see he was hesitating because he was undetermined as to what to do. But not once did he not show a definite concern and deep interest to do that which was right, although at times it seemed he hesitated.

"Oh, God, what can I do?" I tried again to influence him. It seemed he heard me, but then a voice spoke out: "YOU MUST PRAY FOR HIM. YOU MUST PLEAD MY BLOOD OVER THE PRESIDENT AND THE WHITE HOUSE, ALONG WITH THESE GOOD MEN. YOUMUST TAKE AUTHORITY OVER SATAN AND HIS INFLUENTIAL POWERS." I began to pray and to plead the blood over the situation. As I continued to do so, Satan, who was standing there, became very uneasy. He was becoming uncomfortable. He was losing his composure. I knew that Christ's blood was the answer. The more I asked and prayed for the covering of His blood, the more Satan became troubled and cringed. It was thrilling to see the power of the blood of Jesus coming against him. It bothered him extremely. In my spirit, I knew he was about to strike out at me, which he did. But praise God, I was immune to his strikes. I kept on praying and pleading the blood of Christ over these good men and our Prresident. But against these evil men and Satan I prayed, "Jesus, I plead Your blood against Satan. I take authority against his power. I demand he leave in Jesus' Name." As I prayed, a strange thing began to transpire. Satan began to get smaller and smaller and weaker and weaker.

Some time before, the waiter had wheeled into the Oval Office a beautiful cart on which sat an exquisite gold tray holding a large carafe of coffee. Underneath it a large candle was burning to keep it hot. I observed the fire and noticed that it began to spread until it covered the whole tray. As I continued to pray and take authority over Satan and his demonic power, a strange thing happened. He got smaller and smaller until he finally leaped into the fire on the tray and was consumed.

Another thing stood out that I feel I should mention. When I prayed, the flood waters receded and the storm seemed to abate. But whenever I ceased to pray and plead the blood they would enlarge and grow intense.


Since this vision I have daily prayed for our President and for the covering of Jesus' blood over him and the White House. I have shared this experience with others, and it has stirred them to do the same. If America falls, as have other nations and empires that have crumbled in defeat and death according to history, can we blame the devil? Can we blame communism? Can we blame the Anti-Christ? No! Because it is our God-given responsibility to faithfully heed this message from God and His Word, which plainly demands us in I Timothy 2: 1-3, "First of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings [and for presidents, we might add], and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior."

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