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A Messianic School of the Bible


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

Friend, are you unable to read the Bible, that is, make sense of it? Or do some parts make sense, but others, such as Leviticus or Revelation or Romans seem totally bewildering? Are you desiring to go deeper, or reach a higher ground, spiritually, but your difficulty in comprehending scripture is holding you back? It may well be you need to consider that the Bible is essentially Messianic--that is, it exists to tell you about the Messiah and Savior, and virtually everything in the Bible points to Him. With this understanding, you are on your way to unlocking the scriptures and opening the door to Yeshua--for they are, in truth, a living Person, Jesus (Yeshua), who delights in His Name, the Word (John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

You are most welcome to review the list of the Bible books now. This is vital. In this era, when there is so little knowledge of the Bible, it can no longer be taken for granted that everyone knows what they are.

The Books of the Bible


The Bible's Messianic Texts are thus named because they are passages in scripture that point specifically to the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus in Gentile terminology). Foremost in consideration of these texts, Christ Himself chose it when conducting an informal Bible class with two distraught and troubled disciples who had left Jerusalem just after the crucifixion and were on their way to Emmaus, a village seven miles from the Holy City. This spiritual trek inspired the logo graphic at the top of our home page, and in Judaea in the time of Jesus (see the map) Emmaus is near the bottom, located close by Jerusalem.

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk:


A profile of Ronald D. Ginther will follow his picture.


SMALL TOWN BOY FAR AWAY FROM HOME FINDS THE MEANING FOR HIS LIFE IN JESUS: Ronald Ginther has been a life-long resident of Puyallup, Washington, which was once a small, virtually unnoticed town of about 14,000 in Western Washington in the Puget Sound, located in a green valley of small berry-farmers and canneries and daffodil growers. Virtually all that has changed dramatically, as Puyallup has become a hub of population growth and the expanding economy of the South Sound region along with Tacoma and other cities. Quality of life has not progressed with the changing times, sadly enough. Now we have to lock our doors on house and car. Now we cannot drink the water. Now we wait in lines everywhere. So on, and on it goes--the depreciation of life as the high cost of urbanization which some people love to think is the only way to live.

In the Forties, my older friends tell me, this was the place to be--now it has a lot of the look of Seattle and Bellevue, complete with traffic jams. Unfortunately, with people come problems and higher crime rates. Our crimes are now the same as in the big cities--the "big city" has dumped on us the same miseries and atrocious, "gratuitous" violence as we used to think happened everywhere else but here. It is: "Hello, World!"--whether we like it or not.

Ronald Ginther credits his faith in God to his godly mother (who is his prayer partner too at age 97) and godly father (deceased in a plane crash when he was five years old) and godly grandparents and relatives (who knew and loved Jesus as Savior and Lord even over in old Norway in the 1800s).

The Lord was always near to his family, thanks to this true foundation in the Christian faith going back generations. Yet every individual must make up his or her own mind about Jesus, whether to accept and serve, or whether to run away.

He unwisely resisted grace and put off salvation until he was fifteen, attending a Christian high school in South Dakota. That was a life-changng decision, he found, though he didn't understand it at the time. Ronald Ginther says he has been most richly blessed by the living Word that the Lord has graciously given Him any time he goes to the scriptures. It is God's Word that, more than his secular education at college and university, provides his view of the world, the purpose for our life on earth, and the direction and guidance we individually need to fulfill our purpose and live in a loving way toward others. Everything we need is in Jesus Christ, and everything Jesus Christ is we can find in the Bible. It is up to us to use these resources and with prayer seek a personal Jesus who is waiting for us to call on Him. Those who seek, find. Those who do not seek, do not find. It is really simple, is it not? Feeling overwhelmed? See the song, "God has a Plan for My Life," in the link below the Bible which is your best source of help in time of need!

"God has a Plan for My Life," a Song of Encouragement Amidst Bleak Circumstances


BEREAN-TYPE FOLLOWER OF JESUS WROTE MOST OF OUR ARTICLES, SACRIFICIALLY, AND THEN WAS TAKEN TO HEAVEN, WITHOUT SEEING ANY EARTHLY REWARD FOR ALL HIS WORK FEATURED HERE: Duane L. Smith, a Berean-type follower of Jesus who passed away suddenly early this year from cancer, was a most devoted, faithful, sacrificial instructor for THE EMMAUS WALK. Please look at his profile and other biographical information about this much missed man as we bring them back on-line on other pages. We have a number of additional prophecies and songs by Duane L. Smith that we wish to share with you soon that he wanted you to have. The first two will be "Two Prophecies" and "The Long, Lonely Road," A Song. The third to come will be "I was Hell-Bound," the song's lyrics by D.L.S. At present, I do not have the music, but they can be set to music if there is a tune available.--Ed.

"Two Prophecies," by Duane L. Smith

"The Long, Lonely Road," A Song's Lyrics by Duane L. Smith

A beautiful, hitherto unpublished "new" song by Duane L. Smith:

"Hell-Bound," by Duane L. Smith

A Song dedicated to Duane L. Smith:

"I'm About to Fly to Heaven," A Yellowstone Park Campfire Song, with Demonstrations, by Ronald Ginther

A Certificate of Excellence is now ready for those who complete the required course load. You can link to a view of it at:

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

I once taught English literature at a community college. Yet I never noticed this before--a detailed description of the road to Emmaus which we can only give here in part because of limited space. The great English poet, T. S. Eliot (1888-1965), wrote about the trials before Caiaphas, Herod, and Pilate, and the death of Jesus, then the life-changing walk to Emmaus (identified in the literature book's footnotes) by two dejected disciples in his masterpiece, "The Wasteland" (1922):

5. What the Thunder Said

After the torchlight red on sweaty faces

After the frosty silence in the gardens

After the agony in stony places

The shouting and the crying

Prison and palace and reverberation

Of thunder of spring over distant mountains

He who was living is now dead

We who were living are now dying

With a little patience

Here is no water but only rock...

Who is the third who walks always beside you?

When I count, there are only you and I together

But when I look ahead up the white road

There is always another one walking beside you

Gliding wrapped in a brown mantle, hooded

I do not know whether a man or a woman

--But who is that on the other side of you?


"Have you ever met God?", a Reply to a Radio Show Host's Question by Ronald Ginther

EBEN'S New Public Domain Stanzas for "How Great Thou Art!"

Our Heroes of America Series--William Penn," by Ronald Ginther, begins with an introduction, and a look at John Foxe and George Penn. Secular humanism has all but destroyed the legitimate, factual history of the United States, as taught in U.S. colleges, universities, high schools and grade schools. The facts tell us a completely different story, however, supported by the documents themselves which cannot be denied (but which can be ignored or glossed over by secular humanist revisionists and distorters). We must return to our authentic history if we are to know who we are and how America was founded. This is a history-based attempt to do so.

"Heroes of America Series--William Penn, an Introduction, with a look at John Foxe's life and contribution to America's Founding Fathers

"Heroes of the America Series--William Penn, with a look at George Penn, Uncle to William Penn

"Heroes of America Series--William Penn, the Conclusion


"Is America an Evil Empire?", An Answer to America's Critics, by Ronald Ginther

A DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT'S CALL FOR A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING IN AMERICA! President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's once revered but now politically incorrect call to America to return to God who will solve America's problems:

In a radio address to the nation Feb. 23, 1936, President Roosevelt said, "No greater thing could come to our land today than a revival of the spirit of religion--a revival that would sweep through the homes of the nation and stir the hearts of men and women of all faiths to a reassertion of their belief in God and their dedication to His will for themselves and for their world. I doubt if there is any problem--social, political or economic--that would not melt away before the fire of such a spiritual awakening."

Were you also aware that Martin Luther King was a thoroughly religious man? He used many references to the Bible and to the Word of God in his speeches, which are never quoted today. All you ever hear is the mantra of the Civil Rights Movement: "I have a Dream." Yes, he had a dream, but it was not exactly what people are making it out to be today, for it was Biblical, and Bible-inspired. As a matter of fact, King's great Dream for American society did not come at all from secular humanism, which has hijacked him as its own icon of Diversity and Multiculturalism and the Black Democratic Vote without a single reference (of course!) to his deep faith in God and his high respect for the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. This is yet another piece of evidence proving there is a great leftwing conspiracy of secular humanists today operating in American society--they distort and warp and almost completely misinform the American people, routinely, unabashedly, and cynically, for they know better (at least some of them know better). What they are counting on is the vast majority of Americans do not know better and will swallow THEIR POLITICIZED, DECHRISTIANIZED VERSION of Martin Luther King. It appears Americans have a distorted view of him, marketed by the special interest groups--since few people know the true Martin Luther King, as you can tell every time there is a Martin Luther King Day and people start making their sentimental, factless speeches about him and the newscasters start spinning commentaries on him and his political legacy. Will black Americans wake up to the fact they were robbed blind of the truth about this great American? The generation of his contemporaries that knew him as he really was--they are not speaking out against the secular humanist makeover, probably for political reasons and personal gain--and soon they will be all gone, and their chance to inform the public of the facts of his life will be gone. Too bad for them and their descendants whom they have robbed! So Martin Luther King will become a secular humanist (he has been made one already), just as the devout, God-fearing Founding Fathers have been made full-blown Deists, which is the booming Big Lie you can find in teacher's texts on American history. I know, because I have one--and it must weigh thirty pounds, I can hardly lift the monster of misinformation to review it! What loss is that, in either case? Well, for one thing--truth is lost. We are taught lies, and we believe lies, and we sink ever further into the stinking, dark abyss of falsehood, which will one day cause us to wake up, if we ever do wake up, not in the land of the free and the home of the brave but in a howling prison of despair and degradation, or a brutal tyranny where human life means nothing, and where we are all wretched slaves forced to do the bidding of someone or something.

Because of this, we are deeply thankful for those few black leaders like the brave Wellington Boone who are speaking out against this hijacking of the Civil Rights Movement and also history and the suffering of the black people under slavery and before they even reached these shores via the infamous slave ships (on which something upwards of 50 million died in transit in the most miserable way). In Washington State, my own state which has been held hostage (even our governor is not legitimate) by far left politicians for many years now, black Church of God in Christ leaders are standing up in the forefront of the churches to help mobilize churches and Christians to fight for traditional marriage and other essential planks of our precious Judaeo-Christian foundations.

This is not a Republican political site (for we greatly admired Democratic leaders such as Sen. Henry Jackson, the late senator from Washington State), but we must name those who are guilty, as to tar others with the same brush would be misleading and unfair. Thus: just now yet another minority is being exploited by the Left--the single women who do not vote, but when they do vote, they vote Democratic. How to exploit them and get them out to vote? Democratic politicos are using sex, yes, sex--for this is the way they have decided will mobilize this important source of potential votes for their agendas for reconstructing America's society and economy along radical liberal lines. I listened to two of them discussing this tactic on the radio, so it is not heresay. Sex sells cars, and most every thing else in consumerist society, so why not the Democratic Party's agenda? Apparently, that is the very thinking going on in the war room of the Clintons.

Now are you sufficiently convinced, as I am, that we are in desperate need of a nation-wide revival, such as Franklin Roosevelt so long ago urged our nation to consider in one of his famous Fireside Chats?--Ed.

"ARE ALL FAITHS ON THE SAME PLAYING FIELD, AS NEW AGE AND INTERFAITH MOVEMENTS TODAY TEACH?", An analysis of "Comparative Religion and Christian Faith, by Ronald Ginther, will soon be an linked item on this page.

"WHAT IS THE STATE OF CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA?" To begin with, for prefatory remarks, let us say Christianity is irrelevant in America. It has slipped outside the mainstream, for a variety of reasons. There are so-called sins of omission and sins of commission, in religious parlance. Well, both categories apply to Christianity's default. I should not blame Christianity, however. Christ had nothing to do with the Crusades, and He certainly has nothing to do with the dereliction of Christians today in American post-modern, post-Christian society. He certainly must be grieved by the disconnect, the great disconnect, between Christians and this society in America. Actually, it is a disconnect in a limited sense, or a specialized sense only, since the churches and the memberships are deeply compromised with the world, not alienated and cast away. We would be far better off if American society would reject us utterly, which it does not. Other than the secular humanist, four-wheeled Axis of Evil--the ACLU and United Christians for Separation of Church and State (sic), NARAL, and Planned Parenthood, not to mention, their iniquitous, confederated organizations--we Christians have gone merrily along with the popular, fashionalbe, politically-correct social-economic tide, and no one has objected. In going with the tide, we have become quite like the other creatures floating alongside, and you really cannot tell anymore who is a Christian and who is not. In fact, most all Americans claim to be Christians, whether they go to church or not! That proves that Americans have bought into the idea you can be a Christian and never darken the door of a church, or say prayer to God, or obey the Ten Commandments (which most of these "Christians" cannot identify).

How did we sink into such a nadir, such a pit? The great Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar Television Network, and Pat Robertson's CBN, as well as Focus on the Family and other uncountable Christian radio programs, and Billy Graham crusades, and the 300,000 pulpits and churches--they are in the pit too, thank you, right there with the majority of Americans who consider themselves Christian and going to heaven, all without a real clew of how they will actually get there! It hardly matters how popular any of the televangelists are, or how many millions the Left Behind Series has sold, or that Billy Graham, as just one of a number of world-wide ministries, has preached the gospel to over 200 million people in his lifetime. Popularity for this and that Christian preacher or best-selling writer or Grammy-winning Christian singer has not changed America a whit (some are worship leaders in churches and get as much as 300k a year--three times more than Billy Graham's salary, by the way). The Purpose Driven Life has not changed America, though for a time you saw the book everywhere you went, stacked right along side of Harry Potter in mega-sales. It doesn't matter that Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ swept all records of receipts and numbers at the box office aside for month after month--America was not changed. 9/l1 did not change America either--so how could these lesser events do what the catastrophic destruction of the gigantic Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York City, as well as the downing of the commercial jet in Pennysylvania, and the near destruction of the Pentagon by yet another Islamic-terrorist hijacked jet attack, could not do?

First, to know what will change America, we must seek God, and then look at what His Word has to tell us. Yet why are we still floundering, since there are plenty of people who are leading Christians today who cannot give us real answers, without spin, as radio's Bill O'Reilly (which is really "Radio Free America" standing like a lighthouse amidst the leftist-dominated media) likes to describe his programs? Could it be we are deliberately denying the truth, or evading it somehow? I think so--we are evading the truth and also denying it--precisely since the truth is too costly. We might have to change everything, and nobody yet is willing to change everything. We see this is so, because ministries and churches picked up in their irrelevant roles after 9/11 exactly, or almost exactly, where they left off before the first plane struck on that terrible day we did not really take to heart. Not to belabor the point, but Azusa Street's 1906 revival that swept the world with Pentecostalism was celebrated after 9/11--and did it provoke a national revival as hoped? Nope. Azusa's centennial memorial celebration was well orchestrated (actually too well orchestrated, in my impression of it--the leading evangelical and Pentecostal notables were trotted out to speak and perform as I watched, hoping against hope somebody would get real and something real would happen by the Holy Spirit, but...nothing! Tragically, nothing! And, deservedly, it wasn't even noticed--outside of evangelical and Pentecostal circles. Rightly so! It was, as far as America was concerned, a non-event, just as any other event of Christendom is considered a non-event, a matter of completely irrelevance, to mainstream America. I thought afterwards it was a good thing I did not attend the event in Los Angeles, for I would have been so grieved by the anti-climatic religionism that was going on that I would have been forced to cry out in their midst, cry out to God for us all, that He shower His mercy upon us and forgive us, for this wretched charade recalling the truly great, epochal Azusa Street Revival.

It grieves me even now to think of that lost chance--gone forever, it appears! Does anyone out there in the world of the Internet take this cry to heart? It is not my cry only. It is the cry of the Holy Spirit, I believe. Shall we then continue to suck bitter lemons and call them sweet peaches, as churches and pastors lead us like rows of well-trained monkeys to perform and jump through their hoops in our nice, padded sanctuaries where most of the people are solipsists and navel-gazers, intent only on their own spiritual gain, while forgetting the vast, perishing world, with its millions and billions of searching human beings dying without Jesus, plunging into hopeless, Christless graves, all because we have been so concerned about ourselves we have thrown away our chances to reach them with the saving, transforming Gospel?

CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA--HOW IS IT DOING? Hurricanes Rita and Katrina did not change America, though thousands of Louisianians turned to Jesus and made decisions to follow Him outside their stinking, liberal/secular humanist hellhole of Louisiana, all people who would probably have gone to damnation otherwise (but why hadn't the big name minisries and mega-churches reached these people--in their very shadow--that is a question they never address!). Who would want to live in such a place, unless, like Mayor Nagin of "Nola," you had a second, luxurious home for a back-up in a far off state? What will it take for national repentance and revival? you hear again and again from preachers and evangelists. What? Don't these experts know? Are they simpletons? It takes repentance--a change of heart, which takes an act of will, responding obediently to the Word of God. That is just too simple, isn't it? Repentance, based on an act of will, based on the Word of God commanding us to pray, repent, and change our direction by turning our behavior around.

It takes repentance. R-E-P-E-N-T-A-N-C-E--nine letters in all, a word that can save us and our entire nation from its present, implacable foes all bent to destroy us.

But the hitch is: you have to preach the real, unequivocal Gospel based on the Word of God to provoke genuine repentance, or at least set the conditions for it to bloom in a person's heart. I have heard absurd statements, such as: Christ did not condemn anyone, we must not attack sin, or call sin sin, lest we offend anyone we might have reached and brought to Christ. Christ did condemn people, and He also cursed a fig tree so that it withered up and died--did he not? He did not come to do that, of course, and said so--but He did do it! He called a spade a spade--when it was called for--and we have numerous incidents where he did just that. The things he called people who opposed the Gospel of the Kingdom would be unprintable, if given with the force with which they struck the hearers of his own day. Thank God we read the sanitized Gentile versions of the Bible. In Jesus's time, amongst his contemporaries, calling a Pharisee, that seemingly noble scion of Judaistic religion and outstanding exemplar of the Law of Moses to that nation, a "white-washed tomb", and "children of the devil," and "serpents", and all the other things he called them and their coherts, the scribes and lawyers--(for we don't have all the acts and sayings of Jesus, by any means)--was the equivalent of using four letter words and lewd gestures to boot. Oh, the religionists today claim, Jesus did not judge people--He came only to save us and pat us on the back when we reject His word or refuse to obey God's laws. Oh? We are under Grace today, not Law, the religionists claim--which is simply not the case, since the Law is still in effect, according to Jesus Himself Who came to fufill it for us. He threw the money-changers out of the Temple TWICE--and Jesus did not judge? He said to them: "You have made my house a den of robbers", when it was supposed to be a house of prayer. "Robbers"? That wasn't a nice thing to call business people, within the holy Temple's precincts no less! But Jesus spoke the truth--always! Always!

Who is preaching the Gospel today? Surely, the Gospel is being preached today, yet America is not changed. No, my conclusion has to be just the opposite: it is NOT being preached. We have yet to hear the Gospel in America. What we get is a an upbeat, user-friendly, compromised, Americanized Gospel that is so tailored to our lusts and desires and inhibitions and hang-ups and prejudices we scarcely change while condescendingly "accepting Jesus" as our Savior and Lord. Isn't that true? Yes, there are dramatic conversions--we all thrill to see and hear them from the individuals who can give accounts of how they turned from being drug addicts to Christians--but America is not changed. Something is still missing. Something is lacking--the vital missing ingredient that makes all the difference. What could it be? We really need to know, I suggest, if America is ever to change, if there is ever going to be that great spiritual awakening that Franklin Delano Roosevelt (adulterer that he was while in office, with the White House press corps looking the other way, so that he was never forced to face accountability for his adulterous affair!) declared (I believe, from his heart) was so needed in America and which would, in his view, cleanse our nation and society of many great social evils and problems. In the closing days of World War II, in 1945, the great man went down into darkness, perhaps, never seeing that spiritual awakening. Will we join him someday soon, without having seen it too?

We would like to follow up this preface with an article of truly pathetic, doleful state of Christian churches in American society and what possibly we can individually do to change and crawl back to the path of life--by God's grace and mercy, of course.

Now I am fully aware most Christians (should I use quotes for that term?) reject this article out of hand as negative and critical, since it fails their "upbeat" criterion of what is religious and proper. But the truth is being served here, not their religious feelings and misconceptions. I am responsible to God and to His truth, not to these people. I admire Anne Graham Lotz for her statement, "I do not seek to please the audience so they will like me." That is one brave woman of God! I wish to be like her in that respect. Go to a doctor for a diagnosis for why you are feeling so ill, and he will tell you his diagnosis when he is finished. Why? There is no cure if you do not face the truth. Why try to dress up the situation if you have cancer, by telling you that you have a common cold, and there is no reason to be concerned. Why try to treat cancer with cold medicine and pretend that it will be sufficient. Why try to be so "upbeat" and "positive" and completely deceive yourself? Why? The answer has to be: you will die if you deny or evade the truth of the doctor's true diagnosis. We must fact the truth, then, or perish. There is no other alternative or option available. Christ came with the message of Salvation, and the rebellious people rejected his diagnosis of of their sin-sick state, and even rejected the wonderful, complete, free Cure, which was His substitutionary death on the Cross. He is the Great Physician for both body and soul--yet they refused to listen to him, preferring more upbeat doctors of their own choosing, who said, "Don't worry, my dears, your problem is only a common cold. Just do this and that in the Law, and it will go away," while adding, "And by the way, I will take your payment on the temple tax." They were liars, using people for their own profit and advancement. The sin and its penalty did not go away with elaborate ceremonies and guilt-ridden offerings to the Temple. Most all that generation perished and are in hell this very hour suffering indescribable torments. Will we join them? It is our choice. Or will we just barely make it into heaven, by ther "skin of our teeth," saved but never really surrendered to Christ? To turn back to God in repentance, following the Gospel and spreading it to the whole world--it is our choice. We are in the valley of decision.

Have you wondered how the church is doing since Azusa a century ago? Here is one view we might well take seriously and pray about:

"Christless Pentecost," Review by Ronald Ginther and Reprint of David Willkerson article in CharisLife "Tough Love", 1984

Part II, "Christianity in America" series, by Ronald Ginther

I am richly blessed by God to have great spiritual resources in the form of wonderful, godly forebears as well as relatives who are Gospel ministers such as my uncle Joseph Rangen, whom I asked some "burning questions" to which he gave some "candid answers" (and the last question and answer have much to do with America's maybe last chance to repent and not perish):

"Burning Questions and Candid Answers," by Pastor Joseph Rangen (Retired) and Nephew Ronald Ginther

Until then, we offer this "new" article calling for Repentance and Revival in America, in OUR hearts and lives NOW!!! by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist:

Part I, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

Part II, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!


In my dream today I saw a blackened, stormy landscape, with little light, and a group of people struggling to get away from a hurricane and typhoon of wind and water that was shooting at them from one side of a long, black ridge of rock.

They were in mortal danger, but they were struggling in the gale, and then came a similar onslaught from the other side of the ridge, trapping them. They were scarcely visible now, as the flying spray shot over their heads and against them, from both sides, with a tremendous roaring of what seemed to be two oceans coming against them with full force--or greater force than anything even the oceans can muster.

As I saw they were now trapped, and it looked absolutely hopeless for them now on that narrow, low ridge of rock, words shot out of me, "Don't let them die," and in that moment the almost supersonic jets of water and spray shooting at them from both sides as they clung and struggled together suddenly died back. The full force and velocity diminished, completely dying away. They were saved. I awoke, thanked God for this dream, and now share it.

Explanation: This seems a good spot to describe the dream I just had concerning American Christians, I believe, who are facing two dire, simultaneous threats to their life and liberty at this time, the most critical time in our entire history as a Christian people and Christian nation. I have been seeing the intensity of these two wars, and realized what we were facing as a nation born in the crib of Christianity and now being attacked from all sides for that very reason. With the scandals committed by a leading Republican representative in Congress, the onslaught against the President and his policies has grown ferocious, seemingly unbeatable--as the election looms over us, with the more than possible overthrow of all we hold godly and precious as American Christians as the enemies of God triumph. I had been praying and crying out to God day and night. Perhaps, He wanted me to know the verse with the words of Jesus our Lord and Savior still stands, "Peace I leave with you, Peace I give unto you."--John 14:27. Things may well worsen to the point of apparent utter disaster for Christians and also America, but a word from God will make the storms to suddenly cease, and we shall be saved. Therefore, in the midst of these increasingly violent storms, we can have peace in our hearts, knowing that Almighty God will intervene at the very moment when all hope seems in vain.

The Culture War of Secular Humanism is attacking America and her Christian foundations at the same time the triumphantist anti-Christian, anti-America, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti-Son of God religion of Islam is attacking us with threats of nuclear holocaust in our own country. What does the penny mean in the illustration? The "In God We Trust" on the penny, significantly, is being removed, not just by activist, secular-humanist U.S. district courts, but by individual secular-humanist-run public schools, from yearbooks and such, and Christian parents who have children enrolled there are being given pathetic stickers they can put on it with the nation's motto inscribed on them in case they want the motto back on the penny pictured on the school materials. The outcome? Victory, by Almighty God's deliverance of his people. The non-Christians may even be saved along with us--for God is overflowing with mercy. It is not our faithfulness, or our righteousness, but His grace and mercy that will save us--as we have not been faithful and overly righteous as a people. Lest we should boast, God will deliver us on the merits of His own Son Jesus Christ rather than our merits; nevertheless, we must repent and pray for the successful conclusion of these two gigantic wars being waged simultaneously against us. We may also have to endure great stress and conflict and disasters beyond belief before the enemy is vanquished.--Ed.

I do not believe Christ will leave us now in our sin without His help. He is still our Deliverer and Mighty Fortress, if we want Him! He can deliver us even now from our many enemies who are pressing upon us from every side to destroy us! I have some things to share (and I know the Lord gave me, prophetically, a little staff to lead others in a way He directs)--which I believe constitute real hope for us in this present darkness. Please return for this article, tentatively titled, "A Present Help in Trouble, a Word for Fellow Christians," by Ronald Ginther

From the library of Pearl A. Ginther, a friend of Eddie Karnes and his wife, for many years.

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods were Silent," Chapter 1, "I Wore My Gods"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 2, "Life From A Coffin"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 3, "The Tortured Missionary

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 4, "God's Voice Is Swedish!"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 5, "Healed Without Money"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 6, "The Crazy Woman,"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 7, "A Pastor Obeys God"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 8, "Every Newspaper a Gospel Tract"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 9, "God is No Beggar"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 10, Conclusion, "I Need Your Help"

Japan, along with America, has led the world in state-of-the-art, hitech electronics--she can lead spiritually too if the Gospel sweeps the nation, prayed for by such sacrificial Christian missionaries as you will read about in Paul Ariga's book. Please pray that Japan's millions will no longer stumble in darkness but awake in the light to her new destiny, a leader among the nations for the sake of the Gospel, using the very electronic means, along with person to person evangelism, that wired the world!

Please Remember China in prayer--and the persecuted Christians there! This antique photograph in our possession portrays a wealthy, aged Mandarin lady, of the Manchu ruling class apparently, in old China, attended by her daughter or daughter-in-law, and an "umbrella man-servant" out taking the fresh air in a garden in winter. She and her privileged class (along with the empress and her court) were swept away forever by the Chinese revolution at the turn of the 20th century.

Please check out the "Back to Jerusalem" faith mission that led Brother Yun, the persecuted Chinese Christian, to faith in Christ.



"Wedding in the Dead Sea of Rejection," by Ronald Ginther

EARLY ALASKA MISSION'S ACCOUNT, RE-PUBLISHED HERE: We now present "A-Yang-E-Lokh-Tokh," ["God's Man'], an account of the sacrificial evangelism in Alaska among the Eskimo (Inuit) people of the western Alaska coastlands, so please link to it, as it reaffirms what made Japanese evangelist Paul Ariga so effective in reaching his own people--sacrificial life and prayer and fasting to go with the love of Jesus and love for souls!--this is the recipe, we see, for a truly successful mission. Off we go on our "cruise" to Alaska--"Al-ay-as-ka," meaning "Great Country."

The Dahle family served as Alaska mission workers for many years, and then Mr. Dahle pastored the Bryant Lutheran church in Bryant, South Dakota, attended by my mother's family in the early 1900s.

One of the most ardent, faithful, Jesus-loving believers among the Eskimos of Mary's Igloo and Teller Mission, Mary appears in this rare photo of her in her beautiful native winter clothing.

Chapters of "God's Man," the Epic Account of early Alaskan Missions by Mrs. C. K. Malmin are now on-line!

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 1, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 2, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin>

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 3, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Conclusion/ Chapter 4, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

Master of the Stormy Seas of Life, Jesus Walks on the Waters

MOUTH PAINTING OF JESUS CHRIST, BY A MS-CHALLENGED LADY! This painting was done by Athena V. Smith, a longtime friend of my family's, who passed away recently. This was a labor of love and a miracle in itself. She painted this by mouth, being confined to bed most all her adult life by MS. She loved Jesus more than life itself, and the MS and the bed-confinement was not a Cross to her--but a launching pad to ministry and love of others!


A Standard Messianic Texts List from the Jewish New Testament (permission to use with certain changes is being sought from Jews for Jesus, San Francisco, California)

The Names of Yeshua (Jesus) in the Bible

"Introduction to Biblical Science," by Duane L. Smith

"The Work and Person of the Holy Spirit: Essay I, "An Opinion About the Holy Spirit Gifts as Seen Today," by Duane L. Smith

Mrs. Pearl Ginther's Tribute to Christian Education

Crosswalk Bible Website

Part I, "Love: God's Priceless Gift," by Duane L. Smith

Part II, "Love: God's Priceless Free Gift," A Study with Questions, by Duane L. Smith

Supplemental Study Questions on Love article, by Duane L. Smith

Part I, "Genesis's The Seed of Woman, God's Redeemer to Come," by Ronald D. Ginther

"Exodus: Types of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Duane L. Smith's "Prophetic Dream," a dream-vision of the Lord Jesus

Bible Study Tools Online, with Goshen Online Study Bible--Verse Lookup

The Blue Letter Bible

THE AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, A PILLAR OF CHRISTIAN AMERICA, OFFERS A WEALTH OF BIBLES, FROM MANY OF THE OLDEST TO THE NEWEST: New York City, possibly the world's most influential city other than Washington, D.C., is a great Christian capital, as few people today realize. It is the location of some of our nation's oldest institutions, which like schools, hospitals, poor relief houses, and businesses and trades of all kinds, were almost always Christian-established, and among whom stands foremost the American Bible Society. The American Bible Society, established by the Founders of this nation to print and disseminate the Bible, is one of the very oldest institutions in this nation. Its magazine, the RECORD, begun in 1818, is the second-oldest publication in the U.S. The Society's headquarters in NYC also houses an important museum, and the library "has the largest group of printed Scriptures in the western hemisphere."

"It contains Bibles from the invention of the printing press in the mid-15th century, right up to a brand-new translation of Scripture into the Dinka language of Sudan." One manuscript is the Torah in Hebrew (15th-17 century) from a remote synagogue in Kaifeng, China. It is 71 feet long, made of goatskin, and was damaged in a flood that destroyed the city in 1642 and so the ms. extends only to Leviticus.

Another ground-breaking ms. is the Massachusetts Bible (1663), a translation of the Bible into an Algonquin dialect, able to be read by precious few because by then, due to ravages of measles and other endemic diseases, there survived less than twenty literate Algonquin-speaking Indians, yet it is significant because it was the first Bible to be printed in the Americas (again, not in English, but in an Indian language! How is that for diversity and multiculturalism in Christianity?).

Another is England's John Wyclif-inspired English New Testament (circa 1440), coming before the invention of printing.

John Wyclif was persecuted for his work on an English translation, but he believed no sacrifice was not worth it if he could bring the Word of God to the common English people in their own language (the Bible was virtually unread up to his time, for it was the Latin Vulgate that the Catholic Church recognized as its authoritative, official version of the Bible).

Another Society treasure is a portion of the first Bible ever printed, the Gutenberg Bible of 1455, which revolutionized the world by starting the explosion of knowledge and information. The ABS has four leaves of this priceless Bible, with the red text in the Bible added later by hand after it was printed.

To see and learn more than a bit of of our own Christian heritage in America as well as elsewhere, these and other fascinating, old, even ancient manuscripts, Jewish and Christian, are featured at:

The American Bible Society library Bibles and other resources

"Leviticus: Atonement4us," by Ronald Ginther

"What is Truth?"--Part I, by Duane L. Smith (A Philosophical Approach to Apologetics)

Part II, "What is Truth?", from Foundational Principles for Living, by Duane L. Smith

"Ruth the Vine," A Poetic Tribute to Christ's Moabite, Christlike Ancestress, by Ronald Ginther

Here is a study on the book of Esther with the setting of ancient Persia (Persia is now called Iran, the name given to it by the British overlords after World War I):

"Esther: the Book of Godly Intrigue," by Ronald Ginther

"A NIGHT WITH THE KING" WAS RELEASED OCTOBER 13 TO A THEATER NEAR YOU! Dr. Irwin, President of the 190 year old American Bible Society is the official supporter of this Bible film, which clearly authenticates it as a genuine reproduction of the Bible book of Esther--what higher recommendation and endorsement can the Bible-based film receive than that? All smiles after seeing it with his daughter, describing it as a "handsome" film, Michael Medved the Jewish radio personality and film critic calls this movie "a love letter to the Jewish community" from the Christians. It is receiving great plaudits from all who saw the trailers in selected theaters, but I especially liked Jan Crouch's own commentary on the movie when asked by her producer-son. It is a "prophecy", she said with great emotion. It is a prophecy meant precisely for this time, and the delay in its release was all God's perfect timing.

Truly, she was right about that--for if it had been released as planned, it would have come out before the President of Iran's threats against Israel and America, and thus it would not have spoken right to the situation that his infamous, anti-Jewish remarks generated. Here we have God's own response to the President of Iran--and he best take heed, or he will surely go the way of the cursed and despicable Haman in the book of Esther and now in the movie about her.

For a movie that will entertain and challenge everyone, without wondering about the rating--go to the place to get the names of theaters nearest you, and type in your zip code for your area's listing (you are also asked to call local theaters and ask if they will be showing the film called "A Night With the King":

Center for Local Theater Listings

WALK IN THE LIGHT, A Supernatural Escape from the Communist Hell of Romania, An illustrated True Account of a Romanian Bible Smuggler-Evangelist's Classic Deliverance from Tyranny and Imminent Death, by Ronald Ginther

"Where is that guy coming from?" A Discussion of Important Issues and Influences on the Instructor, by Duane L. Smith

"Deuteronomy: Israel's Chance to Obey Christ Completely," by Ronald Ginther

STILL THE BIBLE'S BEST KEPT SECRET: THE TABERNACLE TELLS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST IN EVERY DETAIL OF ITS DESIGN: Want to know how the Tabernacle signifies Jesus in every aspect? Link to John Hagee to gain access to information on how to order his "Tabernacle in the Wilderness" audio tape and/or CD series, in which he shows that "every detail, every fabric, every board, every type of metal, every piece of furniture, every rod, every color...everything is a revelation of Jesus Christ." To order call: 1-800-854-9899. In Canada call: 1-416-447-4000. Or use the link below to John Hagee Ministries. Perry Stone is also offering excellent teachings on the furniture of the Tabernacle, which includes the altars. Check out his website for the teachings and his videos and books on this subject, for you will not be disappointed. We hope to have a Public Domain course soon on-line that will show us how to use the Tabernacle as a blueprint for Christian living! Please look for it.

For a bit of fun, draw the design made by the camps of the tribes around the Meeting House and Tabernacle, and you get what? Hint: Jesus died on one! That Cross was what Balaam the prophet saw when he looked down upon the vast encampment of Israel from the mountains of Moab--and he could not curse Israel after seeing the Cross of Christ, though he was paid by an enemy king to do so! He also prophesied of the Coming Star in Israel. Imagine, being part of the encampment of the Cross, yet missing the very meaning of that design by living for self and not for God--that whole generation missed it, through rebellion and resistance to Moses and the Lord, and died in that wilderness needlessly. Only Joshua and Caleb of that evil generation entered into the Promised Land. As scripture says: "Many are called, but few are chosen." and "Will He find faith?"

John Hagee Ministries

"Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Questions for "Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ"

An Additional Autobiographical Account by Ronald Ginther

"Judges: Othniel, A Little Christ," First of Thirteen Delivering Christ-Types from Ehud to Samson, by Ronald Ginther

Judges: Samson, Backslidden Nazarite and Judge of Israel," Or, "Hope for the Completely Washed-up Christian," by Ronald Ginther

"A Glimpse of Heaven and a Taste of Hell," by Instructor Duane L. Smith, with illustrations by Butterfly Productions

"God's Fatherhood, Forgiveness, and the Walk of Faith," A Trilogy in Prophecy, Poem, and Song, Part I, by Duane L. Smith

"God's Fatherhood, Forgiveness, and the Walk of Faith," A Trilogy, Part II, by Duane L. Smith, is temporarily not on-line.

"Come Let Us Reason Together," "An Account of Messianic Witnessing," by Duane L. Smith

"Foundational Principles for Abundant Living, Meditations on God's Grace, Section A," by Duane L. Smith

Test Questions for Foundational Principles, by Duane L. Smith

PRAYER IS ESSENTIAL TO A CHRISTIAN'S FAITH AND LIFE AND FRUITFULNESS. Prayer is the keystone of a successful, fruitful Christian faith, it must be said. Without prayer, faith in the Lord will remain sterile and eventually fail.

Read the article by Bernice Schaefer on prayer. She is the late aunt of Ronald Ginther, and wife of a long-time Bible school teacher in Atascadero, California. Her mother's portrait follows this--Ronald Ginther's spiritual giant, his own beloved grandmother who has gone to be with her Lord Jesus at the age of 98.

"Praying for You," Ronald Ginther's grandmother in a characteristic praying moment at the kitchen table, a watercolor by a renowned portrait artist, Bart Lindstrom:

Recommended The Emmaus Walk Book List:

"Culture Warrior," by Bill O'Reilly (go to, or any bookstore), which details the unconditional, all-out war being waged against America's Judaeo-Christian foundations by secular progressives (also called secular humanists).

"Smith Wigglesworth," Apostle of Faith, biography by Stanley Howard Frodsham, Radiant Books, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Missouri

"George Muller, Man of Faith and Miracles," biography hy Basil Miller, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Tortured for Christ," autobiography of Richard Wurmbrand, Diane Books, Glendale, California

"Hope for Man in a Hopeless World," by Basilea Schlink, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Glory in the Church, the Coming Revival," by Edward E. Hindson, Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York/Nashville

"Czechmate," autobiographical account of imprisonment of author in a communist country for Bible smuggling

"The Everyday Guide to "God," A to Z Listing of God's Attributes, with Scriptures, by Amy Ng Wong, Humble Creek Publisher, Uhricksville, Ohio

"The Complete Book of Bible Lists," by H.L. Willmingon, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"God Sent a Man," the story of Joseph, by Carylye B. Haynes, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C.

"Israel Act III," The Bible and the Mideast in prophecy, by Richard Wolff, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"Eric Liddell, Pure Gold," biography of the Chariots of Fire Olympic runner turned missionary to China, by David McCasland, Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Messianic Christology," by Arnold J. Fruchtenbaum, Ph.D., Th.M., Ariel Ministries, Tustin, California

"C.S. Lewis," Heroes of the Faith series biography, by Sam Wellman, Barbour Publishing, Uhrichsville, Ohio

"A Passion for the Impossible," The Life of Lilias Trotter, by Miriam Huffman Rockness, Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Jerusalem Countdown," A Warning to the world, containing a prophetic view of Iran's role in coming world events affecting or centered on Israel, with parallels between Joseph and Jesus tieing in with these events and others of the End-Times, by John Hagee, Frontline (A Strang Company), Lake Mary, Florida

COPYING DON QUIXOTE IS A TEMPTATION TO RESIST: I do not like tilting at every windmill, thinking it is an enemy knight like old, crazy Don Quixote on his sway-backed nag thought, but there are millions of American men selling their souls to a deceptive religion, Freemasonry, presumed by most people to be only a charitable organization for men. These souls are precious to God, but the demonic strongman (called Familiar Spirit) holding them in bondage is a strong one, indeed. Most Masons have no idea what they are really involved with, because the true nature of this Satanic religion is kept hidden from the well-meaning initiates and those of the lower degrees and only revealed in full to those who are in the upper levels. If you question that, consider the fact George Washington was a Mason, though he really never got far into it, and so was not given any of the pernicious religion of the Masons at the level he was. Peter Marshall's father, according to Mrs. Peter Marshall, as she says in her book, "A Man Called Peter," was a Mason, and Masons were present at the funeral (which means they probably orchestrated a Masonic funeral, quite a different thing from a Christian funeral). She herself was like most of us Christians and had no clew about Masonry being a false religion masquerading as a charitable men's club, as you can tell by her comments.

"The Question of Freemasonry," booklet by Ed Decker, P.O. Box 1076, Issaquah, WA 98027 (we cannot guarantee the address, as it is not recent). One Excerpt, quoted in the book from the Masons' holy book that shows us how Masons view Christianity and lumps Christ with the world's religions under Masonry: "Masonry, around whose altars the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahmin, the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God who is above all the Baalim, must needs leave it to each of its initiates to look for the foundation of his faith and hope to the written scriptures of his own religion." (page 226) Note: The word, "Baalim," is simply defined as "false god or idol." The Masonic author has included the God of the Christian in that category [the Baalim].(ED)--from the book, "The Question of Freemasonry," by Ed Decker, including his editorial note. Furthermore, this anti-Christ religion of Masonry isn't content with applying the heathen title of Baalim to Christian faith, but calls the only true Word of God, the Bible, "incomplete." It is claimed by Masons that no Christian knows that it is a mere "collection...of monstrous absurdities." The only thing monstrous and absurd is Masonry! We hope and pray that millions of Americans, servants to this beast of false religion, will have the veil over their eyes stripped away by the truth and be delivered from Satan and be saved. They are even serving as pastors, deacons, elders in churches. However, look at the obits in your local paper. Whenever the deceased person's Mason connections are mentioned, there is almost invariably lacking the peron's church--that person is going into eternity without any church whatsoever! You can see by that exactly where the deceased person put his faith for salvation and eternal life--not in Jesus Christ, but in "23rd degree"-hellish, monstrous horned God of Masonry. This is, by the way, just one of the false cults into which America has fallen a dupe. It begins in the form of a very commendable charitable club, doing much community good, but ends with a commitment and total enslavement to a horned anti-Christ pagan god (at that point the Mason is a 23rd Degree Mason). How do we know? Its "holy" books say so--which few if any beginning Masons know anything about, since it is an extremely well-kept secret. I myslf suspect that this is pagan Celtic religion centered on a horned god, then dressed up by Satan with New Age eclecticism and humanitarian programs in the community, which suits it admirably for the modern mindset that is already inclined that way.

IS ISLAM A "RELIGION OF PEACE" HIJACKED BY ISLAMO TERRORISTS, OR IS IT JUST THE OPPOSITE, A TRIUMPHANTIST RELIGION WHICH HAS AS ITS CORE THE GREAT COMMISSION OF JIHAD, HOLY WAR AGAINST JEWS AND CHRISTIANS? It cannot be both. Which view is true? Let his book inform you--for we are being fed a politically correct official view which is wrong, according to the Koran and the teachings of Mohammed. Read ISLAM AND TERRORISM," the new book by D. Mark Gabriel (and we will list others which support his stand in the recommended list, all of which demolish the U.S. State Department's official, politically correct view of Islam).

I have in my six decades of lifetime been privileged to read thousands of VERY good books--and I always tried to read the most excellent books--that were not trashy "time-killers" or just for recreational or titillating purposes (including the best-selling self-help, self-oriented potboilers that were not on my list either, due to the fact my day, unlike most other fellow Americans, has only 24 hours, and every minute is precious!). I have just completed reading his book, and it is excellent, so I advise everyone to get it at a bookstore or order it on-line or by telephone. Dr. Mark Gabriel's book order number is: 1-800-225-7977, to order a copy. It is a very busy connection, so please stay on the line, as it it takes time to speak to a representative. Or you may go to the ministry website, Lion and Lamb Ministries.

We as Christians AND Moslems AND Hindus AND Secular-Humanists AND whatever material thing or philosophy or political organization or nation or human being we worship as God in His place must inform ourselves--as the truth concerning God and His Ways is definitely not being given us the common people through most all officials and religious authorities and all of the media and government channels. That is the way it is in this fallen, self-destructing world, and we must seek Jesus for ourselves, and then we will find Him! Jesus promises He will come personally to us, if we make this effort, and reading the right book, preferably the Bible first, will enable us, with His Holy Spirit opening our understanding, to find and understand the One True God and His Son, Jesus (Yeshua, Issa (but the Son of God that Mohammed denies He is).--Ed

Mark Gabriel's testimony of how a highly educated, scholarly Muslim iman and university instructor discovered that Islam is false from its tree top to its roots and he could not longer practice it, and how Egypt's secret police kidnapped him, tortured and imprisoned him for many days (until his release brought about by a family member, a high-ranking government official), with the secret police trying to kill him when he would not give in to force and brutality, but his life was miraculously preserved again and again from beatings, starvation, rats, an attack dog, to mention some of the means they used to torture and kill him:

Mark Gabriel's Testimony

For viewing Brother Mark Gabriel's website (formerly a Muslim imam and instructor at Cairo's top university who was tortured and imprisoned for leaving Islam, but later came to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus):

Mark Gabriel's website

A FREE CHILDREN'S PRAYER MAP! An excellent resource for praying effectively and focused for the world: a free World Prayer Map! Parents, there is also a Children's World Prayer Map! This is your big opportunity to get your kids active spiritually in a way that will bring big spiritual dividends--how can God not hear a child's prayer? Write to: Every Home for Christ, P.O. Box 64000, Colorado Springs, CO 80962, or Tel: 1-800-423-5054.

OUR RESURRECTION (EASTER) QUIZ PROVES EXTREMELY POPULAR: Check out this very popular Resurrection Day quiz--and learn everything you thought you knew but didn't! Easter, so-called, is all about the Earth-changing Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and all it signifies--which is everything. Without Easter, there simply is no Christian faith--and this quiz will show you exactly why this is an indisputable fact; i.e., no Resurrection... no Christ, no Christianity, no hope, no sin forgiven, no life worth having here and hereafter! That isn't a complete list either.

"Bible Names for God's Son"

Study Questions for Bible Names of God's Son, by Ronald Ginther


WHAT IS SECULAR HUMANISM IN THIS POST-MODERN WORLD? WHY DOES IT APPEAR LIKE A LAMB BUT ATTACK CHRISTIANS AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT TRADITIONAL VALUES WITH THE TEETH OF A LION? Secular Humanism, whose cardinal doctrine of "Tolerance" seems to be an admirable one, ostensively treating everyone equally, is really an anti-God religion that degrades human life to the point of irrelevance in the Universe. Morality in its view is absurd, and turns into amorality and immorality. Meaning becomes meaningless. Absolutes become situational ethics, as changeable as the wind. Secular Humanism does not really tolerate, it must drive out every competing philosophy and annihilate every belief in God. Just because it opens its doors to everything, does not mean it sanctions everything--not at all. Rather, while preaching "Tolerance," it uses that very doctrine to persecute in the most relentless fashion anyone who for conscience sake disagrees with it being forced on that person.

It allows its rivals in a limited sense to exist while actively propagandizing and attacking them with the secular-humanist schools, educators, philosphers, government,and media. Freedom is defined as only what secular humanism permits to to be free. Since it holds to no absolute and no Absolute Being or God, secular humanism takes the place of God and issues or denies liberties and freedoms to people in its control. They are "free" to enjoy life only according to the terms set by secular humanism. To know and define what secular humanism is--the greatest evil and tyranny on earth next to absolutist, triumphantist religions, of which Islam is one--we only have to look at the nations ruled by it, namely:

France, the birthplace of socialism and the so-called Enlightenment that threw God and the Ten Commandments out of human government and society, placing man in the center, as a worshiper of the Goddess of Reason:

"The Burden of France," by Eben

"The Burden of the Netherlands (Holland)," by Eben

Holland, a formerly devoutly Christian, now a secular-humanist nation that worships the false deity of Tolerance above the true God:

"The Burden of America," by Eben

Canada, a formerly Christian now a devout secular-humanist society and nation:

"The Burden of Canada," by Eben

Once mighty, "Great Britain," formerly the birthplace of the Wesley and Welsh revivals that shook England and revitalized her, now a secular-humanist society where Christmas is a politically incorrect term to use at the time of the traditional celebration of Christ's birth ("Winter Festival," or the pagan "Winter Solstice," ineptly and dishonestly substituted).

Did you know that the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana was a thoroughly Christian one (which you could not tell by their lives and their behavior after the ceremony, even excluding the wonderful charitable contributions by Princess Diana)?

The words and songs and prayers of the ceremony in the vast and august chamber of St. Paul's Cathedral 29 July 1981 all testify to the Lordship and Sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ. Isn't that a shocker today? Imagine a state grand state ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Congress or the White House testifying to the Lordship and Sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ--without it being compromised by political correctness by adding Muslim clerics and the Dalai Lama to please the New Age and Interfaith crowd that loves to hold its services at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.!

The booklet of the wedding has a wonderful foreward about Christian marriage from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, that is well worth reviewing here in the near future, as it is so good to hear anything uncompromisingly Christian coming forth from top echelons of this secular-humanist-degraded, formerly a superpower-nation:

"The Burden of Britain," by Eben

"The Burden of Helvetia (Switzerland)," by Eben

Thanks to secular humanism and its official sanctioned policies denigrating traditional marriage and the promotion of abortion on demand and "alternative lifestyles" of perversion and homosexuality, the nations mentioned above are all Failed States (though this doesn't mean they do not have vibrant Christian minorities who have not yet bowed the neck to Nebuchadnezzar's Golden Image!). What are "failed states"? Simply: at zero point something population growth rates, they are not growing in population enough to sustain their societies and economies, except for the importing of huge numbers of chiefly Moslem immigrants to take the jobs the French, Swedes, Germans, and others are no longer numerous enough to fill.

It is always said that the immigrants are taking only unwanted jobs (unwanted by the nationals), but that is not the case--they will take any job that is unfilled, if and when they can. You cannot prevent their upward mobility as they raise their educational levels, and educated or not they also increase quickly in numbers due to a high birth rate, creating their own economy and lessening their original dependency on the majority cultures and its economy. With numbers, they begin the process of using the election system to put their own people in places of power, and then begin to manage their own special enclaves or unassimilated societies, all with the purpose ultimately of overturning the secular-humanist laws and social organization that was the national system and substituting their own. The process is inevitable, proceeding at a rapid rate, despite attempts by the shrinking secular humanist majority and its government to impede or stop it with various laws and maneuvers.

What secular humanism does not know or tell its people is that they have nothing to live for that is strong enough to defeat a triumphantist religion such as Islam, and "tolerance" is not able to keep secular humanist states from going down to destruction--rather, it is hastening the destruction. Already the Dark Continent spiritually, Europe will become Islamic, ruled by draconian Sheriah law (that ends religious freedom, women's rights, and democracy, plunging that continent back into the Dark Ages)--given time.

Nature has always abhored a vacuum, and secular humanism, ignoring that fact, creates the vacuum Islam is rapidly filling. As for North America, Christianity is losing ground, as Secular Humanism still controls much of the continent and may even strengthen its hold. The same processes that are overcoming a once Christian Europe are working very well here. America too is a failed state, thanks to secular humanism's program. Yet God has shown a number of times that He can overturn such mighty forces of destruction. I do believe He will do so again, in America and Russia, if not in Old Europe.--Ed.

Another fine article by Duane L. Smith:

"The Hope of the Christian, and Worldly Despair," by D. L. Smith


"Ethel Waters' "To Me It's Wonderful," Harper and Row Publishers, 1972, Book Review by Ronald Ginther

Mrs. Pearl Ginther's Scripture Garden

"Angel Stories," by Pearl A. Ginther

"My Two Angel Stories," by Ronald Ginther

"My Two Angel Stories"

"Letter from the Field," by Mary-Constance, House of God's Embrace, Cuernavaca, Mexico

"The Voice of the Lord and the Heart of a Prophet," A Dream of the Lord Jesus, Parts 1 & 2, by Duane L. Smith


"Einstein, Quantum Mechanics, and the Reconciliation with Theology," Parts I-III, by Duane L. Smith

To Abraham God said: "And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing."--Genesis 12:2. This blessing holds for descendants of both his sons Isaac and Ishmael, both of whom became great nations. Israel is, technologically and in civilization, one of the leading nations on earth (truly a blessing to the whole earth through its outstanding achievements in the arts, science, the Internet, agriculture, and in Judaism (which gave us the Bible), and the Muslim nation has grown from the one, sparsely populated motherland of Arabia where Ishmael resided to many nations spread across the globe populated by more than a billion people. If that isn't a fulfillment of God's promise, what is it? The oil of the Arabia is a blessing to the whole world, too, and was given primarily to them--was it not? It is a curse, however, to the owners, when it is misused, as it is being misused today by the various Arab monarchies and dictatorships. But that is not the fault of God the Giver. His gifts are, as the Bible states, without repentance--that is, He does not take back His gifts just because they are misused or abused.

John 3:16 in Arabic:

A Rose of CHRIST YESHUA'S Love for the Beloved Moslem People

MOSLEM BORN AND BRED TARIQ FADI CONVERTED TO BEING A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST BECAUSE THE CHRISTIAN MAN HE PERSECUTED LOVED HIM ANYWAY: To all the beloved Moslem people, a word about a remarkable, young man from the Moslem community of Egypt: Tariq Fardi, who was born again and Spirit-filled after growing up a bitter, "holy war" jihadist-like persecutor of Coptic Christians in his homeland of Egypt, appeared on Perry Stone's program on TBN. He stoned an older Christian man (a Coptic Christian, I believe) almost to death, who when recovered forgave him! Yes, forgave him! That proved Tariq's turning point in life, as it touched his heart, that someone he had hurt so badly would forgive him in the spirit of love. Saved seven years ago, Tariq Fardi is a fervent lover of the Lord Jesus and a scholarly man who reads the Koran [the Mohammed-authored holy book, the Furqan) in the original tongue, and you can probably access this program via Perry Stone's website (or please use his email address given here):

Perry Stone Ministries

EXCITING NEW STORY FROM MUSLIM TURKEY! Former terrorists are abandoning their brutal religion ("brutal" is not my word, that is what they call it) and giving their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ all over the Middle East and being baptized, knowing they will live as hunted men and perhaps suffer martyrdom for their faith in Jesus the Lord and Savior (as you read in an account here, you don't even have to be a baptized Christian to suffer persecution, imprisonment, torture, death for turning away from Islam--leave Islam, and you are thrown out of your family and made a prey to be hunted down, while it is your family's duty to kill you, the authorities will do it for them gladly.). We have given you names of several here, but more are appearing with their testimonies, which are tremendous in every respect. This is a bit different, but just as worth telling. It is testimony of an American who met a Turkish woman in a cemetery in Turkey recently, about how the Turkish woman's son received a vision of Jesus on an exceptional mountain in Turkey which I toured in a bus in the Air Force, called Mount Olympus. I found it very beautiful, with fluffy white snow on the trees and slopes, sparking with many colors--but this young Turkish student in the mother's account saw Jesus the Beautiful Savior--a life-changing experience for him shortly before his death in a train accident.

"An Exciting Story from Turkey," by Gloria Patterson, The Mooring Lines Magazine, Port of Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington State

THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE WILL CONVERT ANYBODY IF GIVEN A FAIR HEARING ON THE BASIS OF CREDIBLE EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY THE BIBLE ITSELF: The truth of the Bible is so forceful, if given a chance, it can convert anybody from a totally hostile position--if someone is an honest agnostic or honest atheist (you cannot persuade anyone who refuses to want to know the truth). Read "We Tried to Prove It Wrong," which tells of the Olsens, a young doctor and wife team, who tried to set out to methodically disprove the Bible and ended up working for decades as medical missionaries! They were so certain they could disprove the Bible over scientific inaccuracies, yet after months of serious questioning they had to give it up--the Bible had won the contest of accuracy! This account can be read in "Our Daily Bread," February 2006, a daily devotional published by RBC Ministries. You can also read it on the Web at:

"We Tried to Prove It Wrong," article in the book, "Can I Really Trust the Bible?"

The most contested real estate on earth is Canaan, or Israel! Here are two articles dealing specifically with the land God promised only to Israel:

ARTICLE ABOUT JERUSALEM, REPUBLISHED: "Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem," the CharisLife article, is now on-line:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem," CharisLife Article by Gerald Rowlands, 1986, "Tough Love" Magazine



"Ram and Bear: the Land of Persia, Ancient and Modern," by Ronald Ginther

GOD GAVE ISRAEL (YES, ISRAEL!) THE TERRITORIES COMPRISED BY SOUTHERN LEBANON AND ALSO WESTERN SYRIA! Please go and see what the Bible says, which resulted in Israel being given these lands now exploited for terroristic purposes by the Iran-backed terrorist organization of Hezbollah. Use the article to view the maps: "The Area Attacked in Israel by Hezbollah, and the Lands Occupied in Lebanon God gave to Israel," by Ronald Ginther

Maps of Hezbollah-Attacked Israel, and the Northern Lands now known as Southern Lebanon that Almighty God Gave to His People Israel, by Ronald Ginther

Flowers of Christ's Love for the Enslaved People of Iran

"What is Palestine?"--A Commentary on the David Hathaway Article, "Palestine?", by Ronald Ginther

Our Emmaus Walk cartoon about the sinning, sybaritic playboy, or "rake", the typical American boy without Christ in his life:

Did you think Skanky Boy is far fetched? That real people don't really plunge into sin quite so whole-hoggedly? Well, we have come by the testimony of Rev. R.W.L. Brown, entitled, "From the Highway of Hell to the Highway of Heaven." It will settle the question in your mind that Skanky Boy is exaggerated or true to life. We hope to have it on-line soon!

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake," Part I

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Rake," Part II

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Rake," Part III, by Eben

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Rake," Part IV, by Eben

"Judges: Samson, Backslidden Nazarite and Judge of Israel," Or, "Hope for the Washed-up Christian," by Ronald Ginther

"Lilias Trotter Book Review," A Missionary Impossible, by Ronald Ginther

Lilias Trotter as a young woman

LILIAS TROTTER, MISSIONARY EXTRAORDINAIRE: Missionary to Algeria, London society born-and-bred Lilias Trotter was a missionary for the Lord Jesus and the Gospel, and there is another gospel, the gospel of peace and nonviolence and Zen meditation and interfaith-ecumenism and whatever else people like Joan Baez champion just as fervently as Lilian Trotter the former London socialite championed Christ. What led to a Joan Baez, and what led to a Lilias Trotter? That is the question.

"Joan Baez, a Silhouette," Review of her 1987 autobiography, by Ronald Ginther

A Viet Nam veteran's ministry:

Dave Roever/Life Today

Please turn to the atlas for more information and maps of this fascinating, once great Christian country, which truly can be called the Land of St. Paul:

Asia Minor Atlas


Asia Minor, now called Anatolia, or Turkey, was once Christian, for over a thousand years in fact, since the time of Christ and St. Paul, until it was completely conquered by Muslim Ottoman Turks in the 15th century. Churches, not mosques, predominated. Now it is mosques that predominate in the landscape of Anatolia--but that wasn't the case until after the 7th century, and even as late as the 14th century Christianity was still solidly in place, even with Muslim occupation.

Innumerable times, Arab armies invaded and raided this fervently Christian land, which was the flourishing, rich heartland and homeland of the great Christian empire of the Byzantine Greek Orthodox people--an empire of millions of people and sophisticated, highly civilized cities that for centuries was second to none and was full of scholars, churches, schools, hospitals, and all manner of artistic and architectural glories. How could such a great commonwealth be wiped so utterly from the earth, that you can only find its relics in museums? If you really want to grasp a bit of the magnitude of this, go to Muslim Istanbul, view St. Sophia today that is officially a Museum, and see the glories of what was once the world's greatest church sanctuary--and it was the Mother Church of this Muslim-destroyed empire, captured by a Muslim sultan in 1453 and converted to a Muslim mosque--which has never been returned, by the way, to the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, who still resides in the city, his official seat.

Recently, the area was the center of a world controversy, as Pope Benedict XVI's remarks quoting a Byzantine emperor about Mohammed excited riots, even a killing of a nun (others have since been murdered) who cared for precious, neglected Muslim children in Somalia, and angry speeches across the globe. What was it all about? Emperor Manuel of of the Christian empire was talking with a highly urbane Muslim Persian scholar, and he said that Mohammed created an evil by linking religion with violence and force to convert people to it. This was most certainly true to the case (if you have read anything about Mohammed's bloody political venturism and his savage attacks on Arab and Jewish caravans to win plunder, not to mention his attacks on his various enemies in Mecca and elswhere in Arabia during his meteroric rise to power), but it is politically incorrect to say the truth today, as the Pope discovered by the violent reaction in the Muslim nations to his remarks (and how could this remark be known, unless angry mullahs spread it everywhere, through Muslim websites and Muslim media and the Internet, not to mention cellphones--all infidel Western inventions, by the way?).

"The Pope is blaspheming Mohammed the Prophet of Allah, and we are not violent in Islam," the rioting Muslims declared, and so a defenceless nun was most brutally slain as an easy target of their vengefulness, shot down with bullets in her back after years of sacrificial service to Somalian children--children of the poorest people in one of the world's poorest nations.

Emperor Manuel knew what he was talking about, having had to face enormous Muslim armies and their superior military might all his days as emperor. His country had also been beseiged many times in the past by the Star and Crescent of the Arab armies, right up to the walls of his capital, but God has spared his empire again and again--miraculously so, even with the protection of the great triple Walls of Constantinople surrounding the city since the reign of Emperor Theodosius.

But why is no one defending this Christian ruler? "Obscurity" is not a good reason, for the emperor is featured in all the encyclopedias and uncountable books of history. Rather than his "obscurity," it is because it is politically incorrect today to defend ANY Christian, much less a renowned, educated, valiant Christian emperor such as this one, who spoke the plain, unadulterated truth about Mohammed and Islam to a Muslim scholar who also knew the truth about Mohammed, or should have known it. It is the secular-humanist elites who don't know or don't want to acknowledge the truth of history and certainly do not like any mention of Manuel the Christian emperor whatsoever, precisely because he is a very significant authority on Islam, having dealt with Islam, militarily and diplomatically, for all the time of his tenure as emperor in Constantinople.

Islamic mullahs, not many of them well-educated according to Muslims' own opinions about them, simply regard any remark like the Pope's as categorically false and baseless and blasphemous--but educated, honest mullahs know it is the plain truth, though they will suffer greatly from fellow Muslims if they should come out of the closet and say so! Just witness Dr. Mark Gabriel's experience, and read the response to his coming out of the closet!

In a most significant connection with this Asia Minor atlas, you might want to read the "Ballad of Paul and Silas," by Ronald Ginther, for this tells of the epic invasion of Macedonia, the first nation in heathen Europe to be invaded and conquered for Christ by the Gospel preached by the Apostle Paul. Paul's launching point? Troas Alexandria, on the west coast of Asia Minor (and from this beachhead in Philippi, "sleeper cells" of home churches were established in city after city in Greece, which were in turn springboards to Italy and even beyond to Spain!).

"The Ballad of Paul and Silas," by Ronald Ginther

Dr. Carl Baugh, Creation Evidence

For a magnificent series refuting Evolution as taught today all over the nation in most all the schools (not to mention promoted in films, documentaries, National Geographic specials, ad nauseum):

"Life's Story" Series, Exploration Films, to order a copy or copies

This visually stunning series can be shown in private home gatherings, for homeschools, in churches, in student groups meeting legally at school during allotted times--and will refute Evolution, point by point, the true facts presented by scientists and educators. This the the truth that Evolutionist do not have America to see, because their shabby, unscientific case for Evolution is utterly destroyed.

For ANYTHING about America's true foundations in Christian faith and beliefs, from the original documents and the lives and acts of Christian Founding Fathers (none were really bona fide Deists, according to the current definition bandied about by the ACLU and the history-tweaking public school textbook writers and the various fanatical secular-humanist groups campaigning against Christian morality and Christianity in public affairs, all in the name of that mythical, unhistoric, non-Jeffersonian doctrine falsely attributed to him, the "separation of church and state":

David Barton, Wallbuilders

Part I, "Witchcraft in America--How bad is it?", Part I, by Ronald Ginther

Part II, "The Poverty/Witchcraft Connection," by Ronald Ginther

Dave Hunt, author of "The Seduction of Christianity," can explain the spread of WICCA and how it is being masterminded, as a world-wide movement, by Satan himself:

Dave Hunt, The Berean Call


Are you an God-fearer, a David the mere shepherd boy, and want to make a difference in this wicked, giant-ruled world? America desperately (what part of DESPERATELY, do we not understand?) needs activists (terrorists with the Gospel of Peace and Salvation only in Christ) who will support what God's truth and values in society. Do you have time for emailing your beliefs and support of what is moral and right to those who are profiting wrongly on what is immoral and wrong? Legislators, businesses, sponsors of lewd TV shows or books, they all urgently need to hear from you as a Christian [I write to my legislators, godless and lying secular-humanists, though they certainly are!--Ed]. I am not asking you to do what I have not been doing myself. We are all called to stand up for the Lord and His commandments, but there is a special way you can make a mark of truth and beauty on this culture instead of it always making an ugly, black, staining mark on you! Be an activist-terrorist for Christ--remembering that you always state the truth IN LOVE, just as He did with the Samaritan woman at the well.

Link for Christian activists, via David Wildmon's American Family Association On-line:

American Family Association On-Line

Link to obtain Vital Information about Current Issues Confronting the Family, Traditional Moral Values, and our Fast-Eroding Religious Liberty in America, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to order DVDs of the extremely well-done "Critical Mass" and the Boston colonial church's "Liberty Sunday" service and broadcast transcript, with Tony Perkins, Head of Family Resarch Council officiating:

Family Research Council, Defending Family, Faith, and Freedom

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