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A Messianic School of the Bible


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

Friend, are you unable to read the Bible, that is, make sense of it? Or do some parts make sense, but others, such as Leviticus or Revelation or Romans seem totally bewildering? Are you desiring to go deeper, or reach a higher ground, spiritually, but your difficulty in comprehending scripture is holding you back? It may well be you need to consider that the Bible is essentially Messianic--that is, it exists to tell you about the Messiah and Savior, and virtually everything in the Bible points to Him. With this understanding, you are on your way to unlocking the scriptures and opening the door to Yeshua--for they are, in truth, a living Person, Jesus (Yeshua), who delights in His Name, the Word (John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

You are most welcome to review the list of the Bible books now. This is vital. In this era, when there is so little knowledge of the Bible, it can no longer be taken for granted that everyone knows what they are.

The Books of the Bible


The Bible's Messianic Texts are thus named because they are passages in scripture that point specifically to the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus in Gentile terminology). Foremost in consideration of these texts, Christ Himself chose it when conducting an informal Bible class with two distraught and troubled disciples who had left Jerusalem just after the crucifixion and were on their way to Emmaus, a village seven miles from the Holy City. This spiritual trek inspired the logo graphic at the top of our home page, and in Judaea in the time of Jesus (see the map) Emmaus is near the bottom, located close by Jerusalem.

A profile of Ronald D. Ginther will follow his picture.


SMALL TOWN BOY FAR AWAY FROM HOME FINDS THE MEANING FOR HIS LIFE IN JESUS: Ronald Ginther has been a life-long resident of Puyallup, Washington, which was once a small, virtually unnoticed town of about 14,000 in Western Washington in the Puget Sound, located in a green valley of small berry-farmers and canneries and daffodil growers--now it is a medium-sized city of over 100,000, yet it retains a small-town look in the older sections, mainly thanks to one man--Ezra Meeker, who did not like ostentation and frivolous architecture, even if you could afford to indulge it.

My own hometown has a history and a founder worth the mention here, for the values he took from Christianity and exemplified (though not a Christian himself, it has to be said).

Ezra Meeker, a pioneer farmer, came to the lush, forested riverine valley of the Puyallup Indians when it was still a jungle of trees and underbrush and a few trails and settlers' cabins and clearings.

He too cleared land for farming, but was more than a farmer. He founded the town of Puyallup, named it after the Puyallup Indian tribe of the area (it is supposed to mean "generous people") and saw it grow into an agricultural magnet that attracted the world markets of London and New York with the valley's hop production, of which he was the undisputed king, until disease destroyed the hops and wiped them out as the town's main income.

Never one to let anything get him down, he won and lost several fortunes in his long lifespan (he even joined the Yukon gold rush in Alaska, and earned more gold selling to the goldminers than he ever dug out of the ground!), but his main, enduring legacy was immortalizing the Oregon Trail and its role in America's Manifest Destiny (a politically incorrect, pro-America term nowadays in the opinion of liberals, but the one that best describes the phenomenal creation and growth of the United States of America in little more than two centuries).

A man of vision, he was not equalled in this town in his day, nor has he been surpassed since. It is too bad he was not a Christian, though his wife certainly was, by all accounts (her tastes were different, however, for the Meeker mansion in town was her creation). Without him, it is doubtful there would have been a Puyallup of the kind I grew up in--where urban sophistication is not well liked, but honesty and simplicity are still valued.

Ronald Ginther credits his faith in God to his godly mother (who is his prayer partner too at age 97) and godly father (deceased in a plane crash when he was five years old) and godly grandparents and relatives. The Lord was always near to his family. He, however, resisted grace and put off salvation until he was fifteen, attending a Christian high school in South Dakota. That was a life-changing decision, he found, though he didn't understand it at the time. Ronald Ginther says he has been most richly blessed by the living Word that the Lord has graciously given Him any time he goes to the scriptures. It is God's Word that, more than his secular education at college and university, provides his view of the world, the purpose for our life on earth, and the direction and guidance we individually need to fulfill our purpose and live in a loving way toward others. Everything we need is in Jesus Christ, and everything Jesus Christ is we can find in the Bible. It is up to us to use these resources and with prayer seek a personal Jesus who is waiting for us to call on Him. Those who seek, find. Those who do not seek, do not find. It is really simple, is it not? Feeling overwhelmed? See the song, "God has a Plan for My Life," in the link below the Bible which is your best source of help in time of need!

"God has a Plan for My Life," a Song of Encouragement Amidst Bleak Circumstances


BEREAN-TYPE FOLLOWER OF JESUS WROTE MOST OF OUR ARTICLES, SACRIFICIALLY, AND THEN WAS TAKEN TO HEAVEN, WITHOUT SEEING ANY EARTHLY REWARD FOR ALL HIS WORK FEATURED HERE: Duane L. Smith, a Berean-type follower of Jesus who passed away suddenly early this year from cancer, was a most devoted, faithful, sacrificial instructor for THE EMMAUS WALK. Please look at his profile and other biographical information about this much missed man as we bring them back on-line on other pages. We have a number of additional prophecies and songs by Duane L. Smith that we wish to share with you soon that he wanted you to have. The first two will be "Two Prophecies" and "The Long, Lonely Road," A Song. The third to come will be "I was Hell-Bound," the song's lyrics by D.L.S. At present, I do not have the music, but they can be set to music if there is a tune available.--Ed.

"Two Prophecies," by Duane L. Smith

"The Long, Lonely Road," A Song's Lyrics by Duane L. Smith

A beautiful, hitherto unpublished "new" song by Duane L. Smith:

"Hell-Bound," by Duane L. Smith

A Song dedicated to Duane L. Smith:

"I'm About to Fly to Heaven," A Yellowstone Park Campfire Song, with Demonstrations, by Ronald Ginther

A Certificate of Excellence is now ready for those who complete the required course load. You can link to a view of it at:

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence


"Have you ever met God?", a Reply to a Radio Show Host's Question by Ronald Ginther

EBEN'S New Public Domain Stanzas for "How Great Thou Art!"

Our Heroes of America Series--William Penn," by Ronald Ginther, begins with an introduction, and a look at John Foxe and George Penn. Secular humanism has all but destroyed the legitimate, factual history of the United States, as taught in U.S. colleges, universities, high schools and grade schools. The facts tell us a completely different story, however, supported by the documents themselves which cannot be denied (but which can be ignored or glossed over by secular humanist revisionists and distorters). We must return to our authentic history if we are to know who we are and how America was founded. This is a history-based attempt to do so.

"Heroes of America Series--William Penn, an Introduction, with a look at John Foxe's life and contribution to America's Founding Fathers

"Heroes of the America Series--William Penn, with a look at George Penn, Uncle to William Penn

IS AMERICA AN EMPIRE? America, the creation of godly, freedom loving men, has been the greatest nation on earth, not because of its material wealth and productivity and the highest GNP in the world, but because it has fought and won freedom for hundreds of millions of people who otherwise would not have it today. No other nation has been able to play this role as America has done repeatedly in the two centuries since it was founded. America is being called, wrongly and stupidly, an "Empire" by ignorant, prejudiced critics. What kind of empire frees the enemies it conquers and then gives them aid so that they can rebuild and become prosperous, free societies? What kind of empire even gives aid to help its enemies when they suffer devastating natural disasters such as killer earthquakes and floods and and droughts and tsunamis? No empire in history acts like this nation has acted on behalf of humanity and its welfare. Empires are ordinarily, by their nature, greedy and oppressive and undemocratic. The Soviet Union, for instance, was an empire, and it sucked the economic life blood out of its satellites. The Muslim Ottoman Turkish Empire did the same; though rich, it kept the whole Middle East backward and socially and economically depressed--a terrible legacy for which we are all paying the price today in Middle East misery and terrorism. Despite the lies, the record says just the opposite--that America has been singularly blessed by God and has blessed the whole earth in a singular way. Even if America vanished today, its contributions to the good of humanity will be remembered for all time to come. It hardly matters if the Palestinians rejoice to see the downfall of America (just as they danced in the streets of the refugee camp in Beirut on 9/11)--they benefited too from American generosity and compassion, and America sought again and again to secure a homeland for them, which their own Arab brothers in neighboring states did not seek for them (Yassir Arafat turned the homeland down, preferring terrorism to peace and prosperity and a free society!). America has been a better friend of Arabs and Muslims than they have been to each other--as the record testifies amply. Who stood up for Bosnia, which is Muslim, when attacked so viciously by so-called Christian Serbia? Not Europe! It was America--of course, it would be America. America's heart is big enough to take the hurts of the whole world to heart AND DO SOMETHING! Unlike the United Nations and most of Europe, America never stands idly by when people are suffering famine or oppression by wicked rulers. It is criticised for going out of its way to help all over the globe--but the people who are helped do not criticise Ameica any more, if they once did. They know then who their true friend is--America! Osama bin Laden, the pathetic servant of hated, who hates America above all over nations, is no one's friend--he can only take advantage of people for this own hateful agenda. He will sacrifice anyone's lfe for his own aggrandisement. We shall see him brought to justice--sooner or later--before God, or before man--but certainly before God. It is not whether it will happen--it is just a mere question of when.

"ARE ALL FAITHS ON THE SAME PLAYING FIELD, AS NEW AGE AND INTERFAITH MOVEMENTS TODAY TEACH?", An analysis of "Comparative Religion and Christian Faith, by Ronald Ginther, will soon be an linked item on this page.

"WHAT IS THE STATE OF CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA?"--a proposed overview, by Ronald Ginther.

We also would like to follow up with an article of the state of Christian churches in American society. It seems no one, partly for fear of appearing negative and judgmental, partly for pride and presumption, partly for traditionalism, partly for sectarians, partly for sheer spiritual blindless, partly for making the Bible over with a Gentile, modern-American viewpoint, partly for ignoring and simply not investigating the times and people out of which Christ and the Gospel first arose, partly...well, there are many such "partly's", which we wish to do some justice to by at least ennumerating them for further thought and discussion by you. The point it, to recapitulate, no one seemingly wants to make the most obvious observations about what is accepted and current practice in American evangelical churches, while the mainstream society continues to ignore Christian faith because of these very practices.

I ask you: How can nationwide repentance come and true change and transformation occur, if the Christian churches continue to make themselves irrelevant to mainstream Americans?

Adapting to mainstream American culture, compromising the Gospel and the Bible and even Jesus Christ the Savior, does not work. It has never worked. It is not going to work in the future either. Only the Gospel works--in the way it was intended to work: on the heart, soul, mind, spirit, and lifestyle of the individual. Everything else may be nice, worth-while, even seemingly necessary, but it is not essential. John Wesley was an "essentialist," throwing out what was not needed, keeping what was good to keep, while adapting to the ever changing circumstances in a hostile English environment. He succeeded spectacularly. How? He proposed to spread the Gospel, preaching it primarily any place where he found the freedom to preach (often in open fields because the churches refused him entrance), while showing Christ-love and practical application of that love regarding the physical and social needs of people. John Wesley's two-pronged approach, though tremendously successful in saving Britain from another French-style Revolution and transforming that country for the good (not to mention the saving of millions of souls) has been abandoned, our churches today choosing one or the other part of the program (the Bible thumper vs. the Social Gospelite conumdrum). Some churches attempt to combine the two, and have many programs for both spiritual and the physical/social/emotional needs of people. But many factors or distractions or whimsical projects enter in that sideline and isolate those churches, so that their Gospel message (clouded, over-spread with other things, even distorted, or rendered piecemeal, or shoved at people at the tail end of the wonderfully-orchestrated programs and big events) does not connect with the mainstream of America's life.

Something must be done to break this impass, as we are losing generation after generation in America, despite the rise of so-called "mega-churches." What does it matter if you have a congregation of 100,000 in a state and you lose the nation? Truly, a church with such a number could revolutionize the world--if it truly connected with the Gospel and knew how to preach and promote it. Christ revolutionized the whole Roman world with 12 men. It does not take great numbers--only committed disciples who know what they are doing and who truly follow the Spirit of God's leading.

No amount of electronics or CDs and video "packages" and books and big mass teaching seminars will substitute for 12 committed men and women and youth. All our vast resources are pouring over a sort of Niagara Falls, dissipating without effect. How does this turn around? It has to be a re-discovery of the Gospel and a re-learning of the way of Christ, so that the Great Commission can be fulfilled by present-day churches and true disciples of Christ. We are so enculturated and adulterated with the world and its world-views that we cannot see or relate to the real world, except in terms of disaster aid relief ministries or projects.

But how can we effectively share Christ in affluent, comfortable, normal circumstances? Obviously, we lose hands down in such places. People there do not need anything, they think, from us Christians. They can do very well without us, thank you! We are insulting them by sending missionaries to them, of all people! Yet they are the neediest, spiritually and morally, of all the world's peoples--if only we can shine the light of the Gospel on them. When their eyes are opened by the Word of God, and the Spirit, they will see they are actually naked, starving, dying, condemned to hell--but they cannot see this with the message and light of the mega-churches and their Americanized world-view. Consequently, Europe is a Dark Continent. America, for the most part, is also part of a vast Dark Continent. We desperately need missionaries, who will come to us and deliver us from ourselves and the frills-replete religion we have concocted, thinking it is Bible-based, Christ-centered, when statistics prove it is not.

In non-affluent societies, we are just as alien and unneeded. We cannot relate to non-affluence--very few missionaries know how to, choosing to live simply as the people to whom they minister live. Aliens from an alien culture, they remain aliens all their lives--wherever they go. That is not the way of the Gospel and the Apostles--not if what Paul said about himself: "I desire to be all things to all men."

Furthermore, very few ministries even grasp the physical dimension of the Gospel. Most churches do not see Christ fed the multitudes when it was needed to keep them from starving, so that they might survive to hear and receive the Gospel of the Kingdom. People can sit, broken-hearted, uninvited, needy, without the means to pay a heating bill or repair a car, and go away from a church service the same way they came! We are not talking about hand-outs to "Rice Christians" who snap, crackle, and pop at services to the tune of "Gimme, Gimme," though it is true many in America are in that pathetic category. We are only talking Christ's love in practical terms, a giving which needs to be discerning to be truly useful and not wasted on fraudulent Christians or parasites who refuse to do what they can do for themselves, preferring to burden others.

This article will attempt to show the problem of the problematic condition of Christian faith in America, which is truly a national problem, but fortunately simple at the core issues, and how we must correct it. Please return when it comes on-line.

Until then, we offer this "new" article calling for Repentance and Revival in America, in OUR hearts and lives NOW!!! by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist:

Part I, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

Part II, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

From the library of Pearl A. Ginther (shown on left, standing by Mrs. Eddie Karnes, wife of Eddie Karnes, Evangelist to Japan for many years, along with Paul Ariga and his wife Yukiko)

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods were Silent," Chapter 1, "I Wore My Gods"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 2, "Life From A Coffin"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 3, "The Tortured Missionary

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 4, "God's Voice Is Swedish!"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 5, "Healed Without Money"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 6, "The Crazy Woman,"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 7, "A Pastor Obeys God"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 8, "Every Newspaper a Gospel Tract"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 9, "God is No Beggar"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 10, Conclusion, "I Need Your Help"

Japan, along with America, has led the world in state-of-the-art, hitech electronics--she can lead spiritually too if the Gospel sweeps the nation, prayed for by such sacrificial Christian missionaries as you will read about in Paul Ariga's book. Please pray that Japan's millions will no longer stumble in darkness but awake in the light to her new destiny, a leader among the nations for the sake of the Gospel, using the very electronic means, along with person to person evangelism, that wired the world!

Chinese Paper Art

ARTICLE ON RED CHINA BY GORDON LINDSAY: I hope to feature soon an article on China, based on Gordon Lindsay's "Red China in Prophecy." It is still current today, though written in the 60s or 70s. The history given is so important, given from the standpoint of what really happened, not the spin given it by secular newscasters and writers who do not know what the Bible teaches and care less. We need not accept the secular viewpoint on God's history in the earth--which gives us virtually nothing useful or what God is really doing to evangelize the world. Red China in prophecy can be followed up too with current happenings. Evangelist Brother Yun, featured today on Daystar, has written "The Heavenly Man," a book about his miraculous deliverance from communist prison (after having his legs smashed, with something like 24 guards watching him 24/7, and he walked through all the gates, unnoticed, by all the guards, and stepped outside the prison into a taxi that just then pulled up, uncalled!). God's plan has China in it too! Missionaries were expelled by the communists in the Forties--and then persecuted the Christian believers mercilessly, and still do. But thousands of Chinese came to the Lord anyway, and since then millions--as many perhaps as 100 million--have come to know Christ in the land of the Red Dragon! China has far more Christians, the real kind, than Europe which received the Gospel two thousand years ago from the Apostle Paul! China's vision, according to Bro. Yung (who looks great, and can walk, and is free to share the Gospel world-wide), is to carry the Good News of Jesus, given to his mother and others years ago in China, back to Jerusalem. For it started, for him, with this movement called "Back to Jerusalem," which the communist takeover authorities could not stamp out. Now it is on the verge of fulfilling the vision! Please check out the Back to Jerusalem website, but return for the article as we bring it on-line, in what portions we can find time to share here.



"Wedding in the Dead Sea of Rejection," by Ronald Ginther

EARLY ALASKA MISSION'S ACCOUNT, RE-PUBLISHED HERE: We now present "A-Yang-E-Lokh-Tokh," ["God's Man'], an account of the sacrificial evangelism in Alaska among the Eskimo (Inuit) people of the western Alaska coastlands, so please link to it, as it reaffirms what made Japanese evangelist Paul Ariga so effective in reaching his own people--sacrificial life and prayer and fasting to go with the love of Jesus and love for souls!--this is the recipe, we see, for a truly successful mission. Besides going to school with two Eskimo boys from Shismaref, both connected with the Scandinavian-American mission in Alaska, I have yet a second close tie to the story in my own missionary relatives. My aunt and uncle, missionaries to Alaska, were married in Homer, Alaska, over 60 years ago--but they were forced to move south, when he developed severe rheumatic fever which would kill him, the doctor warned, if he remained in the subarctic cold. Relocated to Brazil, they served there as founding missionaries in the New Tribes Mission work in the southern state of Minas Gerais (General Mines), residing in the village of Jacutinga, which sets amidst rolling green hills and coffee farms. A New Tribes Mission Bible institute and the Berean Bible church were established by my aunt and uncle together with other missionaries and Brazilian believers and ministers. The Bible institute has just celebrated this month its 50th Anniversary! Here is a link from her son that you may use to view pictures of the anniversary celebration and see my aunt receiving a bouquet of orchids by going to the web page of my missionary cousin, a son of theirs working for New Tribes Mission here in the states.

Calvin Taylor's Website, Showing His Mother and the Peniel Bible Institute, Jacutinga, Brazil:

Pictures of Cora Taylor and Flower Award

Cora Taylor, now in her nineties, continues unofficially as a New Tribes missionary, while retired and residing at the Bible institute guesthouse built by her son-in-law, a long-time teacher at the institute. She still has a wall-sized tapestry of Alaska's snows and mountainous beauty, which must have a somewhat cooling, refreshing effect (to the eye at least) for visitors to enjoy in her home in this very warm, lush green, coffee-producing area of Brazil (local Jacutinga coffee beats any Starbucks coffee any day, I can testify, from having tasted it! By, the way, I just heard on the radio Frank Sinatra's "There's a Lot of Coffee in Brazil," which is not overstating the case, and enjoyed it very much!).

A third tie to the Alaskan account, finally, is my mother, whose pastor in her hometown of Bryant, SD, was Rev. Dahle, who with his family is in the acount of "God's Man." My mother also knows a number of other people listed in the book.

Now connections aside, off we go on our "cruise" to Alaska--"Al-ay-as-ka," meaning "Great Country."

The Dahle family served as Alaska mission workers for many years, and then Mr. Dahle pastored the Bryant Lutheran church in Bryant, South Dakota, attended by my mother's family in the early 1900s.

One of the most ardent, faithful, Jesus-loving believers among the Eskimos of Mary's Igloo and Teller Mission, Mary appears in this rare photo of her in her beautiful native winter clothing.

Chapters of "God's Man," the Epic Account of early Alaskan Missions by Mrs. C. K. Malmin are now on-line!

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 1, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 2, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin>

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 3, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Conclusion/ Chapter 4, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

MOUTH PAINTING OF JESUS CHRIST, BY A MS-CHALLENGED LADY! This painting was done by Athena V. Smith, a longtime family friend of my family's, who passed away recently. This was a labor of love and a miracle in itself. She painted this by mouth, being confined to bed most all her adult life by MS. She loved Jesus more than life itself, and the MS and the bed-confinement was not a Cross to her--but a launching pad to ministry and love of others!

JESUS, THE MESSIAH OF THE JEWS, IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SAVIOR FOR ALL MANKIND, NOT JUST A PROPHET OR A GOOD MAN AS SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO CALL HIM: We do not endorse religion of any kind in this Bible School. We are not pro-Israel and anti-Arab. We are not pro-Christianity and anti-Islam. We are not pro-America and anti-Iran or Anti-China. I can prove it with this true incident.

One day, I was sitting in a hardware store-type shop in "downtown" Jericho waiting for the Arab proprieter to bring ordered paint for a missionary's home and a religious zealot in Muslim Jericho did not like the sight of me sitting there, I suppose, minding my own business, and he came and challenged me. He asked me what nationality I was, and the words came forth without hesitation. I told him: Jesus Christ!

Angry and full of himself and his religion (I'll never forget the man's flustered reaction and befuddlement), he did not know what to say to that, and went away grinding his teeth.

That is still true. I am Christ's first, and American second.

My true nation and country is Jesus Christ--He is my very being and reason for existence on earth. I am a citizen of heaven who happens to reside temporarily on this sick, old earth. I cannot exist without Him!

The Good News includes this, and ought to cause the Middle Easterners to all rejoice together in the streets: We do not have to be bound to religion, to nationality, to any -ism or ideology or even to race. We are free in Yeshua! Yeshua alone can give us all this freedom. No religion can give it. Religion can only bring enslavement.

I did not think of Judaism and Islam in terms of beasts. It was not my idea. But seemingly God did view these competing religions this way--for a missionary in Israel shared this dream with me, which I have here in a simple illustration. Two beasts, one brown, one black, were fighting, much like two gigantic dinosaurs. One beast, Judaism, signified by the black beast, prevailed over the brown beast, which signified Muslim religion. This dream was highly significant, because of the time. For you see she received this dream at the time of the beginning of the disaster of the Intifada, or the Uprising of the Arab Muslims against Israel and Judaism.

Implications extend to our own time (since the dream was told me in the early 1980's). Iran is Muslim, bound by that religion, and so it too is ruled by a beast, the Brown Beast. That Brown Beast will be subdued by the Black Beast--Judaism and Israel. We shall see this happen, I would wager, in the coming conflict between Israel and Iran, which must occur if Israel is to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran coming against it. I once restricted the dream's meaning to the Intifada, but it may well apply to the Israel-Iranian war as well. America may be a part of this conflict, or stand in support, as it did when Israel destroyed Iraq and Saddam Hussain's nuclear reactor with an aerial strike force of bombers.

It is a question in my mind, how can I see Judaism as this Black Beast if Yeshua is a Jewish rabbi? Yet this is clear enough: Judaism at present rejects Yeshua as its Messiah, though many Jews are still not able to make up their minds--and are doing so, one by one, choosing Yeshua as Messiah. Judaism the religion still rejects Yeshua, however. The State of Israel, reflecting this, does not recognize Yeshua as Messiah, and is largely secularist-humanist, with a strong Orthodox Jewish sect that has influenced its laws to a significant extent. This present condition is hardly God's will for Israel and his Chosen People. They are living far from God, though they are now back in the Promised Land He gave them to possess forever. Is not Judaism, then, living in rejection and denial of Israel's rightful King, Yeshua? Yes, it is. It has a constitutional democracy, but the nation does not worship Yeshua or acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior and King. This will come to pass, however--Israel will someday, perhaps not long from now, turn back to God and acknowledge Yeshua as its Messiah.

Now, as to Israel's protection and right to protect itself. War is a terrible thing. It should not have to happen--if people will only turn to God and accept His Son's Cross-produced salvation. But nations have a right to protect themselves against sworn enemies who will attack them, given the opportunity. Iran has sworn to attack Israel with every weapon at its disposal. It has been attacking Israel for many years, in fact, ever since the Shah of Iran's overthrow by the Mullahs and revolutionist students such as the current President of Iran. It needs to re-consider, and stop. The Jews are the apple of God's eye, and their nation is God-ordained, whether Muslims in Iran or Egypt or Libya or wherever else like it or not. God has created only one Chosen People, and all the rest of us must recognize that fact, and choose blessing or cursing by God. Curse Israel, and God will curse us. Bless Israel, and God will bless us. His Word in the Bible says this is so. I for one want to be blessed by God, and I must always remember that Jesus (Yeshua to the Jews, or Issa to the Muslims) is a Jew, even now sitting on the right hand of the Father in heaven as a Jewish rabbi. This is an indisputable fact. It is more a fact than Gibraltar or the Atlantic Ocean. Everything we see will burn up someday, we know from God's Word, but Jesus is King of kings, Lord of Lords, and He rules as Son of God forever and ever. No man, no religion, no contrary word, can change or alter that fact in any way. Even if one Jew existed on earth, I must respect him as the representative of the Chosen People, the sole Nation created by God for His purposes on earth, the sole place where He has set his throne, in Zion, in the city of Jerusalem. In that capacity, that one hypothetically remaining Jew is greater than any president, any king or queen, any general, any billionaire, any saint or holy man, any celebrity you can name, one earth. He may be a lowly farmer or a shoeshineman, but he is immeasurably greater than anyone else, due to his connection as Abraham's seed through Isaac with Jesus Christ, the Jewish rabbi who sits on the throne in heaven.

Come soon, Lord Jesus! Your Bible, Your Holy Word, proclaims cover to cover exactly who you are, and yet men disregard the truth that the prophets and apostles proclaimed in it regarding You. Yet if one dear Muslim brother or sister takes heed to You as Messiah and Son of God, if one Jewish man or woman takes heed to You as Messiah, if anyone else holding any other religion (or no religion) takes heed, it will be worth the re-stating here at this late hour, at this lonely work desk.

CONCERNING JESUS, CHILDREN, AND THE JIHADISTS AND IRAN'S PRESIDENT: Eben is offering the following lyrics to you as Public Domain, as additional stanzas to: "Jesus Loves the Little Children." It is especially apt, as this fact is not known to the world that is in so much racial and religious conflict that even children become pawns and targets (guns are placed in childish hands by green ski cap-masked Hamas and black ski-cap-masked Hezbollah terrorists (whom God Almighty can see through their disgusting, cowardly, disguising masks!), and Jewish children are regularly targeted by these violent beasts (the Bible calls these lawless men "animals" and "wild beasts", and God lets it be known repeatedly in prophecy and scripture that He hates violence and religious hoaxes), who run the terrorist organizations that send out the squads of trained suicide bombers.

President Bush has been written to by the so-called "president of Iran"--the former student kidnapper and hostage taker of Americans in post-Shah revolutionary Iran, now nuclear arms-ambitious dictator of a theocratic-ruled, totalitarian state--accusing President Bush, leader of the free West, of hypocrisy as a known, praying Christian for attacking Islamic Jehadists and rulers like Saddam Hussain and the Afghanistan Taliban. If the ruler of Iran knew the Bible, he would know that God would never judge President Bush for defending his own country and his American people against attackers such as these--indeed, it is his responsibility to go on the offensive and defeat these brutal, violent, bloodthirsty, self-declared enemies! This is a clear instance of the End-Times anti-christ deceit speaking forth, like a evil frog boasting blasphemies against God from the mouth of the Anti-Christ and the Beast pictured in the Book of Revelation.

This ruler of Iran has forgotten mercy, and that without mercy, he himself will be destroyed by the very violence he incites and leads against other nations--without cause--though he claims the nations he attacked and is still attacking are the oppresssors, not him. He listens to anti-Bush, anti-America, anti-War in Iraq voices in the U.S. Congress and even the top levels of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, and is encouraged to write such a letter, which is completely absurd and anti-God. The U.S. has lost hundreds of lives, in the Iranian-financed Hezbollah attacks on the U.S. Marine barracks stationed as peacekeepers in Lebanon some years back, and in many other bloodly, destructive incidents around the world the Hezbollah terrorists have committed. No, the U.S. and Britain are not the oppressors--the last things free societies can be accused of after the most vicious attacks on their commercial planes, subways, markets, skyscrapers, and unarmed, private individuals everywhere who are just trying to go about their daily lives. And we have full, biblical, godly right to resist those who attack us.

Yes, we shall resist him and all terrorists--with the Gospel of Peace, AND with a just offensive war against terror utilizing the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces--both means are necessary and fully justified by the Bible. To argue otherwise is to argue against God's own governance and the record of His dealings with Israel and the nations that forget God. Let God be true, and every man a liar--as scripture says. We can stand on the record of God's Word, and we know He is the Victor, as His Word says He is--these enemies too, shall fall before Him. It is just a matter of time.

Again, let me make this message absolutely clear: Children are off-limits, President of Iran! Children are off-limits, Hamas and Hezbollah and PLO! All Terrorists, beware: children are off-limits. They belong first of all to God their Creator and Protector. They are under His protection and authority. Touch them, and you strike God himself! Jesus is the God of Grace still, but touch these children, and refuse to repent and change your hearts and your evil ways, then Jesus will be your Judge without mercy, as soon as you draw your last breath! All of you, Hamas, Hezbollah, and mullahs of Iran, torture and kill your own people when they are baptized as Christians--you think that you will keep your people under your subjection by holding the sword over their heads. It will not work. Thanks to the Internet and satellite TV, they can now access the truth, the Gospel, and you cannot stop them from finding Jesus (Issa) as their Savior and Lord in a million places where you cannot see or put surveillance cameras or listening spies. Your walls are crashing down! Jesus is breaking through them everywhere! Jesus the Lion of Judah! He is appearing personally to countless people in your midst, and they are turning with tears of gladness to Him to save them! You know this is true--even your own families are being reached by Jesus and His love! You cannot stop Him. He is the unstoppable, saving God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and He can and does appear anywhere He chooses! He doesn't even need satellite TV or the Internet. He can walk through any wall (have you read what He did shortly after his resurrection? He walked through a wall into the room where His discouraged disciples were hiding, fearful of the Romans and Temple authorities--). Why not accept Him now as your own Lord and Savior and cease kicking, like Saul of Tarsus once did, against the pricks? Why cling to a sinking ship of false religiosity? It is your life you can save--if you want to save it. Jesus is waiting for you to turn to Him, with open arms of love and forgiveness!--Ed.


Jesus loves the little children,

all the children of the world.

Jew and Gentile, Arab, Greek--

He's Loving Lord to all who seek;

Jesus loves the little children of the world.


Jesus loves the little children,

all the children of the world.

Turk and Bantu, Chinese, Finns,

His pardon's free for all our sins;

Jesus loves the little children of the world.


Jesus loves the children of the world,

all the children of the world.

Just reach out, He'll take your hand;

He'll lead you like a Shepherd can!

Jesus loves the little children of the world.

DAMASCUS, SYRIA, NEEDS TO STOP CHANNELING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, FOR WHATEVER YOU SOW YOU WILL SOMEDAY REAP! Damascus, Syria, the nortorious safe haven for Hamas terrorists and the conduit for Iranian arms being shipped into southern Lebanon, is the gateway to the Bekaa Valley, also called the Valley of Lebanon. This area recently erupted in warfare, when the Hezbollah, who for years have been setting up their rocket launchers and arsenals all along the Israeli border with Lebanon, kidnapped two Israeli soliders inside Israel, brutally killing eight, then no doubt torturing and killing one of the two kidnapped soldiers. No attack like this can be ignored, and the Israelis acted in self-defense, rather than submit to further incursions, kidnappings for blackmail, and killings of those they kidnapped. The Hezbollah understood this was war when they ignited the conflict with their raid and executions. Only certain anti-Israel European countries--and the United Nations--did not consider it a war--rather, calling it Israeli aggression against poor, defenceless Lebanon, though they they know full well that Lebanon has been giving the Hezbollah safe haven for years. I once travelled to Metulla, the northermost town in Israel, located right on the Israeli-Lebanon border. Then it was peaceful and a beauty spot, and the border fence was called "The Good Fence," as aid vehicles and aid supplies went freely across. But the Hezbollah, thanks to Syria and Iran, changed all that when they started shipping in Hezbollah terrorists and weapons and missiles. Damascus, the Bible says, will one day be uninhabited--which means total destruction, perhaps through a nuclear strike. The crimes it is now committing without cause against Israel will one day bring deadly consequences, apparently. Their deeds testify against them--that they are evil-doers, self-deceived. You cannot commit evil against any human being--however much in error he is--and gain credit with a holy God.

By the way, on September 22, latest word from Hezbollah is that they won the war with Israel, and are now armed with 25,000 new missiles (which we know Iran supplied). Does this sound to you like America's Roadmap to Peace has been successful? How could anyone but career State Department diplomats believe it would be successful (they are trusting in man, in force, in written agreements and treaties and Geneva and Helsinki Accords--but certainly do not know only God can establish peace!)?

As events have proved out, the millions of jobless, hopeless, frustrated young Moslem Arabs serving the trained terrorists over in the Middle East were rejecting the very idea of peace with Israel while our Secretary of State was over in Egypt and Israel holding talks with the various heads of state, Arab and Jewish--so how could a peace treaty succeed?

I am sure I was but one of many dismayed thousands of evangelical Christians who wrote and emailed Israel not to give Gaza to the terrorists in Prime Minister Sharon's vain hope of achieving peace with them--and we saw we were right to warn Israel the very day they cruelly evicted Israeli citizens from their beloved homes in Gaza and turned over all the new greenhouses (to establish an economy in Gaza for the Arab people, which Yassir Arafat with his billions given his people by Europe and America never tried to do) and Jewish synagogues and Jewish homes to the terrorists, because the terrorist-led people of Gaza burned and destroyed the greenhouses, synagogues, and homes while missiles were sent rocketing into Israel from Gaza. The liberal-dominated U.S. media did not show this wanton, senseless destruction inside Gaza, of course, for although they do not support President Bush's peace initiatives they do support appeasement and giving up Israeli territory to the terrorists, saying that Israel stole the land, which is a shameless lie, because Israel, by winning wars the Arab countries started, could have kept all the land won in war, right up to the Nile.).


Without God, the heads of the nations are following the foolish advice of councillors who do not have the wisdom of God--they do not know the true roadmap to peace lies only in submitting humbly at the feet of Jesus Christ. This truth will someday prevail, as all nations submit to Him. May that Day come soon--Maranatha!.

Do you pray daily at least for Israel? Do you pray daily for the Moslems? It is our duty as Christians to pray for both, that they come to Christ, Who came to be their Savior and Lord. As Billy Graham preached to thousands night after night in a weeks-long Crusade at the University of New Mexico in Albuerquerque, New Mexico, Jesus Christ belongs to the whole world--everybody needs Jesus Christ. He said that back in the 1970's, and it is just as true now as it was then as we see world events, particularly in the Middle East, shaping up to the Return of Christ.--Ed.)


A Standard Messianic Texts List from the Jewish New Testament (permission to use with certain changes is being sought from Jews for Jesus, San Francisco, California)

The Names of Yeshua (Jesus) in the Bible

"Introduction to Biblical Science," by Duane L. Smith

"The Work and Person of the Holy Spirit: Essay I, "An Opinion About the Holy Spirit Gifts as Seen Today," by Duane L. Smith

Mrs. Pearl Ginther's Tribute to Christian Education

Crosswalk Bible Website

Part I, "Love: God's Priceless Gift," by Duane L. Smith

Part II, "Love: God's Priceless Free Gift," A Study with Questions, by Duane L. Smith

Supplemental Study Questions on Love article, by Duane L. Smith

Part I, "Genesis's The Seed of Woman, God's Redeemer to Come," by Ronald D. Ginther

"Exodus: Types of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Duane L. Smith's "Prophetic Dream," a dream-vision of the Lord Jesus

Bible Study Tools Online, with Goshen Online Study Bible--Verse Lookup

The Blue Letter Bible

"Leviticus: Atonement4us," by Ronald Ginther

"What is Truth?"--Part I, by Duane L. Smith (A Philosophical Approach to Apologetics)

Part II, "What is Truth?", from Foundational Principles for Living, by Duane L. Smith

"Ruth the Vine," A Poetic Tribute to Christ's Moabite, Christlike Ancestress, by Ronald Ginther

Here is a study on the book of Esther with the setting of ancient Persia (Persia is now called Iran, the name given to it by the British overlords after World War I):

"Esther: the Book of Godly Intrigue," by Ronald Ginther

A new TBN movie on the Bible, "A Night With the King," the stunning account of Esther, Mordecai, and their perilous venture to save the Jewish people in the Persian Empire will be released in October all across the country. It is receiving great plaudits from all who saw the trailers in selected theaters. For a movie that will entertain and challenge everyone, without wondering about the rating--go to the place to get the names of theaters nearest you, and type in your zip code for your area's listing (you are also asked to call local theaters and ask if they will be showing the film called "A Night With the King":

Center for Local Theater Listings

WALK IN THE LIGHT, A Supernatural Escape from the Communist Hell of Romania, An illustrated True Account of a Romanian Bible Smuggler-Evangelist's Classic Deliverance from Tyranny and Imminent Death, by Ronald Ginther

"Where is that guy coming from?" A Discussion of Important Issues and Influences on the Instructor, by Duane L. Smith

"Deuteronomy: Israel's Chance to Obey Christ Completely," by Ronald Ginther

THE TABERNACLE TELLS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST IN EVERY DETAIL OF ITS DESIGN: Want to know how the Tabernacle signifies Jesus in every aspect? Link to John Hagee to gain access to information on how to order his "Tabernacle in the Wilderness" audio tape and/or CD series, in which he shows that "every detail, every fabric, every board, every type of metal, every piece of furniture, every rod, every color...everything is a revelation of Jesus Christ." To order call: 1-800-854-9899. In Canada call: 1-416-447-4000. Or use the link below to John Hagee Ministries. Perry Stone is also offering excellent teachings on the furniture of the Tabernacle, which includes the altars. Check out his website for the teachings and his videos and books on this subject, for you will not be disappointed. We hope to have a Public Domain course soon on-line that will show us how to use the Tabernacle as a blueprint for Christian living! Please look for it.

John Hagee Ministries

"Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Questions for "Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ"

An Additional Autobiographical Account by Ronald Ginther

"Judges: Othniel, A Little Christ," First of Thirteen Delivering Christ-Types from Ehud to Samson, by Ronald Ginther

Judges: Samson, Backslidden Nazarite and Judge of Israel," Or, "Hope for the Completely Washed-up Christian," by Ronald Ginther

"A Glimpse of Heaven and a Taste of Hell," by Instructor Duane L. Smith, with illustrations by Butterfly Productions

"God's Fatherhood, Forgiveness, and the Walk of Faith," A Trilogy in Prophecy, Poem, and Song, Part I, by Duane L. Smith

"God's Fatherhood, Forgiveness, and the Walk of Faith," A Trilogy, Part II, by Duane L. Smith, is temporarily not on-line.

"Come Let Us Reason Together," "An Account of Messianic Witnessing," by Duane L. Smith

"Foundational Principles for Abundant Living, Meditations on God's Grace, Section A," by Duane L. Smith

Test Questions for Foundational Principles, by Duane L. Smith

PRAYER IS ESSENTIAL TO A CHRISTIAN. Prayer is the keystone of a successful, fruitful Christian faith, it must be said. Without prayer, faith in the Lord will remain sterile and eventually fail.

Read the article by Bernice Schaefer on prayer. She is the late aunt of Ronald Ginther, and wife of a long-time Bible school teacher in Atascadero, California. Her mother's portrait follows this--Ronald Ginther's spiritual giant, his own beloved grandmother who has gone to be with her Lord Jesus at the age of 98.

"Praying for You," Ronald Ginther's grandmother in a characteristic praying moment at the kitchen table, a watercolor by a renowned portrait artist, Bart Lindstrom:

Recommended The Emmaus Walk Book List:

"Smith Wigglesworth," Apostle of Faith, biography by Stanley Howard Frodsham, Radiant Books, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Missouri

"George Muller, Man of Faith and Miracles," biography hy Basil Miller, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Tortured for Christ," autobiography of Richard Wurmbrand, Diane Books, Glendale, California

"Hope for Man in a Hopeless World," by Basilea Schlink, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Glory in the Church, the Coming Revival," by Edward E. Hindson, Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York/Nashville

"Czechmate," autobiographical account of imprisonment of author in a communist country for Bible smuggling

"The Everyday Guide to "God," A to Z Listing of God's Attributes, with Scriptures, by Amy Ng Wong, Humble Creek Publisher, Uhricksville, Ohio

"The Complete Book of Bible Lists," by H.L. Willmingon, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"God Sent a Man," the story of Joseph, by Carylye B. Haynes, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C.

"Israel Act III," The Bible and the Mideast in prophecy, by Richard Wolff, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"Eric Liddell, Pure Gold," biography of the Chariots of Fire Olympic runner turned missionary to China, by David McCasland, Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Messianic Christology," by Arnold J. Fruchtenbaum, Ph.D., Th.M., Ariel Ministries, Tustin, California

"C.S. Lewis," Heroes of the Faith series biography, by Sam Wellman, Barbour Publishing, Uhrichsville, Ohio

"A Passion for the Impossible," The Life of Lilias Trotter, by Miriam Huffman Rockness, Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Jerusalem Countdown," A Warning to the world, containing a prophetic view of Iran's role in coming world events affecting or centered on Israel, with parallels between Joseph and Jesus tieing in with these events and others of the End-Times, by John Hagee, Frontline (A Strang Company), Lake Mary, Florida

"ISLAM AND TERRORISM," NEW BOOK RELEASED BY MARK GABRIEL!--I have in my six decades of lifetime been privileged to read thousands of VERY good books--and I always tried to read the most excellent books--that were not trashy "time-killers" or just for recreational or titillating purposes (including the best-selling self-help, self-oriented books that were not on my list either, due to the fact my day, unlike most other fellow Americans, has only 24 hours, and every minute is precious!). I have not yet read "Islam and Terrorism," giving us Christ in prophecy, by Mark Gabriel, but I have seen him featured on TBN. I am certain his book is excellent too, for I have ordered it. His number is: 1-800-225-7977, to order a copy. It is a busy connection, so please stay on the line, as it it takes time to speak to a representative. Or you may go to his ministry website, Lion and Lamb Ministries.

We as Christians AND Moslems AND Hindus AND Secular-Humanists AND whatever material thing or philosophy or political organization or nation or human being we worship as God in His place must inform ourselves--as the truth concerning God and His Ways is definitely not being given us the common people through most all officials and religious authorities and all of the media and government channels. That is the way it is in this fallen, self-destructing world, and we must seek Jesus for ourselves, and then we will find Him! Jesus promises He will come personally to us, if we make this effort, and reading the right book, preferably the Bible first, will enable us, with His Holy Spirit opening our understanding, to find and understand the One True God and His Son, Jesus (Yeshua, Issa).--Ed

Mark Gabriel's testimony of how a Muslim iman and university instructor discovered that Islam is false and he could not longer practice it, and how Egypt's secret police kidnapped him, tortured and imprisoned him for many days until his release, trying to kill him but his life was miraculously preserved again and again:

Mark Gabriel's Testimony

For viewing Brother Mark Gabriel's website (formerly a Muslim imam and instructor at Cairo's top university who was tortured and imprisoned for leaving Islam, but later came to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus):

Mark Gabriel's website

A FREE CHILDREN'S PRAYER MAP! An excellent resource for praying effectively and focused for the world: a free World Prayer Map! Parents, there is also a Children's World Prayer Map! This is your big opportunity to get your kids active spiritually in a way that will bring big spiritual dividends--how can God not hear a child's prayer? Write to: Every Home for Christ, P.O. Box 64000, Colorado Springs, CO 80962, or Tel: 1-800-423-5054.

OUR RESURRECTION (EASTER) QUIZ PROVES EXTREMELY POPULAR: Check out this very popular Resurrection Day quiz--and learn everything you thought you knew but didn't! Easter, so-called, is all about the Earth-changing Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and all it signifies--which is everything. Without Easter, there simply is no Christian faith--and this quiz will show you exactly why this is an indisputable fact; i.e., no Resurrection... no Christ, no Christianity, no hope, no sin forgiven, no life worth having here and hereafter! That isn't a complete list either.

"Bible Names for God's Son"

Study Questions for Bible Names of God's Son, by Ronald Ginther


"The Burden of France," by Eben

"The Burden of the Netherlands (Holland)," by Eben

"The Burden of America," by Eben

"The Burden of Canada," by Eben

"The Burden of Britain," by Eben

"The Burden of Helvetia (Switzerland)," by Eben

Another fine article by Duane L. Smith:

"The Hope of the Christian, and Worldly Despair," by D. L. Smith


"Ethel Waters' "To Me It's Wonderful," Harper and Row Publishers, 1972, Book Review by Ronald Ginther

Mrs. Pearl Ginther's Scripture Garden

"Angel Stories," by Pearl A. Ginther

"My Two Angel Stories," by Ronald Ginther

"My Two Angel Stories"

"Letter from the Field," by Mary-Constance, House of God's Embrace, Cuernavaca, Mexico

"The Voice of the Lord and the Heart of a Prophet," A Dream of the Lord Jesus, Parts 1 & 2, by Duane L. Smith


"Einstein, Quantum Mechanics, and the Reconciliation with Theology," Parts I-III, by Duane L. Smith

To Abraham God said: "And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing."--Genesis 12:2. This blessing holds for descendants of both his sons Isaac and Ishmael

John 3:16 in Arabic:

A Rose of CHRIST YESHUA'S Love for the Beloved Moslem People

MOSLEM BORN AND BRED TARIQ FADI CONVERTED TO BEING A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST BECAUSE THE CHRISTIAN MAN HE PERSECUTED LOVED HIM ANYWAY: To all the beloved Moslem people, a word about a remarkable, young man from the Moslem community of Egypt: Tariq Fardi, who was born again and Spirit-filled after growing up a bitter, "holy war" jihadist-like persecutor of Coptic Christians in his homeland of Egypt, appeared on Perry Stone's program on TBN. He stoned an older Christian man (a Coptic Christian, I believe) almost to death, who when he was recovered forgave him! That proved Tariq's turning point in life, as it touched his heart, that someone he had hurt so badly would forgive him in the spirit of love. Saved seven years ago, Tariq Fardi is a fervent lover of the Lord Jesus and a scholarly man who reads the Koran [the Mohammed-authored holy book, the Furqan) in the original tongue, and you can probably access this program via Perry Stone's website (or please use his email address given here):

Perry Stone Ministries

EXCITING NEW STORY FROM MUSLIM TURKEY! Former Islamo-Fascist terrorists are abandoning their brutal religion ("brutal" is not my word, that is what they call it) and giving their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ all over the Middle East and being baptized, knowing they will live as hunted men and perhaps suffer martyrdom for their faith in Jesus the Lord and Savior (as you read in an account here, you don't even have to be a baptized Christian to suffer persecution, imprisonment, torture, death for turning away from Islam--leave Islam, and you are thrown out of your family and made a prey to be hunted down, while it is your family's duty to kill you, the authorities will do it for them gladly.). We have given you names of several here, but more are appearing with their testimonies, which are tremendous in every respect. This is a bit different, but just as worth telling. It is testimony of an American who met a Turkish woman in a cemetery in Turkey recently, about how the Turkish woman's son received a vision of Jesus on a mountain in Turkey which I toured in a bus in the Air Force, called Mount Olympus. I found it very beautiful, with fluffy white snow on the trees and slopes, sparking with many colors--but this young Turkish student in the mother's account saw Jesus the Beautiful Savior--a life-changing experience for him shortly before his death in a train accident.

"An Exciting Story from Turkey," by Gloria Patterson, The Mooring Lines Magazine, Port of Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington State

THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE WILL CONVERT ANYBODY IF GIVEN A FAIR HEARING ON THE BASIS OF CREDIBLE EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY THE BIBLE ITSELF: The truth of the Bible is so forceful, if given a chance, it can convert anybody from a totally hostile position. Read "We Tried to Prove It Wrong," which tells of the Olsens, a young doctor and wife team, who tried to set out to methodically disprove the Bible and ended up working for decades as medical missionaries! They were so certain they could disprove the Bible over scientific inaccuracies, yet after months of serious questioning they had to give it up--the Bible had won the contest of accuracy! This account can be read in "Our Daily Bread," February 2006, a daily devotional published by RBC Ministries. You can also read it on the Web at:

"We Tried to Prove It Wrong," article in the book, "Can I Really Trust the Bible?"

The most contested real estate on earth is Canaan, or Israel! Here are two articles dealing specifically with the land God promised only to Israel:

ARTICLE ABOUT JERUSALEM, REPUBLISHED: "Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem," the CharisLife article, is now on-line:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem," CharisLife Article by Gerald Rowlands, 1986, "Tough Love" Magazine



"Ram and Bear: the Land of Persia, Ancient and Modern," by Ronald Ginther

GOD GAVE ISRAEL (YES, ISRAEL!) THE TERRITORIES COMPRISED BY SOUTHERN LEBANON AND ALSO WESTERN SYRIA! Please go and see what the Bible says, which resulted in Israel being given these lands now exploited for terroristic purposes by the Iran-backed terrorist organization of Hezbollah. Use the article to view the maps: "The Area Attacked in Israel by Hezbollah, and the Lands Occupied in Lebanon God gave to Israel," by Ronald Ginther

Maps of Hezbollah-Attacked Israel, and the Northern Lands now known as Southern Lebanon that Almighty God Gave to His People Israel, by Ronald Ginther

Flowers of Christ's Love for the Enslaved People of Iran

"What is Palestine?"--A Commentary on the David Hathaway Article, "Palestine?", by Ronald Ginther

Our Emmaus Walk cartoon about the sinning, sybaritic playboy, or "rake", the typical American boy without Christ in his life:

Did you think Skanky Boy is far fetched? That real people don't really plunge into sin quite so whole-hoggedly? Well, we have come by the testimony of Rev. R.W.L. Brown, entitled, "From the Highway of Hell to the Highway of Heaven." It will settle the question in your mind that Skanky Boy is exaggerated or true to life. We hope to have it on-line soon!

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake," Part I

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Rake," Part II

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Rake," Part III, by Eben

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Rake," Part IV, by Eben

"Judges: Samson, Backslidden Nazarite and Judge of Israel," Or, "Hope for the Washed-up Christian," by Ronald Ginther

"Lilias Trotter Book Review," A Missionary Impossible, by Ronald Ginther

Lilias Trotter as a young woman

LILIAS TROTTER, MISSIONARY EXTRAORDINAIRE: Missionary to Algeria, London society born-and-bred Lilias Trotter was a missionary for the Lord Jesus and the Gospel, and there is another gospel, the gospel of peace and nonviolence and Zen meditation and interfaith-ecumenism and whatever else people like Joan Baez champion just as fervently as Lilian Trotter the former London socialite championed Christ. What led to a Joan Baez, and what led to a Lilias Trotter? That is the question.

"Joan Baez, a Silhouette," Review of her 1987 autobiography, by Ronald Ginther

A Viet Nam veteran's ministry:

Dave Roever/Life Today

Please turn to the atlas for more information and maps of this fascinating, once great Christian country, which truly can be called the Land of St. Paul:

Asia Minor Atlas

In a most significant connection with this Asia Minor atlas, you might want to read the "Ballad of Paul and Silas," by Ronald Ginther, for this tells of the epic invasion of Macedonia, the first nation in Europe to be taken for Christianity by the Apostle Paul. Paul's launching point? Troas Alexandria, on the west coast of Asia Minor!

"The Ballad of Paul and Silas," by Ronald Ginther

Dr. Carl Baugh, Creation Evidence

David Barton, Wallbuilders

Part I, "Witchcraft in America--How bad is it?", Part I, by Ronald Ginther

ANNOUNCING OUR FOUNDING FATHERS SERIES--NOT ONLY WERE THEY CHRISTIAN, THEY WERE MARYTRS FOR THE SAKE OF CHRIST AND COUNTRY! Did you know that William Penn, the founder of the colony and state of Pennysylvania, a premier "mother" state of the Union, with the Colonial Congresses and the major Constitutional congresses meeting there in Philadelphia, is featured in Foxe's BOOK OF MARTYRS? His brother George Penn was even more a martyr--suffering unspeakable tortures by the Spanish Inquisitors, though he was totally innocent, and they were only after his honestly-earned wealth and possessions! We hope to give you true accounts of our Founding Christian Fathers (yes, Christian, not Deist, as the ACLU is trying to get the nation to believe), beginning with William Penn, with some information too on his most courageous brother George.

Part II, "The Poverty/Witchcraft Connection," by Ronald Ginther

Dave Hunt, author of "The Seduction of Christianity," can explain the spread of WICCA and how it is being masterminded, as a world-wide movement, by Satan himself:

Dave Hunt, The Berean Call

PAUL WAS AN ACTIVIST (REALLY A DAVID BATTLING THE GIANTS OF RELIGIOUS BONDAGE, THE GOLIATH OF HEATHEN RELIGION AND THE RAHAB OR LEVIATHAN OF LEGALISTIC JUDAISTIC CHRISTANITY. SO WERE THE OTHER APOSTLES, AND THEY FOLLOWED THE EXAMPLE OF THE REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVIST-GIANT SLAYER OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST! Are you an God-fearer, a David the mere shepherd boy, and want to make a difference in this wicked, giant-ruled world? America desperately (what part of DESPERATELY, do we not understand?) needs activists who will support what God values in a society. Do you have time for emailing your beliefs and support of what is moral and right to those who are profiting wrongly on what is immoral and wrong? Legislators, businesses, sponsors of lewd TV shows or books, they all urgently need to hear from you as a Christian [I write to my legislators, godless and lying secular-humanists, though they certainly are!--Ed]. I am not asking you to do what I have not been doing myself. We are all called to stand up for the Lord and His commandments, but there is a special way you can make a mark on this culture instead of it always making a mark on you! Be an activist for Christ--remembering that you always state the truth IN LOVE, just as He did with the Samaritan woman at the well.

Link for Christian activists, via David Wildmon's American Family Association On-line:

American Family Association On-Line

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