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"Antiquities of the Jews," by Josephus Flavius--an immortal classic, if there ever is one other than the Bible or "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan.

It is packed with incredible, colorful, dramatic events and personages to read through, being composed in scholarly prose throughout, not an easy reading book, but absolutely fascinating for many reasons.

A huge, multi-volume history written by a Jewish scholar and Benedict Arnold-type turncoat (some say he was that, and it is hard to dispute he could weasel out of a losing side, his Jewish side, even as a general, and ingratiate himself by a timely "prophecy" of Caesar's mounting to the throne of Rome just in the nick of time to save his life, gaining a place in Caesar's own household!). Josephus took Caesar's family name too, Flavius, and adopted this Romanized name as his own nom de plume and moved to Rome after the destruction and sack of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

This great, original account tells of that catastrophe and many other events in Jewish history going far back to the very beginnings of the Jewish people.

You get much information about major figures in Greek and Roman history as well. Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Octavian, Antony and Cleopatra--they're all accounted for right up to Herod and the times we most associate with the New Testament period.

Yes, the language is highly ornate and literary, but it has to be so, as it was written for the elite of Rome to get them to read but also to respect his Jewish ancestry and heritage and perhaps gain some standing in the empire for his people that included himself, of course (always covering himself!).

Skeptics hate any corroboration of the Word of God, the Bible, and so will always dispute Josephus particularly when he speaks of the Messiah Yeshua, for that is their reason for being skeptics, they make a living and a calling in calling truth into question any chance they can find. Fine! The truth will not be destroyed. It can be nailed to the scaffold, but it will come back to life some other time, you can be sure, and all falsehood masquerading as truth will be exposed as a lie sooner or later, usually later.

What makes Josephus so significant, and this author so important, to Christians is that he mentioned Jesus as the Christ, writing "Christus," more than once. He knew exactly who Jesus was and said so. How could he not? He knew the whole contemporary, 1st century scene and its politics, society, controlling or important powers, religious parties, insurgent groups, he was versed in virtually every aspect of life except perhaps space exploration.

The imperial "Congressional Review," the Annals of Rome kept in Rome's national Archives much as our country keeps its precious documents and books in the National Library in Washington, D.C, were no doubt at his fingertips (later they were burned by barbarians in the sacking of Rome twice in 410 and 476 A.D.

He even mentions the half-brother of Jesus (the Christ), James. This rebuts the common ignorant assertion of poorly-informed skeptics who claim there is no historical basis for Jesus--he is just a story made up by his disciples or by imaginative Christian theologians long after he "supposedly" lived and "supposedly" was crucified and "supposedly" raised again from the dead.

That is absurd to the nth degree! Josephus was a contemporary, within just a few years anyway, and could still talk to the Apostle John if he had had the opportunity to visit Patmos where John was imprisoned and wrote "The Revelation of Jesus Christ".

Josephus was an active participant in the conquest of Judea, fighting on the Jewish side for a time as a general, but jumping over to the Roman side when he saw he was fighting for a losing cause.

It is said he correctly prophesied the accession of Vespasian as Emperor, and so he was taken into the royal household in Rome. What he did against his own country does not diminish the value of his accounts--it only shows that he had like any man some character flaws, opportunism and disloyalty most evident, and he decidedly did not want to become a martyr to a lost Jewish cause and so he threw in with the winner, Imperial Rome.

Opportunistic? Yes! But he must have judged the rightness of the wisdom in Ecclesiastes, for there the Preacher declared, "A living dog is better than a dead lion."

This great book of this much historical and intellectual weight may be too heavy for most people, however. We fully appreciate that. So we have an article on him that is much shorter and also contains the paragraph that Christians most esteem in all his voluminous writings about the Jews:

"Josephus, Secular Witness," by Randall


"Eyewitness to History," Edited by John Carey, gives first-hand accounts of "The Siege of Jerusalem" by Josephus, 70 AD, "Landing in New England," by William Bradford, 1620, "Auschwitz: The Gas Chambers," by Sophia Litwinska, 25 December 1941, "Nazi Extermination of the Jews in the Ukraine," Oct. 1942, "The Nazi Extermination Camp, Maidanek," 23 July 1944, "The Fall of Aachen," 17 Oct. 1944, by George Macha, "The Bombing of Dresden," 14 Feb. 1945, by Margaret Freyer. We hope to find time to do these incredible first-hand accounts as excerpts.

Pastor David Barnhart's book is heartily recommended! The best in it, besides the preceding chapters telling about the major cities and sights in Israel, is the chapter telling about Israel's prophetic role, which has yet to be played out to the end despite all the tremendous events (prophesied even by Jesus) that have already taken place. This chapter is called, "Israel, Land of Prophecy," and I aim to reprint it on this website in its entirety. First, I will secure permission! In the meantime, you can anticipate its appearance here.

Pastor Barnhardt is a wonderful man of God, with a ministry and pastoring calling covering most of his long life. You are going to reap some considerable amount of wisdom and insight from this man that should show you how vital Israel is, prophetically, and that Israel is a centerpiece of God's Grand Design for the world to come after his soon Second Coming.

For the chapter "Israel, Land of Prophecy," by Pastor Barnhart, go to:

"Israel, Land of Prophecy"

For Pastor David Barnhart's concluding chapter, Abiding Word Ministries, go to:

"Israel, Land of Promise"


The Tract League has a soul-winning winner here in this booklet (not a book, but a pocket sized edition) that contains the entire Gospel of John, as well as four studies of the Gospel, and an outline of it that gives you the contents at a glance.

Very handy! The booklets are very inexpensive. You can go to to order them on-line, or write to The Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49534-1329.

I understand from my own experience that few people may want to carry around books of any size, even if they are just the Pocket-sized New Testament, so this slim 48-page cellphone-sized booklet is a very good way to carry this great Gospel, and share it with other people too.

Yes, you can get scriptures on your cell, but you can't give away your cell, but this way you can hand someone the booklet with the Gospel once they show interest. I ought to try it! Nice to preach but another thing to do it first, right?


I came across the second book in the Zion Chronicles Series at a library book sale shelf! Was I ever rewarded for my investment of fifty cents! The book turned out to be a suspenseful story of a Holocaust survivor, a beautiful young woman (they are always beautiful in fiction, right?), granddaughter of a renowned rabbi, who had to hide a flaming scarlet past in a Nazi death camp she could not divulge, lest she be ostracized and even thrown out of society in British Mandate-ruled Palestine.

She had, we learn, suffered the loss of her family at Auschwitz, but what was considered worse was her being made a sex slave to Nazi deathcamp officers. It wasn't considered she had no choice in the matter--if she had wanted to die instead, she could have chosen that rather than submit to the degradation of sex slavery.

But she was young and still wanted to live! So how can we rightly judge and condemn her in those circumstances? Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery either--an astounding event that was woven into a most significant part of the book, as she came to the realization through a loving Christian friend's telling her, that Jesus was someone who was truly different, truly unique, and in Him and through believing in Him as Messiah she was not condemned (though her own conscience had judged her guilty and condemned).

This inner struggle and tormenting moral dilemma of hers is portrayed along with the struggle of the budding new nation of the Jews to survive in midst of the agony of Jerusalem's ancient Jewish Quarter. The "Jewish Quarter" was the ancient Jewish community in the wall-surrounded and barb-wire divided Old City going back hundreds and thousands of years, and it was at the mercy of surrounding hostile Arabs led by the Grand Mufti who evidently hated all Jews and wanted them slain.

Besides horrendous Arab terrorist attacks on the Jewish New City that destroyed it, those Jews who were left were terrorized by Arab snipers and chokepoints on the gates and roads into the Quarter that were slowly squeezing the Jews to death through starvation and attacks on convoys--despite the presence of British soldiers supposed to be there for serving the UN-granted Mandate of Palestine, a duty that included protecting human life, Arab, Jewish, Christian Gentile, and everything thy possessed.

I learned much about Jerusalem and the Jewish Quarter during the last days of the British Mandate. Ben Gurion is involved in the story, and other historical figures such as the infamous Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the one who consorted in secret meetings with Hitler for the genocide of Jews in all Arab territories including Mandatory Palestine.

Since this second book in the series played back some history up to the book's Present, I had no difficulty jumping into the story at this point. I did't think anyone would. It helps to know prior history, but it is not absolutely necessary. The author, Bodie Thoene is a nationally and even internationally known and renowned author, and she knows well how to present the whole cultural context of the book of this Middle Eastern area in a way we Americans who normally know next to nothing about Middle Eastern culture can understand it.

I think it is an excellent presentation of that society and also the Jewish ways and thinking, and the people come across as real people, both good and bad actors.

I don't see the Arabs are presented as all devils, though they could have been all devils in the attacking squads and mobs--considering the vicious attacks being made against the Jews with the clear intent to exterminate every last one of them.

Jews have been accused of massacres too. Only I do not see Jews were in any position to continue it as a program or agenda, and if they had, they would have been driven out of the Middle East early on. No, for the most part, they were wanting to get along with Arab neighbors, and let bygones be bygones. Peaceful people, in a nutshell. But they were not allowed to live quietly. They were always being harassed by Arabs, and nothing was done to stop it, either by the Arab leaders themselves or by the British mandate administration. Harassed to the point of no more acceptance, the Jews rose up militarily to defend themselves and their communities--hence, ultimately, the Jewish state of Israel and the IDF as its protective bulldog.

It didn't help the Jewish cause any that the Stern Gang, so-called, that were Jewish terrorists, responded in kind during the Mandate years of British fumblings and favoritism shown Arabs at the cost of Jews, with indiscriminate killing of civilians, by exploding bombs at British sites and Arab sites alike (in the book they blew up the crowd passing through the Jaffa Gate intot he Old City, killing both Arabs and Britishers).

That too is portrayed in this book, which doesn't paint the Jews all white and the Arabs or even the British all black.

Even some British chaps in uniform stuck their necks out to save and help the Jews, which cost them dearly to do so, but they had to help the Jews as it was morally right, whether all Jews were worthy individuals or not.

So it is wrong to paint each side with a broad brush the same black color, for all were not evil, many were, but a considerable number on each side were for peace and for getting along as best they could under the Mandate.

This is a book that truly is mature in understanding, and some delicate issues are dealt with. Some teen-agers would not be able to handle the issues, so read it first and then see if it is advisable to let your teens read it. The explicit fare on TV and in the films though is far, far more problematic--and they probably have been exposed to it for years already. But just the same, we must let you know that the book has some very violent scenes of life-and-death fights and some sexual content scenes (though no sex acts are protrayed, it is just the threat of them that is depicted).

The series is: "The Gates of Zion," "A Daughter of Zion," "The Return to Zion," "A Light in Zion," and "The Key to Zion." I hope you can find the books at the library or, better, find them at a book sale. If expense is no problem, there is always for new or used copies.

We certainly need God's provided helpers, the holy angels (and not Hollywood's morally confused and flawed versions!), helping us in these perilous days! Our president (the first and last communist or radical left president, I trust we will ever have ruling over and destroying our freedoms and prosperity in America!) will not stand up to nuclear blackmail from Islamist states when it comes. He will not fight back if we are attacked by nuclear powers, North Korea, or anyone else. He has no desire in him to preserve America's freedom ( the little that remains) and American sovereignty. All his actions and most all his statements amply prove that fact: he is not for America but against America. What he will do in a national emergency is run to the United Nations, put in a protest of sorts, and protect himself by all means at his disposal. The rest of us in America are "outside the pale," we are "on our own."

When Betty Malz wrote this wonderful book about angel helpers from true life accounts and testimonies, she did not envision the savage world conflict we are now seeing raging everywhere, as Jehadist Islam and Jedadist Secular Humanism wage total war against Christians and Christian institutions and beliefs (this includes marriage, morality, education, gender, etc.). Two Jehads or Unholy Wars, simultaneously! How can we Christians who hold to Jesus Christ and the Bible survive such attackers who are in league with each other in this country and throughout the West? There is indeed no hope for us unless God stands with us. But the hitch is we must put away our sins and make sure we are right with God, and not blindly supposing that he will accept us and battle for us while overlooking our sins.

The fact is, much of this happening to us is a direct consequence of our sins! God is using these two Beasts to afflict us so we will return to him! We see this is the entirely Biblical view to take concerning the present mortal worldwide conflict. Those who oppose these forces without righteousness in their lives are deceived, and fooling themselves. I read hundreds of their comments on the Internet blogs and major current events sites in regard to these issues, and though many are Biblical and righteous, most are not, they are godless and unrighteous, and their warfare is futile and doomed, they will be overcome and vanquished by our foes.

The Lord says to all of us, "Return! Cease from our sinning, and return to God in repentance, so that He may forgive us through the work of Jesus Christ and cleanse us from all our iniquities. To chant or sing or put up signs and flags proclaiming "God Bless America!" is futile--a holy God CANNOT bless an America that has abandoned Him and is defying His holy commandments, even blaspheming His holy Name. America must be judged for its sins and abandonment of God. The 61 millions of unaborted babies surely cried unto their Creator in heaven, and He has heard their cries for justice. Destruction has come in many ways in many places across our land, but total destruction will yet be unleashed upon us, if we do not humble ourselves and repent and turn back to God. "A broken and contrite spirit" God says He will not despise.

"Therefore say to them "Thus says the LORD of hosts: 'Return to Me...and I will return to you.'" (Zechariah 1:3) --

From the back jacket: "A PROPHET NAMED DANIEL spans the seventy years of the Judean captivity and tells the story of Daniel, from his rise to prominence in the royal court of Nebuchadnezzar to his victory over the priests of Babylon and the fulfillment of his destiny as one of the Bible's greatest prophets. In this novel based on the biblical book of Daniel, Michael Blakeslee brings to life all the history, political intrigue, and triumph of this epic story after nearly 2600 years."

"A native of northern California, Michael Blakeslee graduated from the Calhoon engineering School in 1977. He is presently employed in the United States Merchant Marine..." [This book was published by Scythe Publications, 1995--Ed.]

Poetic tribute by Jim Pemberton, 12/04/2012, "The Three Hebrew Men Were Thrown Into the Fire!":

"The Three Hebrew Men..." by Jim Pemberton

This is the perfect book to inform us citizens and Christians how to respond morally, ethically, and spiritually to the rise of totalitarian dictatorship led by an utterly ruthless, egomaniacal, immoral monster of a man who will stop at nothing to impose his will and his insane dream on a whole country and from there to the subjugation and enslavement of an entire world, creating a nightmare world state where human life means nothing next to the absolute power of state.

This is about two men in particular who chose not to join with the general compromising of moral principles and the fatal slide of their nation, church, and people of Germany into the abyss of Nazi darkness and mass murder, perversion and barbaric savagery (the same abyss our present leader and his cronies in America are dragging us all down into).

But, all that said, the question remains, why should we be looking at these two "resisters against Hitler in Church and State"? Weren't there other resisters who might have been more important or influential than these two? Theirs weren't the only band of conspirators, surely.

Yes, it is true they weren't the major figures of resistance against Hitler, for others had greater notoriety at the time, and the book names them. But there are a number of reasons why it is worth our looking closely at Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his brother-in-law Hans von Dohnanyi. First, they were young and rich and highly educated. Their careers were just developing when the Austrian-born Hitler started his own rampage to absolute power in Germany.

They were born and bred in two of the finest families of Germany, with connections to royalty and many great names in Germany's hall of fame. To save their status, they might have been wiser to go along with the times and compromise with the majority of Germans, that is, accept Hitler and his program. Yet they chose to resist him, fight him in every way they could, and thus they cast their fortunes and lives and reputations and their families' welfare in greatest jeopardy. Being well-informed as they were, they saw early on how ruthless and brutal Hitler was, murdering socialists and Jews via his cadre of thugs and Brown Shirt fanatical followers--so they counted the cost early on, and yet they saw Hitler's evil as something they must resist, no matter what reprisals he might take against them.

Yet they chose to put themselves and everything they possessed and held dear, they put these things at grave risk. Why? To answer that, the book helps by revealing the development, training, and thoughts and aspirations of these two young men, from boyhood to maturity and on to the end of their short lives.

Second, they chose to go against the tide of German passivity and cowwering acquiescence to Hitler's takeover of Germany and transformation of it into a most savage totalitarian state where he held the absolute power. Why would they step aside, walk apart from the masses of Germans, even to working against the desires of millions of Hitler-worshiping German citizens? Again, the book is helpful, depicting their positions in German society, their upbringing in a certain high intellectual and high moral class of public-minded and government-serving families. They were true bluebloods, in other words, but with a difference, they weren't mere partying aristocrats, they had a strong sense of civic duty bred into them by their parents, and the traditions of their families thoroughly accustomed them to think of serving the better interests of German society and government rather than serving their own desires. They held a certain sense of responsibility along with their inbred sense of duty to do their best for Germany--they knew "that to whom much is given, much is required." They were Christians who never forgot that they would stand someday, individually, before Christ who would judge their works, and so they were determined to do what was right and good for their people over whom they had been placed in higher position than the masses would ever know.

Third, Hitler himself was so brutal, so ruthless, so unjust, so savage in his dealings toward the most helpless elements of society--he favored euthanizing the disabled, the mentally retarded, the Gypsies, and particularly loathed the Jews, whom he regarded as the sources of every kind of corruption and weakness and social ill in Germany and therefore needed to be eliminated, just as you would eliminate disease-bearing cockroaches. This they saw in Hitler, well-attested by numerous acts, the utter unjustice and ruthlessness that knew no moral restraint, they found, being what they were, and Hitler so evil, they could not coexist with him; no, they had to resist Hitler with all their might, no matter the cost. There was no tolerating this inhuman creature, Hitler had to be stopped and put away somehow where he could do no more harm. As long as Hitler was free and unrestrained, Germany faced total ruin and total destruction.

Does this strike a chord of relevance, now that you compare their situation and the challenges Hitler posed to them and their beliefs and character and moral world-view and what we face today in President Obama and his program and his acts while President (while before he became President, his acts in the Illinois legislature were just as infamous and morally wrong). Would you not have resisted the nightmare world that Hitler strained every nerve and muscle to impose on Germany and from there to all of Europe? Perhaps. Perhaps not. At first Hitler seemed rather benign, not terribly evil. Many people thought he might go away if they didn't pay him any attention. Others thought he was bad, but could be managed. Others still decided to go along with his program for private advantage, thinking they could drop out if Hitler ordered them to do anything particularly nasty and against their better instincts. Yet the two men of this book saw that Hitler was thoroughly evil and even if he didn't seem so to the masses he would become a total monster, given time and opportunity--they were not deceived into thinking Hitler would get better later on, if given what he demanded; on the contrary, he would grow monstrously evil due to the concessions he demanded and got.

Somehow these two men (and there were others too) saw through the rosy glasses most people were wearing in the twenties and even the thirties as they viewed the rising Hitler--and they saw him clearly as the monster he truly was, not the Savior and the Champion of Germany, a new Germany that he would build out of the wreckage of the discredited, corrupt and weak Weimar Republic. This was a most remarkable achievement, don't you think? The majority of Germans came to absolutely adore Hitler--just look at the old films showing Hitler passing through masses of slavishly adulatory Germans in the cities and strutting before crowds at gigantic parades and rallies--the Germans, old, young, middle-aged, all adored and worshiped him as a kind of god in Germanic flesh [though he was Austrian!], who they truly believed was bringing Germany new life and meaning and purpose, just as he had promised, as with Barack Hussein Obama when he promised "change" in the very beginning of his rise into prominence--and masses of voters in America, seeking "change" in the form of this young, very appealing-looking candidate, never questioned what Obama meant by "change" and threw themselves, groveling lickspittles, at his feet.

On another point, the book seeks to answer the question: why did the German people so passively and supinely give up their democracy and let an absolute dictatorship take over their nation, society, and their lives. How could they do this to themselves-- let one man have their whole destiny, and wield the powers of life and death so absolutely unchecked? Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans von Dohnanyi were not hoodwinked by the propaganda machine of Hitler's propaganda minister, Goebbels. They could tell Goebbels spewed out nothing but lies about Hitler and his plans and actions. But Germany's masses went along, they did not seek out the truth, they ignored what was going on even in their cities and neighborhoods, and so the vast evil spread throughout the land without the Germans rising up against it. They simply let it happen! When the cattle cars, jammed with Jews and Gypsies, were rolling by the hundreds and thousands toward the death camps, the Germans had to have known what they were, they could hear the screaming.

Before we rise in self-righteous, moral revulsion against the Germans of the Holocaust period, what about the 300,000 plus aborted babies in 2014 that were murdered by Planned Parenthood (a tax-funded abortion industry)? We all go about our self-centered, materialistic, pleasure-seeking, self-indulgent American lives without much concern or unease while that genocide is going on, do we not?

We are therefore cutting off our own heads as a nation. ISIS is unnecessary. We are doing their job for them!

Is there hope left for the benighted, delusional nation and people of Norway, which once witnessed the great revival God brought through Hans Nielsen Hauge? Yes, in God there is still hope, if we will be faithful to pray for the Norwegians (and the other Scandinavians who are enslaved like them in secular humanism, materialism, idolatry, immorality, and pagan witchcraft). Don't let the current putridly-bland crop of Nanny State Scandinavians mislead you. They're the pathetic products, the geldings, of forty or fifty years of full-blown welfare, which would ruin anybody's character and moral fiber, however strong. And they weren't always the self-appointed "Peaceniks" of secular humanism and the United Nations' world government mentality--no, they were true patriots who stood for genuine freedom of soul, mind, and body. That has passed, and morphed into the present politically correct stance of the elitist world-government-favoring class that has hijacked most all Europe in the last few decades. A true patriot of the old stripe was Hugo Munthe-Kaas and his family. This is a most exciting, as-told-to account of how a young man became a tremendous fighting man of great capability and great courage by the age of twenty. In his early twenties he was given the highest awards Norway, France and Britain could give for his amazing exploits.

Here is Norway's best kept war secret: Eighteen year old Hugo and his fellow young patriots were actually on the verge of defeating the Nazi's Northern Army invading Norway when they were called to demobilize by Norway's King Haakon, who had fled to England with the royal family and the Norwegian government (not like the ancestral Viking kings, to be sure, who could fight and wield a sword with the best of their troops). Yet Hugo's spirit was not defeatist, he was not through fighting for Norway even if the king and his government were (fighting safely from armchairs in the luxury of fine London hotels). Hugo joined the resistance forces that immediately sprang up. He became a secret agent, and was trained in Britain's top training schools, and returned to Norway, parachuting in with supplies and other agents. He was traing squads of fighters in Norway (eluding the Nazis and Gestapo in secret refuges in the Norwegian forest where the Nazis didn't like to go) when WWW ended and a few days later the Germans, 400,000 Wehrmacht soldiers in Norway, were ordered by Admiral Doenitz (Hitler's appointed successor after Hitler committed suicide) to surrender. Was Hugo ready now to fade away like an old soldier? Hardly! Hugo was still in his early twenties, and after considering taking up managing his family's factory, he decided that his fighting and supervisory skills were still in high demand so he served in the early phases of the United Nations in various military roles, nearly ending crocodile food in the Congo which was torn up with civil and tribal wars, and he continued his distinguished career. But the greatest story was his fighting the invading Germans and his secret commando work in Norway-- this will keep your attention against all competion for it. I only hoped to see more of a spiritual side to him (there are some hints of it when he was very often in extremely tight scrapes where his life hung in the balance) than I did. The author rather sparingly uses the word "miracle" and "luck" a number of times when he and others were spared utter destruction and death. Those were many other equally hair-raising situations. Surely, it was God who spared him those many times, and he must have known it was, and that "luck" had nothing to do with it, or lightning does strike twice in the same spot.

His family originated as stanch and starched Danish nobility, we learn, and served the government early on while maintaining a food factory on the coast of Norway. But I don't see that they were particularly keen on serving God from what the author tells us, though they were fine people with keen ethical standards. There is so much in this book, I leave it at this. If you can get it from Nordic Aventures, Olympia, Washington--through Amazon or wherever else you find it--you will not regret the effort to scrounge up an old book or maybe a fresh one never read that is still in stock at Nordic Adventures.

Why should I recommend it here on a Bible School page? I just want you to know that not all Norwegians were as you find them now. They once were extremely patriotic, and truly loved their country. It must have been the same with our Founding Fathers in America--that is they, like Hugo, thought no sacrifice of fortune and even life itself, too great to deliver their country from oppressors.

And, lastly, the reason for the title is that the secret agents had to vow to keep silent for forty years about their activities--which Hugo did. Only as an old man did he tell his most astounding story and it was published for others to know what happened in those tumultous days of the incredibly courageous and costly-in-lives Norwegian resistance against the overwhelming superior forces of Nazi invaders.


Japan was once aptly called the Hermit Kingdom for closing all access to it from the outside world. North Korea took the title away since communist armies conquered the north part of the peninsula after Imperial Japan was defeated and driven out. That part was once the home of thriving churches, with hundreds of thousands of believers in Jesus Christ. They survived the Japanese army's occupation during World War II, but yet were faced with a greater menace in Communism. What began with the persecution of Christians by the communist government of North Korea has been intensified exponentially by the god cult of the leadership that supplanted the communist regime. It still has trappings of communism, but it has morphed into something new on the political scened: a thorough-going, absolutist theocratic state, even an antichrist state. So what? Westerners might say. Yet Christians might be concerned when they know the facts. What goes on behind the closed door of North Korea, an all-out genocidal war against Christians, is blacked out from the world's press and even virtually all the religious evangelical press, so that most all Christians are ignorant of it. From the Book Jacket of "These Are The Generations":

"The Story of How One North Korea Family Lived Out the Great Commission for More Than Fifty Years in the Most Christian-Hostile Nation in Human History," Mr. and Mrs. Bae, As Told to the Rev. Eric Foley.

I doubt you have ever read such a story before. This is how Christians live in North Korea and still remain Christians, and also witnesses of Christ, in an environment that is worse even than the living hell the fiendish, demonic Nazis created in Nazi Germany and Europe for their victims, the Jews. I am not exaggerating in the least way. The maniacal Hitler claimed a kind of quasi-divinity, it is true, but North Korea's leader claims to be God himself, and his deceased father is a second part of the Godhead, and there is a third as well, so that North Korea boasts a Godhead and Trinity, in a State religion called Juche. You cannot read this in any mainstream liberal rag--it is the truth as Christians know it and must deal with every day of their lives, each minute spent in peril of arrest and imprisonment and torture in one of the concentration camps. Why? It is a crime to be a Christian in North Korea. It is a crime to worship any God other than the Supreme Leader. It is a state capital crime, in fact. Concentration camps do not let out anyone except corpses to be buried. They starve, work to death, and torture, and then kill the hundreds of thousands of Christians incarcerated in them. Does the United Nations care about these people? Of course, not!

The true crime is the West's, ignoring and being most cruelly indifferent to the hideous suffering of North Korean Christians. It is bad enough what North Korea does to its citizens, but the Christians are treated by far the worst in that country. Do you care, Christian? Really? Come now, be honest!

Do you care enough to pray 10 seconds for them? Voice of the Martyrs has an opportunity for you to be constructively involved, by praying, in "I Commit to Pray." It is offered on the VOM website. This book came free from VOM, and you can have it too. You will never read anything more about North Korea that contains more truth about the actual state of Christians there.

Yet there is victory over evil, even in North Korea. God is over the evil there, and turns it to good. The ultimate victory is Christ's, of course. Satan's kingdom in North Korea will not stand, it is crumbling every day even as the state tightens its grip on the wretched citizenry in every conceivable way.

It is ironic to the extreme, that as North Korea seeks to eradicate every last Christian, Christians are springing up across the benighted land despite their efforts--Christians birthed in the blood of the martyrs. The more they slaughter, the more Christians spring up! That is the lesson these tyrants never seem to learn, and they go on mindlessly, showing utmost brutality and bloodiness, until they are overthrown.

Born in the raging hot furnace of affliction, North Korea's Christians are absolutely true and genuine, not at all like the game-playing, cross-less, self-indulgent, self-centered, compromise-leaning Christians primarily found in the West including America!


WAR AGAINST THE JEWS: We are holding this great, superbly researched book over this long precisely because the demon of Anti-Semitism in on the rise in the churches and in the pagan Western societies (not to mention the allied Moslem bloc of nations and groups of terrorist Jehadists--Hamas, Fatah, Hizbollah, etc., and the United Nations, and innumerable organizations and NGO's and businesses and private wealthy individuals in business or as high-profile celebrities and high government officials and bureaucrats, and the sad and dismal lists of these Jew and Israel haters goes on and on...)

"The War Against the Jews," Remarks/Review by Ron Ginther, whom God made a Christian Gentile Zionist!

"War Against the Jews," a Review by Ronald Ginther, & Excerpt from John Wood's Autobiography, Describing the Bravery and Sacrifice of a Polish Christian Boy Helping Jews in Nazi Times

"THE PASTOR'S WIFE," by Sabina Wurmbrand

To supplement this book, we have read and now recommend "The Pastor's Wife," the story of Sabina Wurmbrand's Imprisonment in the immense slave labor projects of the infamous Danube-to-Adriatic Canal that Communist Romania inflicted on the people. It was a colossal failure of communism's, in which many tens of thousands of innocent people were tortured by brutal slave masters and brutal work and weather that is indescribable, and by which they perished in the most inhumane ways. As a Jewish Christian, Mrs. Wurmbrand was targeted along with her husband, a Jew who was converted and became a Christian and then a pastor and leader in the underground church in Romania. Both were arrested and subjected to slave labor and incarceration for years. She survived by the grace and mercy of God to tell about it. The book is available at a modest charge from Voice of the Martyrs, the ministry that aids persecuted Christians primarily in communist lands or countries that were formerly communist and are often Moslem dictatorships or authoritarian regimes--Iran, as a prime example, with the Central Asian countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. It isn't a big book like "The War Against the Jews," and is not scholarly, but it is very thought-provoking oftentimes. Mrs. Wurmbrand is a very intelligent woman, and has a deep grasp of the Faith. She has confronted the dilemmas of a Christian in today's world, and did so as a slave laborer on the Danube canal and before and after as well in Communist Romania. Her ability to defend her beliefs against agnostics and atheists was great and fearless, but not impulsive. She knew when to speak out and when it was pointless to do so. She rebuked even the highest authorities in the slave labor camps when there was occasion to do so, and survived, because she spoke the truth, and God protected her. In some ways I think her book is even more powerful than Richard Wurmbrand's "Tortured for Christ." See what I mean by that by getting this small but powerful life story.

Since appearing here, this has proven to be our most popular offering. People worldwide thirst to know how exactly God identified with us in Christ. Now thanks to Kenyon's revelatory "Romance of Redemption" you and I can truly plumb the depths of God's identification with us. His glorious name IMMANUEL, that is the signature name of the GREAT IDENTIFYING GOD. He went to the utmost extent to identify with us and be one of us--no human being could identify so much as Jesus Christ did, for our sake, not his! He endured everything for this mission of identification he took on himself voluntarily, not forced by the Father. It was done purely out of love and obedience to His Father and His Will, denying his own will to do so. He also did it out of utmost love for us, who were dead and condemned in our sins, even His enemies. What a marvel is God's Identification. Nothing on earth among us compares to His Identification with us. It has nothing to do with royal condescension; He truly become one of us. No angel could have done what He did. He was God and did the impossible that an angel could not do. I could go on, there is such richness in this theme it is boundless!

This tiny book or booklet has more power than many sticks of dynamite. There is no containing the truths embedded in it, they must spread all across the world and transform innumerable hearts and lives.--Ed.

"Identification," A Romance of Redemption, by E. W. Kenyon


Have you fallen in love yet with the Lord through identification? Christmas is the time when set aside when we, as a Christian people and a nation too, celebrate Christ's Nativity.

The Spanish-speakers have it right, they greet one another with "Feliz Navidad!--which is, "Happy," or "Blessed Nativity!" That it is! All other infants born did not come for Christ's reason, and they all died, but Christ lives forever, having fulfilled the purpose for which he was incarnated as a human being to become the first and last God-Man on earth and in heaven. Christ our God-Man can interceed for us with the Father in a unique way.

Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed, Yeshua the Messiah) is God's only begotten Son--plus our Savior, Redeemer, and God-Man. What a marvelous thing! It ought to inspire unspeakable joy!

I'll give you one good reason: Christ identified with us so greatly he became one of us! Yes, what he did no god could do--it took God and God's Son to achieve this "magnum mysterium," this marvel and mystery of the Ages!

From the Bible record, we learn that He left heaven's glories where he reigned with His Father and the Holy Spirit as the Only Begotten Son--an equal Person in the Triune Godhead--but he left all that to come to lowly, stinking, sin-sick earth and the lowliest circumstances imaginable: a kind of barnlike room in a lower part of a Bethlehem house, to be born of a young newly married woman (still virgin) belonging to a righteous man called Joseph bar Jacob (Yosef, son of Yacob).

Conceived of the Holy Spirit in her, the Sinless Christ became our unique God-Man: Jesus. WHAT IDENTIFICATION! There is none greater instance of it on earth. And all the blessings we have from salvation onwards are the results flowing from that first act of identification. He identified fully with us sinful human beings, though himself sinless and always sinless. He became sin later on, taking sin into his sinless state--and that was necessary to save us, and only God understands the working of that redemptive act toward our savation and God's pardon.

But we know this happened: We are saved as a consequence when we believe on the saving Name of Jesus.

"Jesus" or "Yeshua" in Hebrew, means "God Saves," and so in his name is the Gospel and all power and authority too that believers need in this world to be His disiples and to do His will.

What would we have if Christ had not identified with us? Nothing but condemnation, death, and eternal torment. His identification made all the difference of life and death to us.

Now as to the promised chapter, "Risen with Christ," I cannot turn up the booklet, thanks to my moving residences and storing some items and papers and books in another state, but may in time. In the meantime I will give what I have on the subject from other sources, which will be excellent and not distractions from this splendid theme and truth, Identification.

Encouragement Center:

"We Can, Because He can," by Roy Lessin

"Once" by Roy Lessin

Bible Accuracy Center, In Progress

Bible Archeology & Ancient Manuscripts Center:

"Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Testifies the Bible is True," by Mark H. Creech


In the meantime, why not read Proverbs. It is marvelous. It is outstanding. It is superb. If this one book were read by all government officials, and followed, it would produce a revolution, our government could no longer operate as usual, and there would be a complete reform. Fallen, depraved human nature, which is essentially self-serving at the expense of others, will never permit that kind of reform, of course. Only Christ when he comes again, to reign from Jerusalem's glorious Davidic Throne over all the earth, over all the nations, will impose justice and equity among men--until then, we are at the mercy of our corrupt government officials, who ignore the voters every chance they get to gain some kind of pecuniary advantage for themselves at our expense as taxpayers and voters.


From Coffee News:

We need humor to give us balance! When times contain many grim events and images, we can still take time out to laugh, which is meant by God to restore our equilibrium and even our health of mind and body--so having said that, enjoy a guilt-free time with the following tidbits of humor:

What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?

Hot cross bunnies.

Little country boy to little city boy: "What do you know about cows? You don't even know if that's a Jersey cow."

Little city boy: "I don't know from here 'cause I can't see its license."

At what time of day was Adam created?

A little before Eve.

Susie: "Daddy, there's a mosquito in my bedroom!"

Daddy: "How do you know, did it bite you?"

"Susie: "No, but I can hear its propeller."

Why was Noah the greatest financier on record?

Because he kept his company afloat when the rest of the world was in liquidation.

When you are tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.

Abdicate: To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

Whatever Mother Nature gives us, Father Time takes away.

What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on a barn roof? An eggroll.

Why was the blueberry sad? Because her mom was in a jam!

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims!


Please return for them, when they are posted soon.




Though our government in America denies it still (keeping the Moslem Brotherhood in the highest levels of government despite its terrorist sponsorship), Christians are tortured and massacred across the world by Moslems (by jihadists or not, Christians are prey to Islamic societies and groups). Twenty one Christian Egyptians taken hostage (13 from one village alone in Egypt!) and recently beheaded by Islamist ISIS fighters in Libya (which is a "failed state" that should be called "Hillary's Folly" since she was laughed it up after his assassination with her girlfriend cronies about how she got rid Muammar Qadaffi)--that is just the tip of the "persecution iceberg," so to speak, and more shocking because it is made so public and can be seen on videos the perpetrators themselves took of their atrocity and mass murder of innocent Christians. Communism tortured and killed millions of Christians, so did Nazism. Now Secular Humanism is allowing the massacre of Christians, doing next to nothing to defend Christians--so who is more culpable, Islam or Secular Humanists (which includes the secular Muslim U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama)? Both are culpable--one by acting its anti-Christian ideology out on innocent people, Christians, the other by complicity and remaining silent or doing little or nothing to stop the evil and bring retribution to the guilty.


It is getting worse all the time, Christians! How can we expect it won't spill over the borders and come here to our own neighborhoods? We logically cannot expect that! Persecution by Moslem terrorists is epidemic, world-wide, and they are sheltered in the wider Moslem societies that bred them, sheltered for a variety of reasons, of course, but the fact is they have a safe haven there, generally.

ISIS has the spotlight now, for the utter barbarity of its attack on Christians in Iraq and Syria. ISIS terrorists behead Christian children! They just don't behead adults of all ages. It is genocide, pure and simple, all in the name of Allah.

I expect that millions of Christians will die yet from the Moslem terrorists' attacks. Massacres are going on almost daily in Nigeria, Iraq and Syria. Other countries, all Moslem or largely Moslem, are heating up in intensity of attacks against Christian people. Not all countries are Moslem, it is true, that attack Christians. France attacks Christians, particularly the evangelicals, using the secular humanist laws they have passed in their socialist kangeroo- parliament. Laos and other animist/socialist/totalitarian Southeast Asia countries attack Christians. The "-stans," formerly Soviet Republics in Central Asia, attack Christians--and they are either still atheist-controlled or Moslem. Here in the U.S. the secular humanist government is hostile to Christians, evangelicals are targeted for financial ruin and penalties if they don't comply with the conscience-violating edicts of the socialist kangeroo-stuffed White House, Presidency, and Courts.

All in all, the world is not safe for Christians anymore, if it ever was. We might be in the Viking Age again, for all the bestial and unbridled ferocity directed primarily against Christians!

Who are the Vikings of today? They are secular humanists, they are Moslem terrorists, they are atheists and communists such as in Viet Nam and Laos, they are militant Buddhists and Hindus in India and Myanmar, they are Indonesian Moslems, Maoists of Nepal, Moslems of Seychelles and the Maldives, these "Vikings" are everywhere nowadays.

The war has racial overtones too--oh, yes! Those black Americans who voted for the Entitlement President for the last two elections have finally realized he has betrayed them for the Hispanic vote, whcih is now greater in population since abortion mills have reduced black populations below those of the Hispanics, legal and illegal. He gives them everything he failed to give to the blacks who voted him in to office twice. So they are filled with resentment, they are boiling with frustration, and their anger can't be directed against a "Black President," so where can they direct it? They only need a pretext, such as the current one in the shooting of a black youth in Ferguson, and then they let their frustration and anger out, venting it on any white person who is unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. They can riot in Ferguson and get all the media to champion them, but elsewhere they would like to join the riot in the worst way, only they haven't the police-provided pretext here to ignite and justify their riot--so they just seethe and then vent wherever they can at whites, who have no idea usually that it is frustration with their own traitorous president who has thrown them under the bus for the Hispanic vote, that is the root cause of their dyspeptic angst.

I prayed a while back he would come out their nostrils, for having voted against a free America that gave them the world's best chance to improve their lives, all for the chicken in the pot that Obama promised them in his campaigns--and when they voted to return to the Plantation, the victimhood of slavery, just so they could be given all the entitlements they had not worked for but nevertheless believed they deserved as reparations for 200 years of slavery under the mean old White Oppressors of America, they set themselves up for what we see happened to the rebellious children of Israel in the wilderness, who complained against God and craved meat and despised Manna God rained on them from heaven, so that when the quail flew in huge flocks into their camps, they ate and God struck them even with their mouths stuffed with quail meat, and they died! The quail literally came out ther nostrils as they collapsed to the ground! What a picture for us today, to sober us up. We can get what we demand, but it will kill us! It will bring God's judgment. Vote for a sinful, devious, evil man to save you, to put you on Easy Street with a nice house and a nice car, with all the food you can possibly eat and luxuries of all kinds to indulge yourself with beside the necessities, and you don't have to work for those checks that come every month from the government (the old Plantation has taken this form nowadays), and you have voted for spiritual death. The black Americans have voted for death, and gotten it. Putridity is coming out their nostrils now, daily, hourly. It is not going to stop coming out until they fully repent of what they have done to themselves, repenting unto God and then to the entire nation that they have ruined with their own evil, self-indulging choices at the polls.

WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA, THE UNDECLARED WAR: Just ask Christian attorney Jay Sekulow of the American Center of Law and Justice in Washington! He knows and combats this nefarious campaign by our own government against freedoms of American for religious conscience and liberty and against our legitimate evangelical ministries too, not even sparing the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Focus on the Family founded by Dr. James Dobson. Despite the cover-up in Washington currently going on of its illegal acts against these targeted freedoms and targeted ministries, the U.S. Federal Government and the punitive IRS and Justice Department and allied Departments of State and security agencies and the mainstream media are waging an all-out war on Christianity in America, it has become painfully clear. Only people with heads in the sand deny it or persist in ignoring the fact. I live amongst many such Christians with heads deep, deep, deep in the sand, and they say absolutely nothing about the leader they helped vote into power. They think that by silence there will be no harm done--but they are actually hastening the end of their own faith.

This war is being waged relentlessly by this government in Washington upon Christians who believe in the Bible truths and Biblical morality and in salvation; they are declared enemies of state, by Homeland Security's white paper sent out by radical and Marxist, Ms. Janet Napolitano, identifying them as the target of the secularist regime in Washington, not to mention innumerable allied radical secularist judges.

Rev. James Dobson, former head of FOCUS ON THE FAMILY ministries headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is one Christian leader who has had enough of government intimidation and aggression, has drawn a line in the sand. Speaking at the meeting, he addressed the gathering and told Obama and his anti-Christian administration at the National Prayer Breakfast he was not going to knuckle under (in so many words), declaring, "Come and get me!" That sounds like Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death!"

President Obama and his followers would like to award the second option to Dobson and all such Christians of course, but the result would be too public and bloody, bring international censure, and so he must proceed more on the administrative level than the level of brute force and terror--this is just as effective in the long run, but takes more time than he would like to give his enemies, the Christian churches who stand by the Bible and who believe in a Christian-founded America.


A mother of five children, Asia Bibi, and Pastor Saeed, Pastor Fatih of Iran, many others like them, are being incarcerated in the most appalling prisons. If they are sentenced to death for merely being a Christian, the charges are always trumped up, it is only their being Christians that they are guilty of.

The world-war against Christianity being waged by Islam primarily is extremely bloody: Well over 200,000 Christians a year are being brutally killed for their faith in Christ.

Huge numbers more are imprisoned and persecuted and driven into destitution, their homes destroyed, their belongings taken, churches leveled or locked up.

A few are released under terrific outcries from the Christians across the world who have brought pressure on their governments to do something on behalf of these people. Meriam in the Sudan was released through the auspices of Western diplomats. She was sentenced to death while pregnant and had her child in prison awaiting the end, a lashing and then death by hanging or stoning. What had she done? Nothing! She was a Christian who refused to recant her faith in Christ. Since her deadbeat father, a Muslim, ran off, her mother raised Meriam as Christian, and so she chose to believe in Christ as her Lord and Savior and was such, when she married an American from Sudan, and that was the problem with the Sharia government of Northern Sudan: they refused to recognize her right to be a Christian since her father was a Muslim, and refused to recognize her marriage to another Christian which made her a prostitute or fornicatress in thew religious law. Both earned the death sentence. But the real sticking point was her courageous decision to choose Christ and death and not choose Islam and life. The cleric judges could not abide such courage in a Christian, they had to sentence her to death. But it had a happy ending, despite all the odds against her! God intervened, and she was delivered out of their evil clutches! God be praised!

Update: Pastor Nadarkani has also been released after friends paid for a huge ransom to get him freed.

Last Post before this: We are thankful that Pastor Nadarkani has so far not been executed by the Muslim monsters who are the rulers of Iran (Persia), but what about the dozens or hundreds of other Christians who, unknown to us, are routinely kidnapped and tortured in Iranian hellhole prisons? If you are the wife of the condemned man, you disappear too, in another hellhole prison! We don't hear anything about them. They vanish into hell on earth.

This monstrous regime, as long as it exists, is not going to change its tactics and its brutal suppression of Christians--even though tens of thousands of Iranians accept Christ as a consequence of the brutal pogroms of the clerics. Just as happened with the hideous Roman persecution in Ancient Rome, so too with Iran under the mullahs and their leader the so-called Ayatollah-- Christ will triumph despite all his enemies try to do to stop Him in Iran! If Jimmy Carter ever comes to his right mind and repents of his grievous errors of judgment (which is not likely, sorry to say), will he not have to repent of what he did to destroy the Shah of Iran's regime so that the fanatical Islamo-fascists could take over?

Carter as a man and a self-declared "Christian" is to be greatly pitied, when you think of the millions of people who have lost their lives in the most brutal fashion due to his decision to oust the Shah. It would behoove him to quit his lame, unbelievable, grinning excuses and confess and admit his failures. I hope he will do this before his time is up on earth. God is a most Forbearing and Forgiving God, but Carter's sins are forgivable if he will repent, as God is no respecter of persons, and his blood covers all sin, no matter how grievous.

Update on Carter: he has just gotten worse, sinking into worse follies as he grows more aged. You can't fix this man--he went wrong from birth, obviously, just as the Bible describes a reprobate.

I know he was present, I saw the picture of the former presidents at the dedication of the Billy Graham library, but did he take that opportunity during the ceremony and reflect that his values and Billy Graham's are poles apart, and that he needed to change? Obviously, he didn't entertain such a thought, not for a moment, but he has had his chance to reflect and repent and change, having come that close to a truly godly man such as Billy Graham. For him there is no excuse whatsoever. He has spurned the truth, and has a seared conscience, since the fact is he hates Israel, adores the terrorists, and yet names God as his God--no, you cannot do that, Mr. Carter. You cannot mix Beliah and Christ! You are of an anti-christ spirit, if you attempt that atrocity!

VOICE OF THE MARTYRS (VOM), born from the fires of persecution suffered by by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand in the hellish prisons of Communist Romania, is what its name describes--exactly that. It speaks for the voiceless persecuted who cannot speak for themselves. Go to its website: You can easily find out what you need to know to be a proactive disciple of Christ helping persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in dire distress.


"Compartment Man," by Ronald Ginther

"Descent of Lion & Unicorn," by Ronald Ginther

"Election 2012 Results," "What Christians Can Expect from Obama's Second Term," or, "Sorry, Folks, Just More of the Same Radical Leftist Garbage, Tramplings of Constitutional Freedoms, and Power Grabbing," by Ronald Ginther

Update: The anti-Constitutional behavior and policy-implementation of the Obama Administration defies all superlatives. Obama is in a class by himself, in regard to extra- or anti-Constitutionalism. Since he took solemn public vows upon taking up the Office of President, vowing to uphold the Constitution, he is thus Constitutionally liable to be tried by due legal procedure, either as incompetent (which he is not) but as a premeditated malefactor. He has made himself Public Enemy No. 1, attacking all that makes America what it is, and was, on the basis of the Constitution. His White House administration is not Federalism based on the Constitution, it is outright usurping of state powers not granted him, and outright circumvention of the Constitution. He has set himself beyond the law and beyond the Constitution and all our Founding Documents as a nation. I hardly know whether he can be reined back in time to prevent a total collapse of Constitutional government. Perhaps the experts can tell us whether that can be done, or whether it would make any difference, since he has done irreparable damage to our system, no doubt. We have a police state in the making, and once made, it is in power and will proceed to enslave us all, until it topples beneath the forces of destruction it has unleashed upon itself (just as happened with all over dictatorships and despotisms in history).


This account will transform our understanding of the miracle of healing in the stripes of Jesus. A 15-year-old convert in New Zealand almost immediately had a vision when he went down to pray, depicting the striping or flogging of Jesus:

"A Vision of His Striping," by Henry Gallrs, Published by Don Gossett (Bold Living Card No.l 9, Published Circa 1980)

Also from Don Gossett's Bold Living Card No. 9:

"How to Cast Out Evil Spirits," by Don Gossett




Laodicean Hymnody: How to Sing Yourself into a Snoring Coma in the Pew


In response to the twenty-one beheadings of Egyptian Christian laborers in Libya by ISIS, Franklin Graham, head of BGEA & Samaritan's Purse has voiced a warning to the whole nation and our benighted government leaders that "a storm is coming." He includes the West in this warning, as we are all in the gunsights of ISIS, and there is no ignoring them. Semantics will not help us, or deliver us. They are getting us into deeper trouble, strengthening and encouraging the enemy, Islam, to attack us wherever they can. There are two heads on the Beast of Islam. Stealth Islam, the first head, is in league with Militant Islam, the second head--both heads of the Beast have the same object in the end: the conquest of all Christians, Jews, and Western Democratic states, and our complete subjugation and even our deaths if we won't convert or at the least submit to sharia and low-caste, taxed-to- poverty servitude (look at the plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt, and see what is coming to us all!). His warning words have received hundreds of thousands of "likes", so he is being heard by people in great numbers despite the collapse of leadership in Washington in its response to Islam's jihad against the West, Christians, and Israel (Jews).


We are currently recording the revival plan of a man of prayer in my new church, that we are hoping we can technically render digitally, so that it can be posted as pages on this site, along with the voice recording too. His voice is rather humdrum, as he is a long-term police enforcement and military man, but you can hear him speak his plan if you so desire and get some idea of the man from the sound of his voice. Please check from time to time if we have this Revival Plan on-line here. Update: We have the plan recorded, and will present it by link on this page soon.

"Hans Nielsen Hauge, The Life and Work of Hauge, Biography by C.B., 1890"

Hans Nielsen Hauge, Part II, and Concluding Edification, Hauge-style

"Methodist Preacher Filled With the Spirit," by J. Narver Gortner

Philip Jacob Spener, who lived about 100 years after Martin Luther, was one the chief inspirers of the Pietist Movement in Germany, at a time when dead Orthodoxy had taken over the evangelical Churches. We need such men today (and women too!). He introduced devotional cell groups and Bible studies, a new hymnody, and all in all led a fervent return to the caring, loving, tender love of God, which had been left out by the rigid theology and strict orthodoxy of the time.

The incredibly long-lived Pietist Movement was a most powerful movement of the Holy Spirit, and thrived for 200 years or more, and which sent missionaries out, some of whom reached American shores and started Pietistic churches here.

Philip Jacob Spender and Pietism



Seven feet of snow in Boston? With two more predicted to fall on that in the next snowfall? Well, what about it? It is Global Warming and "Climate Change," right? That is what the insane are still crying, despite the fact they are snowed in at their apartments and homes and can't get to work or even go to the grocery! Imagine, denying what is right before their eyes--they are so committed to a lie and a false climatic theory and an outright hoax. What is behind it? It is a vast power and wealth grab, with socialists using this ploy to force a redistribution of wealth, while they hold on to their own wealth as they redistribute the wealth of everyone else!

The environmentalist hacks are crying hysterically in the papers out that nature is on the rampage, we must do something drastic immediately to save the planet from mankind--but the public is showing they are not buying this propaganda. I really think these people ought to be held accountable for their deceptions and lies and attempts to manipulate the public for their own advantage. How? Perhaps they could be given awards for being such charlatans at a nationally-aired stage, such as American Idol's. That might give them pause. Aren't you sick to death of these lies they are continually spewing forth, polluting the environment?I would like them all to be packed up and sent to North Korea for re-education! Just ten minutes there would hopefully wake them up to reality, and they might arrive back here (if North Korea ever let them go) chastened enough to shut up and go get honest jobs and work for a paycheck like the rest of us have to.

Carbon Dioxide is absolutely not the horrible, nasty, evil toxin that environmentalists decry, it is actually a big PLUS for the environment, particularly in desert or semi-arid areas. It increases the food potential, scientists who are honest scientists have to say when pressed for the truth, aiding photosynthesis in plants. Without photosynthesis, the plant starves, it is vital to life. The plant takes in Carbon Dioxide, then manufactures food for itself through using the energy from the sunlight, and the byproduct or refuse ejected from the plant is: OXYGEN.

Smaller amounts of Carbon Dioxide, less food potential for the plant and less effective photosynthesis, not to mention less oxygen for us humans to breathe! Scientists all know this, of course, the ones who deal with plants and their processes of photosynthesis.

"Climatologists" that are politically-driven will not admit to this basic fact, as they seek to use fear tactics on the general population in order to fuel their climate change agendas.

Don't swallow the whale before you take a second look at this! They are out to impoverish and enslave you--and depopulate as much of the world as they can--while enriching themselves and giving themselves great power, of course. You will never see Al Gore, who heads up this bunch of self-serving and deceitful charlatans spouting nothing but twaddle day in and day out to the world about the evils of carbon dioxide, reduce his own enormous carbon footprint! His jets, his multiple homes requiring heating year round in some cases, his cars, his golf carts--he turns out a lot of carbon dioxide, much more than the average person, more like an entire small town or city produces. He knows his case against carbon dioxide is all a shabby sham, but it has paid off hugely, hugely in money, fame, and even a Nobel Prize for him. Why give up such an effective scare tactic? He has gained everything his little, shriveled heart desires in this world, except the U.S. Presidency, then using that as Obama is using it, to the position of the the Secretary of the United Nations--all so he could rule the world--the ultimate dream of every despot and dictator who has ever seized power in this benighted, satan-ruined world.


"What is the Need of the World," by Dave Breeze, "The Sword and the Trumpet," March 1979

"The Macedonian Call--Again," Excerpt from "To All Peoples," by Robert L. Niklaus, the Missions World Book of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

"Prince of Zion," The Street Evangelist Darrell R. Ginther





Dan Stolebarger's Article in KI's Personal Update Magazine, May 2011, ties in the Rapture with Petra, located in present-day Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (which was in Bible days called Edom). His article is "The Sheepfold in Edom," and explains how the sheep will be Jews fleeing the Anti-Christ during the Tribulation Period. He gives supporting prophesies for this view, which we believe is correct in all essential ways: it is scriptural, it makes sensible sense, and the natural setting is perfect for a haven for fleeing Jews. As for what they will subsist on, they will have to be supplied by a heavenly manna, or bring their own supplies, as this is desert wilderness.

Fortunately, the area was once highly populated, wealthy, and productive, for there were sources of water accessible from Petra that the Nabataeans used to irrigate the rich desert soils and water numerous gardens and vineyards and even fill Roman baths (after the bath-loving, cleanliness-addicted Romans came into control of Petra).

But the prophecies about Bozrah and the End-times tally with Petra in so many ways it will be hard for anyone to dispute his main thesis, particularly if you know Israel and Jordan to any degree.

I have been to Israel twice and Jordan once, and though I missed seeing Petra, I read about it over the years, and I am convinced it must play a major role in the End-Times scenarios when the Jewish remnant still able to escape capture are forced to flee Anti-Christ forces destroying and subjugating Jerusalem and elect to run into the perfectly defensible desert hideaway of Petra.

See for yourself how sensible and scriptural Dan Stolebarger's presentation is (if it is an argument, I don't think it can find any convincing rebuttal!).

"The Sheepfold in Edom," by Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Insitute, Personal Update Magazine, May 2011

Derek Prince gave a speech for ten minutes duration at the University of British Columbia to a gathering of 500 or more Christians and UBC faculty after answering a challenge from a skeptic at the UBC philosophy department that was a professor's public attack on Christian belief.

Perhaps the notoriety he had raised was too much exposure for him. The skeptic subsequently withdrew from the public debate, however, but the University did not, inviting everyone who wished to a gathering on January 25, 1963, to hear Derek Prince, onetime philosophy Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and other Christian ministers who answered the USB philosophy department skeptic's initial challenge to provide proof for Christianity. Here it is:

"Philosophy, the Bible, and the Supernatural," by Derek Prince--In Progress

WILLIAM BLAKE STEP ASIDE, HERE IS THE PROPHETIC VOICE IN ENGLAND TODAY: I loved his novel about India called "Kim." As for his other pieces, I wasn't so thrilled, but this poem is definitely a great one. Possibly Great Britain's greatest writer, Rudyard Kipling, at the time of her greatest glory as an empire in the 19th century, wrote the great and stirring poem called "Recessional" in which he warned his people and country that they would end badly if they continued in their pride.

His "Lest we forget," resounds down through the many years, and still resounds in our jaded ears! How we misguided and ignorant masses in America need to learn from Britain's case, but we won't!--we have far too much pride, the same kind of pride that brought Great Britain down to "Britain," which even now is being truncated by the proposed vote of Scotland over whether to remain in the United Kingdom or become independent.

And if Scotland lifts his tartan skirts and steps out of the U.K. and departs, how about Wales? Where does the "Prince of Wales" base his title if that happens--some Caribbean island dependency of Britain's renamed "Wales"?

How about Northern Ireland? They too can depart the U.K. with a vote, and there is the real prospect, you see, that whatever you call the downsized remnant, it is no longer "Great," it is not even "Merrie Old England," it is only a farce and a joke of a nation. May God have mercy on her, and preserve the British nation from such a fate--as her past is too great, too much based on the glorious Bible, for this to be a good thing for the world.

How does Britain, an extremely wealthy (ever seen any of their palatial mansions of the rich country gentry built in the 18th and 19th centuries? They are called Britain's "Stately Houses," but they are actual palaces, they look like those kings or emperors would have), highly educated, diplomatically expert, incredibly refined and cultured World-class Superpower, decline and become a rump client state or province, not even capable of defining its own foreign policy any more, and accommodating hordes of non-assimilated settlers from the Middle East and Northern Africa who care nothing for the British nation, history, Christian belief and culture except to make it over into a dictatorship of the kind they left when they moved from their homeland?

Rudyard Kipling, a believing Christian, was arguably Great Britain's greatest writer in the 19th and early 20th centuries, if you don't count Lord Alfred Tennyson the classic romantic poet who dominated the 19th century (and was a Christian to boot!).

Kipling also wrote great poetry, though it didn't win him, as Tennyson's poetry did, the Poet Laureateship of Great Britain, which Tennyson enjoyed for most all his very long and productive life. But without Tennyson, such an honor would no doubt have gone to Kipling.

Kipling's poem, "Recessional" is not just thoughtful, it is prophetic. It carries a warning to the then greatest power on Earth, the British Empire, that America would do well to heed (please also go to Paul Harvey's warning message: "If I Were the Devil," with a link provided below). The hymn "God of Our Fathers, Known of Old," is Kipling's "Recessional" put to music. For the story of this poem and hymn, go to:

"God of Our Fathers, Known of Old," by Rudyard Kipling


Britain's Parliament, despite Prime Minister Cameron's supposed conservatism (a POLITICAL fraud which was calculated to gain him votes, but once elected, he proceeded to do the same as Tony Blair, proceed full-steam-ahead on a secular humanist agenda), has recently endorsed same sex "marriage," which is not genuine marriage at all, but sodomy and lesbianism being sanctioned as marriage or matrimony by the power of state run amuck. They cannot annul God's law, they are defying God's law. This act, which the Puppet Queen of England, Elizabeth II (whose father and mother must be turning over in their royal graves) read out to the nation in her British schoolgirlish elocution, nails the final nail in the coffin of Britain's ancient, thousand-year-old Christian foundation--it is not Christian at all now, it is secular humanist, acing against God but supporting, strangely enough, its nemesis, Islam, turning British soil over to draconian sharia law and governance, which promote the exact opposite of the freedoms Britain has championed for many years since the Magna Charta was signed by the backed-into-a-corner despot, King Henry, a document that limited the king's exercise and claim to absolute powers. To this travesty of Britain's current corrupted absolutist power I responded:

"Descent of Lion & Unicorn," by Ronald Ginther

Please go to David Pett's Letter and Article, "Lest We Forget">

"Lest We Forget," by David Pett, Christian Author of "Can These Bones Live?"

"If I Were the Devil," by Paul Harvey, reprinted in the DAKOTAN BRYANT, July 25, 2001


Ready or not, the Rapture and then after the Tribultion/Great Tribulation Period of Seven Years during which the Anti-Christ rises, reigns, and falls, nearly taking everyone and the world with him, is going to happen. The Bible says so! However you like to spin it, Revelation is not going to be a cakewalk for anyone involved, it is going to be living hell during the Tribulation/Great Tribulation period which will end with the ushering in of the Millennial Reign (or 1,000 years) of Christ the King of kings! The Second Coming has, as its prelude, the Rapture, and then Christ comes when the Anti-Christ is drawn up with his legions to fight God, and He utterly defeats him and his host of demons and human armies with the mere breath of his mouth! Thank God for the Rapture! That is not escapism, it is God's deliverance of His church from unbearable things. He will come suddenly, like a thief at midnight, and take out his bride, the Church, from the earth, leaving the unconverted Jewish people to face the coming "Troubles of Jacob" as they are also called. I do not know why the Jews have had to learn the hard way so many, many times. I have had to learn the hard way too--but was spared worse things, thank God, that could have happened, except for the steadfast prayers of mother, grandparents, and relatives over the years.

We do know that a remnant of Israel will be saved at the last, saved from complete extermination by the Anti-Christ, as they will flee to the safe haven in Petra, which I have to agree is the most likely site among other possible sites in the Latter-Day prophetic haven for Israel's remnant described in scriptures.

Christ's Second Coming at the end of the seven horrific years of deceit and destruction by all the wicked enemies of God and their leader the Anti-Christ, will also come, as it were, suddenly, for he will descend from heaven with a shout and a blast of the trumpet (the "Last Trump") and his foot will touch and split the Mount of Olives, dividing it with a great earthquake, and fresh waters will spew forth, running to the coast, and the second stream toward the Dead Sea, freshening it with living water. What times we have ahead! We shall witness them all, beloved believers of Christ. Hold fast then, on the things of Christ. Cling to Christ alone. He will see to our going out in the Rapture (if we are alive then) and our coming in (at his Second Coming). All Glory to God! Is there any God like our God? No, He is God alone over heaven and earth. Praise His Holy Name!

Northwest Poetry Center


Bible Quiz Center


Sweden has recently endorsed the fiction of the Palestinian State and made it known she considers it to be a real nation, which it is not and cannot be while excluding Israel from the process of granting statehood or nationhood. This shows how insane and foolish the Swedish government has become. To respond to this, I submit the following idea for a bumper sticker: "We Love Israel & Sanity, and Sweden Don't!"

The United Nations is obsessively fixated on the "problem" of Israel and foolishly thinks that the only way of solving it is by pressing for the dismemberment and final destruction of Israel as a Jewish state in the Middle East. Question for all of these countries: "Why don't you show Israel a good example by giving up some prime parts of YOUR territory to your enemies who have sworn to destroy you? When you do that, then maybe you have grounds to demand Israel do the same! Until then let the hypocrites shut up about Israel! And this includes my own country and Obama's State Department!"

Some reasons for praying for Israel our friend and ally:

"Some Reasons to Pray for Israel," by Ron Ginther



Buy Israel Bonds

Messianic Judaism--what is it? From the Logos magazine of May-June 1972, Shira Lindsay was a Jewish believer residing in Jerusalem. She directed a film in Israel on Armageddon, and she wrote the article we now have available for you on Messianic Judaism. She suggests that the Times of the Gentiles are phasing out and the Times of the Jews are phasing in, and also that more and more Jews will come to accept Jesus (Y'shua) as Messiah. I see nothing that can stand in dispute or refutation of her thesis.

"Messianic Judaism," by Shira Lindsay


Do yourself a favor! Go visit this site, and you will see it is truly wonderful:

The Western Wall (Kotel) Website, and Live Camera

Want to help Israel and don't know how? Buy Israeli products, which are the finest. This is just one product, which I see every time I go to the market--Sabra Hummus

Does God over-answer prayers?

"God Over-Answers Prayer," Except, Article by David Wilkerson, the Late Pastor and Prophet of NYC's phenomenal Times Square church


For a free Bible app for your phone (iPAD, Blackberry, Palm, Java, iPHONE, etc.), please go to:

Free Bible for Phone

This free Bible also comes in 22 languages and 40 translations; along with reading plans, etc.


"THAT JEW DIED FOR YOU," Film by Jews for Jesus featuring Jesus in the Holocaust, released April 14, 2014


"Who is Jesus?"


He identified with us, individually, while in our sin, and took all our individual sin upon himself, and paid the full penalty. What more could he do? He did it all! So by grace, by the utterly free gift to us from Him, we are saved and are his forever! We are made not only saved and born again believers, and followers, but his friends and heirs and begin as disciples but end as his sons and daughters, kings and priests forever reigning with Him forever. What more could we want? We have Jesus, in whom all the fulness of the Godhead resides, and all his fulness toward us as our eternal inheritance and possession and joy. What more could fulfil us? Why not, if you have not yet, cast yourself in all your sin and need upon this wondrous Jesus? You will never regret it!

From the historic Hymn, "All for Jesus, All for Jesus!" by Mary D. James (1810-1883).


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