"Joseph--Who was Humiliated and Afterwards Exalted,"

Questions for the Bible Study

Read Gen., Chap. 37-50.

Memory verse: Gen. 45:7. Have you memorized this?



1. Having read the lesson-notes, what reason do you have for saying, "a greater than Joseph is here"?


2. What three evident factors do you find in Ch. 37 which may have contributed to Joseph's brothers hadred toward him? (1)______________________________________________________________________

(2) __________________________________________________________________________________

(3) ______________________________________________________________________________

3. Did Joseph do wrong by bringing the "evil report" of his brothers to their father?



4. What made the "dress" of our humanity beautiful when it was worn by Jesus?


(a) Why was it necessary for Christ to be made "like unto us," according to Gal. 4:4,5?


5. Why was not Jesus received by "His own"? (John 3:19)


6. For what reason are we told that Potiphar gave to Joseph a position of trust? (Ch. 39:3-5)


7. What reason did Joseph give for not yielding to temptation?


(a) Who suffers most from temptation, one who yields, or one who resists?



(b) Why do you think Christ "suffered being tempted?" (Heb. 2:18)


(c) How is the "therefore" in Heb. 4:16 related to v. 15?


8. What commendable trait is seen in Joseph in Gen. 40:7?


9. In what connection did Joseph speak of God in Ch. 41:14-36?


10. What word of special encouragement did Jesus give to His followers in Matt. 10:19?


11. What compliment did Pharaoh pay to Joseph in Ch. 41:38, 39?


12. Why did Pharaoh give Joseph a name which meant "Abundance of life"?


(a) What is said about the name given to Christ in His exaltation? (Phil. 2:9)


13. Joseph was given authority over all Egypt. What authority does Christ claim in Matt. 28:18?


14. What had to take place in the hearts of Joseph's brothers before he could make himself known to them? (Ch. 44:16)


(a) What attitude must we have in our hearts before God can forgive us? (Matt. 6:14, 15)



15. In what way does Ch. 44:34 serve as a good motto for parents?


16. Joseph PRESERVED the life of his people. What MORE does Christ do for all who come to Him?_________________________________________________________________________________

17. Joseph was popular because he had food to give to hungry people. Christ is the "Bread of Life"--Why is He less popular?


18. What foreshadowing of Christ is seen in Ch. 49:22?


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