"Some Questions" - A Poem by Duane L. Smith

Did you ever feel that you were born asking the question why? Did you ever feel that you were too scared to live, and too scared to die? Have you ever found yourself just starting to live, only to find that you are about to die? Do you have no fear of death, yet cherish every moment of life?

Did you ever lose everything, only to find that you have everything to gain? Are you very, very poor, but are actually very, very rich? Do you have very little, but you have very much? Do you know what is free, but will cost you everything?

Did you ever find yourself in a prison without bars? Do you seek more, and more freedom, yet find nothing but more, and more bondage? Or, do you find yourself in chains, yet you are still very free?

Do you always try to be right, only to find that you have been asking the wrong questions?

Have you been searching, and searching your whole life through, on a quest that never ends? And, did you know that even at the end, the quest continues? Have you looked for the answer everywhere, and in everything? How did you ever expect to find the answer, if you have never asked the question? Do you find that everything is empty, temporary, and meaningless? Did you know that the answer is obvious, and so very, very simple?

The answer can be very easily overlooked.

Or, are you about to die, still asking the question...Why?

(c) 2006, Estate of Duane L. Smith, All Rights Reserved

Format: (c) 2006, Butterfly Productions, All Rights Reserved

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Did you know that the answer of every question is in one at least of God's holy Names? Try them, praying a name and asking for God to reveal what He has for you. You will not be disappointed if you seek and do not stop until you receive the answer, which will surely come, since God is faithful to all His Names.

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