"The Great Heathen Army,"

An Overview of the Triumph and Alliance of Secular Fundamentalism and Islam in America and Britain, With Comparisons Drawn from the Viking Invasions of Anglo-Saxon England

by Ronald Ginther

Pillar of Pagan Greek Temple of Goddess Diana inside ruins of Turkish Muslim Mosque--Photographed by Ronald Ginther in the Turkish village of Selcuk (outside classic Greek and Roman ruins of Ephesus), Turkey, this ancient Greek temple pillar is a silent testimony to the inexorable march of time and events, that buries one mighty civilization after another, no matter how splendid, rich, and powerful each might be in its heyday. Greek, Roman, Byzantine Christian, Muslim Seljuk and Ottoman Turk--the span of history encapsulated here in one picture covers at least 2,300 years and many different empires. So to with Britain. Britain was pagan Celtic, then Christian Romano-Celtic, then pagan Anglo-Saxon, then Christian Anglo-Saxon (with some Christian Celtic survivals in Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Brittany, and Ireland), then Christian Norman-ruled and Christian Anglo-Saxon, then the medieval Christian England, then modern Christian and democratic Britain, on to the post-modern secularist Britain we know today, which is in the process of being conquered once again by hostile alien forces, namely those of anti-Christian, anti-democratic Islam and anti-Christian, totalitarian, atheistic secular fundamentalism.


Introductory Remarks:


Why an article like this? I look out upon America and Britain as a one single virtually conquered land, since the older part, Britain, was the motherland of the younger part in which I happen to live as a citizen. If I were black, or Asian, or Middle Eastern, that would not exclude me from the Anglo-Saxon and English heritage that undergirds this civilization common to both Britain and America. The very language I speak is part of that heritage and civilization. Together Britain and America rise or fall, since they share the same civilization, culture, freedoms, common law, values, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Together, bound together by this heritage and civilization, we Americans and the British (whatever race, or color, or background) share a common identity and a common destiny.

America, as a matter of fact not opinion, is inconceivable without Britain, whereas Britain existed independently of America for most of its history. What transpires in Britain, therefore, has some bearing on what happens in America--as we are largely woven from the same material. The difference is that Britain is much older and has experienced, vastly more than America has experienced. There are many more lessons to be drawn from Britain's experience than America's. Britain's long, long history is a kind of deep, many-layered well in which we can draw back out innumerable valuable treasures that can teach us--it is not all muck and mire, there are springs of some clear and artesian type water to be brought forth. Britain's experience is also a great mirror, consequently, into which it is profitable to look, to see if there is something reflected back that help us see ourselves more clearly, as to the condition we are in. Britain's current affairs can also teach us, as they are a bit ahead of us in the process of being invaded and conquered by alien creeds, such as secular fundamentalism and Islam.

I, for one, believe this heritage and civilization, which is crowned by the Christian faith, is worth fighting for and preserving for all future generations. It must not be allowed to be destroyed and something else put in its place, for it has proven its superlative worth many times over when it is compared with every other culture and civilization on earth that has ever existed or is currently existing.


Another chief reason, after the fact that Britain and America are one heritage and one civilization, for this article is the mass disinformation on the current national and international scene. Some of it is deliberate--produced by our foes in the Great Heathen Army of secular fundamentalism and Islam. The rest is produced largely by ignorance, a faulty education, uinformed or parochial-minded churches and pastors, which prevents us from grasping the nature and the scope of the all-out war being waged against us. Listen to the current teaching of Christians on TV, for instance. Very little deals with this deadly war that we are losing on all fronts--most all teaching has to do with prosperity, money management, personal problems, marriage, sexual compatibility in marriages, church growth, nutrition, prophecy regarding Israel and the End-Times (without application to the cultural and ideological and religious war that is being waged), and other topics, which do not address the major fact we are all under the most concentrated and ferocious siege and attack in American (though not in British) history.



If these reasons were not sufficient for an article (and they are sufficient), how about saving our future, saving our Christian faith, saving our families and our very lives, not to mention our nation and property? Are they not worth saving? Yes, they are! Despite all our enemies say against us continually, they are lying, and we have every good reason to fight them to the death, if necessary to defeat them.

The truth is, we have no future, no Christian faith, no families and lives, if these forces succeed. It is a life and death struggle--that must be understood at the onset of a successful struggle (though it is not presently understood). This is World War III, for both America and Britain, though it is officially "undeclared" and largely denied by our own side, despite the fact our enemies have declared it a war on us repeatedly and loudly enough to deafen us. Our own Bush Administration in the White House has not declared this war to be led, manned, and waged by Islamicists, instead calling it a "war on terrorism," while assuring Islamicists attacking our culture and freedoms and nation from inside and outside our borders that they are "moderates" and are not the problem, only a minority of Muslims are militant and are the problem. This has effectively muddied the waters, by a failure to define the enemy, so that the nation can unite against it. Our enemies use the resulting confusion of Americans to further divide the nation and conquer it. Imagine the 9th century Anglo-Saxons, the English, stating that the Vikings invading and destroying their country were not Vikings, but just freeboaters or seafaring raiders. Vikings were not to be thought the enemy (which they were), and so they ought not to be "profiled" by the Anglo-Saxon or English people as such. Even if they saw a Viking longboat, they were to look upon it as a generic boat, manned by sea raiders. They were not to run and shout to everyone, "Vikings!" to warn their countrymen to save their lives and families by taking up arms and resisting the invaders. No, they could only shout, "Sea raiders!" But what sea raiders? They were gagged, muzzled, they were refused the liberty of identiying just who these invaders were, and so they did not know just what tactics to employ that would work best in resisting the Vikings. How far would the English get, wearing such politically correct blinders? How far are we presenting getting in both Britain and America wearing such blinders imposed on us by government and the courts?

IS IT TOO LATE TO TURN BACK THE TIDE OF THE DARK AGES AND THESE BARBARIANS? Perhaps by the close of the article we will have something to say about this question, for we first need to set forth the challenge and the nature of the enemy, then see how we have responded, before determining how to best respond, and, lastly, determining whether or not the victory is already the enemy's and our cause is lost.

This article is largely based on Volume I of Winston Churchill's monumental history series, "The History of the English Speaking Peoples," which consists of five volumes, "The Birth of Britain," "The Age of Revolution," "The New World," "The Great Democracies."

Americans, justly, hate history. It has been mistaught and mangled and reduced to irrelevance by poor teachers who also hated the subject. Americans are almost incapable of learning from history, since they don't know anything but the present. Even geography is a vague concept. Many Americans cannot place Russia or even the Pacific Ocean on a map. No wonder! They have been deliberately "dumbed down." It is the fault of the enemy's rewritten and falsified and ideologically-driven re-education of Americans, as much as it is the result of uninspired, ignorant teachers who should be doing something else, rather than warping the minds of a whole generation.

At the start of the 19th century a great Romantic Period poet (something that does not exist today) looked out upon his native England and described what he saw, and it was not a pretty picture (though the videos, if they had existed in his day, would have portrayed a garden like country sprinkled with picturesque and photogenic hamlets and villages and great manor houses of the nobility). While calling forth the example and contributions and vision of a poet, John Milton, he regarded as much the greater, William Wordsworth the chief poet of the Romantic Age wrote this wonderfully graphic and wise and truthful description of England in 1802, and it is even more true today in 2008, when used as a glass or prism to view both Britain and America in comparison with Wordsworth's England:


Milton! thou should'st be living at this hour.

England [& America] hath need of thee: she is a fen

Of stagnant waters: altar, sword, and pen,

Fireside, the heroic wealth of hall and bower,

Have forfeited their ancient English dower

Of inward happiness. We are selfish men;

Oh! raise us up, return to us again;

And give us manners, virtue, freedom, power.

Thy soul was like a Star, and dwelt apart:

Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the sea;

Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free,

So didst thou travel on life's common way,

In cheerful godliness; and yet thy heart

The lowliest duties on herself did lay.

September 1802.

Truly, Wordsworth is saying, this man was like an earth-bound eagle whose spirit soared majestic in the heavens even while attending to the common tasks and troubles and struggles of everyday life among mortal men. We need such men as Milton more today than every--but is there one? Is there one? Wordsworth had the clear eyes and honesty to state exactly what he saw. Something catastrophic had struck, destroying the nation root and branch, even while leaving the brittle husk, the outer shell, intact. In every spiritual and vital, living sense, his country had become a stagnant swamp: "altar"--the Christian faith was lifeless, formal, ritualistic. "sword"--the nation's defense was at low ebb, there was no will to fight for England, or will to defend her values and institutions. "pen--literature, the arts, the vision of the nation, were ruined and dead and polluted.

Even the family--"fireside"--was defunct, broken up, divided, scattered, no longer the living fountain of individual and national happiness!

What was the cause of this utter destruction of England? Wordsworth identifies it as "selfishness." Surely, this is a root cause of the swamplike malaise that has both hollowed out and filled the soul of Britain and America today! When people no longer care for others, no longer care for their nation, no longer care even for their language, culture, literature, and future as a distinct people, all the while forgetting God and choosing to worship lesser gods of materialism, personal peace and affluence, the nation has died, the people has perished, and the enemies march in and divide up the spoils and change everything, ushering in a new Dark Ages and the reign of barbarism.

It is tooth and claw barbarism, and these are the new Dark Ages. We have lost, besides the above things, "manners, virtue, freedom, power." Profanity, boorishness, immorality and impurity, slavery, and compromising cowardliness--that has become our condition as Britons and Americans, no matter the sophisticated veneer we have painted ourselves with. We have become barbarians aping cultured Romans--it is an absurd spectacle, except to ourselves, who are blinded and cannot see what others see in us. We are enculturated, gradually, with barbarism and taught to believe that what is vile is wonderful and appealing. Watch the American national icon and entertainer show of Oprah Winfrey, with its barbaric bongo drums furnishing the bumper music between ads and segments. Every kind of barbarism--lack of taste, bad manners, filthy comedy and drama, acts of violence, immorality, and violence, dysfunctional family life and and pathetic specimen of selfish, defiant, immoral, abusive, deviant individual--is served up to a vast consuming, ignorant public in a way that makes it seem sophisticated and cutting edge and progressive entertainment, when it is actually the Great Heathen Army marching across the land--spitting, cursing, fornicating, raping, looting, burning down churches, schools, museums, libraries, laying waste all before it, even cutting the trees and dragging away all the flocks of sheep and herds of cattle, and leaving an uninhabited, barren desert in its wake.


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