"A Thousand Years of Peace,"

Excerpt of the book by Gordon Lindsay, 1974

Publisher's Note (last page of book, page 32): This book A THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE (Volume VIII of the series) is the lat of Gordon Lindsay's End of the Age Series. Originally he had intended to write two more books, bringing the totral to ten volumes on the end of the age. His sudden passing in April of 1973 cut short his plans.

This is Gordon Lindsay's last testament, so to speak, prophetically, and it is so appropriate that it concerns the soon-coming epoch of the Millennium, the Thousand Year Reign of Christ on earth! We as Christians really need to be prepared for this great event, and not be so ignorant. Do you know this 1,000 year "God's Sabbath Rest" that Pastor Bill Britton spoke so eloquently about, is coming to revolutionize the whole earth? Do you know that you will be playing a part in this reign, with specific tasks? You may even be put over whole cities and perhaps even whole nations! Do you know that Jesus will be the World Ruler in Jerusalem, seated on the Throne of David? Do you know that all the earth's peoples and nations will sent emissaries up to the yearly celebration in Jerusalem of the Feast of Tabernacles? We as Christians can be so occupied with our present difficulties and present duties and personhal circumstances that we forget or ignore or are totally ignorant of the whole outcome and context of what we are doing now as Christians. How mistaken we are if we do not know the grand outcome--the 1,000 Year Reign of Christ and our part in carrying it out. We can know what our role will be--if we will read books such as Gordon Lindsay's, and also the messages of Bill Britton, Benny Hinn, Gordon Lindsay, and others who have taken up illustrating this glorious Event of events so that we can be prepared for it. I am continually amazed how little Christians I know are aware of the Millennium and that it is approaching at a gallop and may be here in a matter of less than ten years (if the Rapture should come in the next months or year, followed by the 7 year Tribulation and immediately afterwards the Millennium).

Why are we so oblivious of the Millennium? I have no idea, but we certainly are! Who is speaking about it? Precious few! It is almost as if it were a forbidden, politically incorrect topic--not fit to be mentioned in polite Christian society! How strange and bizarre! It is high time to cease our neglect of God's Master Blueprint for the earth, lift our heads and look up and behold the soon coming King, not just in the Rapture, but in the Millennium Reign of Christ over all the earth! Let this little excerpt from Gordon Lindsay's book give your spirit an exciting foretaste of the banquet the Lord is preparing for us here on the earth! It can lift your eyes off yourself, and my eyes off myself, and give us both a thrilling perspective that sees the golden, blazing horizon and what is already taking shape there, if we only have eyes open now to see it!

Did you know that this Millennial Reign of Christ is the Utopia, the golden age, of which man has dreamed for ages, ever since the Fall of Adam in the garden? Utopia has been the theme of many great philosphers, writers, and poets for hundreds and even thousands of years. Whole books have been written titled "Utopia." Pagans and Christians both have conceived utopias, the return to paradise for human beings as they each were inspired to picture it. But the Bible affords us the truest picture of it, if we only want to see what the Bible says. It is the Bible that tells us that Utopia is the Millennial Reign of Christ, and nothing less. Man has striven for thousands of years of build a Utopia, a perfect society, on this fallen earth, and miserably failed. Millions of lives have been sacrificed for it. But Christ will come soon and establish this Utopia, on the ruins of man's fleshly striving and vainglorious works. Only God can create Utopia--and we as Christians will share in its government. What could be more exciting? It is a foolish notion that we will lie around on fluffy white clouds in heaven strumming golden harps, when actually we shall be active and busy (but not in our own flesh or human striving) in God's Government of Earth centered at Jerusalem, the world's capital.

Utopia is coming, but it is coming on God's terms, not man's. Man could never bring it about (which history has proven a thousand times over!), and established only terrible tyrannies that caused untold numbers of people to suffer and die (Communism was just one utopian philosophy, and we know all about its reign of terror on the earth and the killings of over 30 million people to establish a Socialist state that was far worse than the autocratic monarchy of the Romanovs of Czarist Russia that it replaced. But thank God, man's efforts will one day totally cease, and God will do what man could never do--He will establish the world upon divine foundations, and we shall see a Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity and Healing and Justice engulf the entire earth, the likes of which the world has never seen before!

Table of Contents: Chapter I, The Millennium Begins,

Chapter II, The Curse of Sickness Removed

Chapter III, The Period of Reconstruction

Chapter IV, The Regeneration of the Earth

Chapter V, The Millennial Government

Chapter VI, The End of the Millennium

Chapter 1, The Millennium Begins (an Excerpt) by Gordon Lindsay:

The Millennium! This is the age of which po9ets have dreamed. Men have labored; they have tried many plans and invented many panaceas in their hope of building a utopian world. Repeated efforts have been put forth by statesmen to establish a world government. First, it was the League of Nations; at its demise the United Nations took its place. It is obvious that the U.N. is no more successful than the first attempt.

Today a dreadful peril faces the world. Nuclear warfare [even after the Cold War ended, radical rogue states such as Iran quickly filled the void left by the Soviet Union's collapse and are eagerly seeking to develop nuclear arms to attack Israel and the West--so the danger is still with us that Gordon Lindsay saw back when the U.S. faced the Soviet Empire--Ed] with its awful power to wipe out whole cities in the matter of seconds hangs over civilization like the sword of Damocles. Vast quantities of hydrogen bombs with lethal power calculated im megatons, or millions of tons of TNT, have been prepared, ready at the push of a button to destroy whole nations. These perils have been considered in previous volumes.

Nevertheless, man will not be permitted to destroy the world. After the terrors of Armageddon are over and judgment has cleansed the earth of its iniquities, the Lord of heabven will come forth and set up His kingdom which shall endure forever. We are told that Christ and His saints shall rule and reign for 1000 years on this earth, after which time shall merge into the new heavens and the new earth of eternity. To the event of the thousand years, the golden age, we shall now address ourselves.

Please contact Christ for the Nations, and see if this book is still available in a re-printed version. It will be well worth your effort in writing or using their website to contact Christ for the Nations, Dallas, Texas.

Bob Summers, CFN Editor: Gordon Lindsay was a specialist in last-day prophecy. He took very seriously the end-time prophecies which other theologians sometimes deemed lightly. Perhaps the clearest example of this is his interpretation of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ upon this earth.

While Lindsay realized the perilous days lay ahead or mankind (i.e. wars, atomic destruction, germ warfare, dictators, etc) he foresaw brighter times. It is this new Kingdom of God on earth which he depicts with scriptural clarity. What will life be like during this one thousand years of peace? Will people grow old? Will all men be believers? How will people be governed? Will peaceful men ever be deceived again?

These are some of the questions Gordon Lindsay answers in this book. It is a MUST reading to all those who dream and pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

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