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"Biotech company using cell lines from aborted babies in food enhancement testing

by Rebecca Millette

• Tue Mar 29, 2011 09:38 EST

• Comments (8)

Updated: 03/29/11 at 4:16 pm.

LARGO, Florida, March 29, 2011 ( – Pepsico, Kraft Foods, and Nestlé are among the corporations partnered with a biotech company found using aborted fetal cell lines to test food flavor enhancers, according to a pro-life watchdog group.

The internationally recognized biotech company, Senomyx, boasts innovation and success in “flavour programs” designed to reduce MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products. Senomyx notes their collaborators provide them research and development funding plus royalties on sales of products using their flavor ingredients.

Pro-life watchdog group, Children of God for Life (CGL), has called upon the public to target the major corporations in a boycott, unless the company ceases to use aborted fetal cell lines in their product testing.

“Using isolated human taste receptors,” the Senomyx website claims, “we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”

“What they do not tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors,” stated Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director for CGL, the watch dog group that has been monitoring the use of aborted fetal material in medical products and cosmetics for years.

“They could have easily chosen COS (monkey) cells, Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, insect cells or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors,” Vinnedge added.

Responses from major corporations to CGL’s letter campaign succeeded in warning the pro-life watchdog that these companies would need significant public pressure to admit involvement in and convince them of the need to change Senomyx’s unethical testing methods.

After three letters, Nestlé finally admitted the truth about their relationship with Senomyx, noting the cell line was “well established in scientific research”.

Pepsico wrote: “We hope you are reassured to learn that our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers. This will help us achieve our commitment to reduce added sugar per serving by 25% in key brands in key markets over the next decade and ultimately help people live healthier lives.”

“If enough people voice their outrage and intent to boycott these consumer products, it can be highly effective in convincing Senomyx to change their methods”, Vinnedge noted. “Otherwise, we will be buying Coca-Cola, Lipton soups and Hershey products!”

Note: This article originally stated, based on information provided by CGL, that Solae and Campbell soup were also partnered with Senomyx. However, LSN has since learned that while both companies were in the past partnered with Senomyx, they no longer have a relationship with the company.

To contact the companies:

Kent Snyder, CEO


4767 Nexus Centre Drive

San Diego, California 92121


Paul Bulcke, CEO

Nestlé USA

800 North Brand Boulevard

Glendale, CA 91203


Jamie Caulfield, Sr.VP

PepsiCo, Inc.

700 Anderson Hill Road

Purchase, NY 10577


Irene Rosenfeld, CEO

Kraft Foods/Cadbury Chocolate

Three Lakes Drive

Northfield, IL 60093


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Posted by MoonChild02 on Mar 30, 2011

Disgusting. We’ve reached the world of Soylent Green. Don’t they realize that world is a DYStopia, not an Utopia?


Posted by GW on Mar 30, 2011

I went to CGL’s website looking for a comprehensive list of companies that use Senomyx’s research, but I couldn’t find it. Is there a way to get the full list? Also not mentioned here, but mentioned at CGL was that Campbell Soup severed their relationship with Senomyx because of this news. Go Campbell’s!


Posted by Barbc on Mar 30, 2011

This is cannibalism. Could this type of food enhancement be the reason autism has increased at such alarming rates.

Posted by GW on Mar 30, 2011


Not quite. According to this story, the human cells are used to test the products as opposed to being used IN the products. I still find it disgusting, but since no human is consuming another human’s tissue, it’s not cannibalism.

Posted by Rebecca M. Brooks on Mar 30, 2011


@ GW & Barbc; the cannibalism comes in through childhood vaccines that have been developed using aborted babies kidney cells.

Posted by enness on Mar 31, 2011


How is anybody supposed to be “reassured” by a response like that?

Posted by GW on Apr 1, 2011


Thank you for your response, Ms. Brooks. I know there are vaccines that are developed using tissue from aborted babies, but is there evidence that Senomyx is involved in these vaccines? Or are the vaccines developed by a different company(ies)?

Posted by SavedbyGrace on Apr 1, 2011


Pepsi responded that they do not have any dealings with Senomyx. Same with Solae. Kraft defended their ties to Senomyx saying they realize how strongly I feel about the issue but they use Senomyx to help them find safe flavors. now I am contacting kraft again to let them know they are being boycotted by me and whoever else I can tell about this. Nestle sent me a “we’re looking into the matter” response. Campbells assured that they would no longer do business with Senomyx. Everyone… boycott Kraft till they get the message that tasty flavors do not rid them of the guilt of abortion!

Note: I may have the posted commentors out of line, since I seem to have none for this last entry, , but you still get the messages clear and to the point, and that is what matters.--Ed.]

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