Conclusion, "God's Sabbath," by Bill Britton

"God's Sabbath," The Coming Age of Miracles, Part V/Conclusion, by Bill Britton



We will reign on this earth with Christ for 1,000 years. But during that reign, we will be in warfare against the enemy. But if there are still enemies in the land, how can we be reigning? David reigned on the throne of Israel for 40 years. But during that time he was in warfare, in the process of conquering all his enemies. By the time his reign was over, he had peace all around, and he turned the kindgdom over to Solomon in a peaceful atmosphere.

I Corinthians 15:25 says that Christ "must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet." And we shall reign with Him. And we are that part of His body that all enemies shall be put under. Revelation 20:6 tells us that we shall reign for 1,000 years on this earth. I Corinthians 15:26 says that "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." That simply means that at the close of our thousand year reign (the sabbath day we've been talking about), that the final enemy is destroyed.

Let me go to Jesus to prove this. The last thing He did on a sabbath day was to go into the grave. And when that sabbath day was over, and they came to the tomb, they found that He had conquered death. Hallelujah! He had been changed from a natural body to a resurrection body, from a body that could taste of death to a body that could never be killed. And this change came during the sabbath, after they had laid Him in the tomb, and before they arrived with their spices. At the close of the day of the Lord you will find a people, a body, who could not suffer corruption, coming forth in resurrection life. It is appointed unto man once to die (Hebrews 9:27) because God said in the day man disobeyed and sinned, he would surely die (Genesis 2:17). And because of sin, man never lived a full 1,000 year day. Adam lived fofr 930 years, and others lived even longer. But not one made it though a whole day. Jesus could have, for He had no sin, but He laid down His life so that we could fulfill His life and His work. Therefore we are a many-membered son, the body of Christ, living and ministering for a 1,000 year day without sin, and disannuling the appointment with death. At the close of the sabbath, death is destroyed.


On the basis of the scriptures we have studied, let me say something about the next age, the Kingdom Age, the Millennium, God's day of rest, the day of the Lord. There will be a revelation of sonship such as has not been seen for nearly 2,000 years. A many-membered company of overcomers will pass through the Veil, sit with Christ on His throne to rule and reign. Satan will be bound, and a work will begin to spoil his house. All across the world, revival will spring up, as ministries are restored and empowered to bless God's people and set creation free. The knowledge of His glory shall cover the earth. Sick will be healed, dead raised, demons cast out and into the pit, and ministers everywhere will enter the harvest fields.

Yes, I know these things are already happening in a measure, for we now have the foretaste of the miracle working powers of the age to come. But what we now have is only a "taste" of that which belongs to the next age. The Book will be opened, and truths of the Bible will be made known like a river of life rushing in upon us. Blind eyes will be opened to truth, and the lame will be made to walk in that which they see. And all this will be without effort, without the strength of the flesh, for it is the day of rest, God's Sabbath Day. There is a song, inspired by the Spirit, which we often sing, that describes much of what happens on that day:

He will heal your broken-hearted,

He will cause your blind to see;

He will make your lame to walk again,

He will set your captives free.

Every prison will be opened,

Every yoke He'll take away;

And the Lord shall reign in Zion,

For it is God's Sabbath Day.

O Lord, our hearts are thirsting,

For ther promised latter rain;

When with mighty signs and wonders,

Thy Word proclaimed again.

Just to see Thy power and glory,

To be filled with love divine;

Just to hear Thy Word from heaven;"I have chosen thee, thou art mine."

Every valley shall be exalted,

Every mountain be made low.

The crooked shall be straight again,

Ere the Spirit of the Lord shall flow.

Like rivers in the high place,

Like floods on the burning sand;

Upon the poor and needy,

God's blessing shall descend.


Rivers shall flow in the wilderness,

Floods from heaven descend;

All the earth shall be filled with His holiness,

Forever, world without end. (A. Bush)

Press on, saints of God! The purpose of God for His Church is at hand. The present age of darkness is rapidly coming to a close. The next age, governed by Christ and His sons, is at the door. Praise the Lord!

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