"Part III, "God's Sabbath,"

by Pastor Bill Britton


Jesus went into the synagogue on the sabbath (Luke 45:16-17), and stood up to read. Verse 17 says: "He opened the book." It was the scroll of the prophet Isaiah He was reading from, a scripture about Himself. And He said, "Today is this scripture fulfilled."

Let me speak to those who think that the Bible is an old-fashioned, out-dated book that we no longer need. The day of the Lord is upon us, in which the Old Testament prophecies will be fulfilled. Yes, the many-membered company of the sons of God will take the Book out of the hands of the religious leaders, and stand up with the truth that will bring light and life to creation. I know that verse 28 says that all those in the synagogue were filled with wrath and rage when they heard His word, I know He was rejected by the system of religion in His day, and that the same thing will happen to the sons. But His words of life still prevailed. Truth cannot be destroyed. The Book will come alive again, and the voice of the Son will be heard. Thus saith the Lord!

It was here, on the 7th day, they cast Him out of the city, and would have thrown Him over a cliff, but He passed through their midst and went His way. So shall be the conflict in the Day of the Lord, religion still trying to cast out the Son, and the sonship message. But God's order shall survive their wrath, the victory is ours!

From here, Jesus went to Capernaum, and on the sabbath day He entered the synagogue and began to teach with authority. Have you enjoyed the divine revelation God has been giving in these last days? Have you appreciated the authority by which men of God have spoken? Let me assure you that in the 7th day there will be a word of authority such as we have never experienced. There will be teaching by divine revelation on the Kingdom of God that will stun and amaze everyone. Mark 1:22 says: "And they were amazed at His teaching; for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as the scribes" (New American Standard Bible).


It was only after the children of Israel came out of Babylonian captivity (Nehemiah 8), that men began to teach the Book with understanding. All during their time in captivity, for 70 years, they had the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and the Law of Moses. But they did not understand them. But away from Babylon, tney had the understanding to hear the word of the Lord. And Nehemiah 8:7 says that men of God caused the people to understand the law of God. Verse 2 says that this was happening on the first day of the 7th month, the day for the blowing of the trumpet for the Feast of Tabernacles. It was the time of preparation before going behind the Veil on the day of Atonement.

I therefore declare to you, beloved, that one of the greatest features of the Feast of Tabernacles, the 7th Day of God, is a glorious revival of the understanding of the bible. Truth shall flow like a river. No longer an obscure book of many interpretations, but now a fountin of life and truth. Glory to God! Ezra and Jesus both stood up to read the Word of God. Ezra did it on the 7th month, Jesus on the 7th day. Both speaking of that glorious age of miracles!

Even today God's people are coming out of Babylon, and coming into a deeper understanding of truth. Those who still dwell behind Babylon's walls, in an organized, ecclesiastical system of denominational religion, are still blinded to much of what God is revealing for these days. They still cling to the dogmas and fantasies and fairy tales that were born in the imaginations of men, and carried on by official decree. If this word sounds hard, it is because I am thrusting the sword of the Lord right into the heart of Babylon's strength. It is the power that divided God's precious peop0le for hundreds of years. But its power is waning, and soon the walls shall crumble like dust, and the city shall be burnt with fire! That's what God says about it.


Going to Mark 2:23 we see Jesus and His disciples going through the corn fields on the sabbath day. "And his disciples began, as they went, to pluck the ears of corn" (verse 23). Glory to God, it is harvest time on the 7th day and they are plucking the corn. How do I know it was the time of harvest? Well, they weren't pulling up the seeds and eating them or chewing on the blades of stalks. The ears of corn were ripened, and they began to eat. The harvest was ripe.

That many-membered son will be going into the harvest fields on the 7th day. I know that traditional theology tells us that there will be no harvest of souls, no revival in the Church during the 1,000 year day. But I want you to know that on the 7th day, the harvest will be ripe and the son will enter the fields. Of course the Pharisees complained about this reaping on the Sabbath. It was not lawful according to their teaching. According to modern Pharisees, there will be no reaping of the harvest on the 7th day. But God will do it His way.

Thank God for that 1,000 year Day of Rest, when we can cease from our own labors, just rest in Him, speaking the word of authority and seeing a harvest such as we have never seen before, all at the same time. Yes, the world is going to be changed. Every continent, every nation, every province and state, every city and village, every hamlet and farmhouse will be touched by that which God is doing, for the knowledge of His glory shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Notice that the disciples were plucking the ears one at a time. I believe there will be a "one on one" revivgal, as men win other men to Christ by their life and testimony.

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Part IV, "God's Sabbath," by Bill Britton

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