1. Coat

2. Colors

3. Coins

4. Caravan (or Camels)

5. Captain

6. Cows

7. Chain

8. Chariot

9. Corn

10. Canaan

11. Corn

12. Cup

Grade Yourself: 0-1 wrong, A; 2-4 wrong, B; 5-7 wrong, C; any more wrong, please go and read Chapters 37-50 over! It is exciting to read, and won't take you a long time. And God will help you if you diligently read them, but the important thing is what you learn about how God deals with us as Christians to conform us into the image of His Son Jesus, right? That is what Joseph is really all about! Put yourself in his place as much as possible. Could you take such bad treatment, again and again, particularly when you are innocent of wrong-doing? Joseph did, and he didn't have the Bible nor did he have Christian friends, nor did he go to church (there were no churches!). All Joseph had was his father's godly example, and his own faith in the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob--and that was enough when he decided sometime in his early youth to serve his father honorably, honor and obey and love him, and do the same to God. All his misfortunes could be endured, if he knew, as Joseph did know, that his faithful, loving God was for him, despite the hard circumstances into which he was cast by evil-doers.

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