"Zapping the Mosque at Ground Zero,"

By Pastor/Author David Pett

The big political debate at the present relates to whether it is right for Moslems to build a mosque at Ground Zero where 3000 Americans lost their lives to Islamic terrorists. President Obama told the Moslem world – and America – that the 1 st Amendment gave them the right to build there because everyone in America has freedom of religion.

When the Towers collapsed, Moslems around the world rejoiced – and America wept. We did not – and still don’t – realize the half of what we can expect in the future: It is the Moslem policy to drive a stake wherever they make a hit, and they do this by building a mosque on the conquered site. For example, the Roman Catholics built a church in Cordoba, Spain around 600 AD. When the Moslems captured that area they rebuilt the church into a mosque; that started in 784. In 1236 it was recaptured by Spain and returned to the Catholic Church. The Moslems plan to call their new mosque in New York City the Cordoba House, no doubt in honor of the mosque they lost in Cordoba, Spain.

The same Islamic policy was carried out in Jerusalem where they built a mosque on the very rock where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac (Gen.22), and near or at the same place where Jesus was crucified . At that spot now resides the Dome of the Rock, built between 688 and 691, after the Moslems conquered the other two great Monotheistic religions: Judaism and Christianity.

We are compelled to ask: Is there legal precedence for stopping the Cordoba House from being built? Yes! And it comes right from the U.S. Supreme Court. As students of history know, Utah was denied statehood because of their religious practice of polygamy. It was not until Utah included a ban on polygamy in its constitution that Utah Territory was considered for statehood: Statehood was granted January 4, 1896. The remarks of the U.S. Supreme Court in this case are interesting. The Court said: “Bigamy [marrying a wife while already married to another] and polygamy [having two wives at the same time] are crimes by the laws of all civilized and Christian countries.” The Court also said that “the spread and practice of polygamy is . . . contrary to the spirit of Christianity and of the civilization which Christianity has produced in the Western world.” [This case may be reviewed at the following two sites: Davis v. Beason , 133 U. S. 333, 341-344, 348 n. (1890) ; and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints v. United States 136 U.S. 1, 49 (1890).

President Obama may say all people have “the right to practice their religion” anyway they choose i n America, but the Court has reserved the right to interfere. This would be especially true in this case where Moslem Sharia law would impose death or servitude on every American once Sharia becomes the law of the land. Though he may say otherwise, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s intention is to build the mosque and eventually bring Sharia here: He is not loyal to America, even accusing the U.S. of being "an accessory to the crime that happened" on 9/11. And now President Obama has hired him to participate in a State Department trip and represent the United States to Muslim countries. What could Feisal possibly say to the Moslems about the greatness of America – and the Christianity that created this nation that was “conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal?” Especially when woman are second-class citizens wherever Islam reigns, and U.S. Chaplains cannot pray in Jesus’ Name on a military base in Islamic countries. Obama does not have the insight or desire to stand on moral grounds in this case. Perhaps there is some lawyer who knows how to get this into the courts.

One more question for Imam Feisal: If we let you build a mosque in New York, will you let us hold a Bible Study in Cordoba House – in the interest of mutual cooperation, of course? I’d love to lead that study!

Blessings, David Pett

Author of "Can These Bones Live?", and "Conflict & Hope."

PS ~ The Utah polygamy case is also applicable to Prop 8 in California. If the US Supreme Court could rightly tell Utah that “the spread and practice of polygamy is contrary to the spirit of Christianity and of the civilization which Christianity has produced in the Western world,” could it not say that homosexual practices are also contrary to the "spirit of Christianity"?

Permission granted by Pastor Pett for this reprinted message on-line--Ed.

Email Letter of Response to Pastor David Pett and his article:

"Excellent. I will forward to a friend, who is also against this mosque being built there. They already have over 20 mosques in NYC, so this can't be the First Amendment issue they want to make it. They can build anywhere else. The landmark law of the city also prohibited any change like this to the area. By the way, I heard a church was on this site early on in our history. Well, that goes along with Islamic jehadist policy to build mosques on Christian sites to evidence their triumph over Christianity, does it not?

This is just the latest sign to me that he is Muslim at heart and in culture, not American or Christian at all. Indonesia claims him too, I have heard on the radio, as his mother sought to get him citizenship there under their law and a different name. Do you know of that? Did she succeed, which would prove he isn't American? The birther controversy isn't going away, for good reasons nobody has has any conclusive evidence this guy is American. He certainly has never acted like one, unless you call Chicago gangsters American (I think they are more Italian or Sicilian mafia than American, as a judge once said to the mob lord Luciano when deporting him that he was a shameful character and had no business being in America--which was truly the case with him). What right do the Obamas have to be in America, in the same vein? What have they done that is a credit to America? They have only dragged America down. I say they ought to be deported to Arabia, where he at least would be more comfortable (as for Michele, she would have to get used to a burkha and quit baring her arms and chest in those designer clothes she likes to wear).

Yes, by all means, offer Feisal Raul the iman your chaplaincy services! Test him out. He claims that mosque will be the means to foster mutual understanding among Christians and Moslems. That is the line the mayor too was sold no doubt. But if he really meant that, he wouldn't build there, on the most sensitive spot in America where Moslems have committed the greatest outrages against our people. Their words are belied by their actions. We know them by their fruits, which are very bad, indeed.

This was an over-reaching by the arrogant and blasphemous and lying frog in the mouth of Obama--and it will cost him dearly, politically, I believe.

Cheers, Ron Ginther

Email back to Ron Ginther from Pastor Pett:

Dear Brother,

Thanks for your response. I have received several along that line. I believe the American people are waking to the real issues, not only regarding the mosque but also the economy with the Administrations take over of much of the economy. But I'm not sure ~ he may have taken America too far to the left for the Republicans to reverse it. In the final analysis: We need an Awakening. It is our only answer. I don't say that too loudly to everyone, because some will simply wait on the sidelines for God to do His thing, not realizing that they need to speak to men on the issues, as well as to God on the issues. This is what happened in Colonial days.

Blessings on you Ron ~ and your sweet mother.

David Pett--Author of "Can These Bones Live?" now being revised as "Conflict and Hope!"

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