"This Christmas Dream,"

by Ronald Ginther

First, I am thankful the Lord has given us His sheer mercy and grace, that we are even able to be here to celebrate yet another Christmas, the nativity of Immanuel, "God with Us"--Jesus Christ!

Secondly, I have some impossible dreams that only God who does the impossible can bring about. It doesn't matter to God how impossible they seem to us, for He moves in the realm of the possible only. Jesus Christ said: "With men it is impossible, but not with God. For with God all things are possible."

Because of His all-power to accomplish anything, I can freely dream:

1. The ACLU will give up its agenda to eradicate God (an impossible objective!) and anything Christian from America and turn to protecting genuine human rights that are being infringed and trodden on by imperialist, autocratic, oppressive regimes. I dream they will see America is the birthplace of religious freedom, which has seldom occurred on this planet, but which is now under attack by them. I dream they will discover their grave error and learn from the true facts, so that they will see America as she is without the blinders of ideology. I dream they will make restitution to all the people they have harmed in the past as they have prosecuted Christians and cities and towns throughout America because they had displayed the Ten Commandments, the Nativity Scene, or professed Christianity. I dream they will make a public declaration of their change of heart and mind in all the papers and on the major news channels of this change. I dream they will erect a Christmas tree and a Nativity scene in the foyer of their offices and headquarters in NYC. I dream they will allow their employees to wear crosses and put Bibles out on their desks at work, and also tell others of their faith in Christ if asked.

2. I dream Osama bin Ladin and all like him will give up violence and terror as a means to achieve his political and religious agenda of forced Islamization of the world. He will instead read the Bible, take it seriously, and accept Christ as the only Savior and Lord of the Earth, which He is. I dream that God will open his eyes to the glorious promises in the Abrahamic Covenant for his people--promises that are eternal, nhot achieved by man who cannot attain or preserve them with his puny powers. I dream that the will see that Isaac was the Chosen Son, chosen to head the line that led to Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, but that Ishmael too has a great role to play, not in defiance and fighting against Isaac and his descendants the Jews and Israelis, but in fruitful, loving cooperation with them to their mutual benefit and advancement.

3. I dream that Hollywood will cease its gratuitous violence, exploitation of sex, and anti-Americanism, and then make values-oriented movies that families can see without harm to them.

4. I dream that Wall Street, the stock markets, the Federal Reserve, Madison Avenue, and corporations will go to prayer, and seek God's will for America's finances, instead of serving the Almighty Dollar, ambition, prestige, pride, power and materialism. These things have become destructive gods, and America cannot stand if they dominate everything instead of the true values we see shine brighter than the stars and the sun in Christ's teachings, example, and the writings of St. Paul and the rest of the Bible.

5. I dream that the porn industry will wither and die, and the producers will turn to producing good films, with values that can build up a society instead of the opposite. I dream that the porn stars will go to church and get their lives straight with God, and then devote their talents to God's kingdom instead of the Devil's.

6. I dream that Satanists will read the Bible, be set free from Satan's chains and demons, and promote God's true, eternal Kingdom of grace and love and forgiveness of sin through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

7. I dream that politicians, diplomats in the State Department, advisors, consultants, the Cabinet, the White House from President to mail department, the legislators in both Houses, the Supreme Court, the governors, the mayors, the police, the C.I.A., the Departments of government, will all humble themselves before Almighty God, pray and be transformed back into true servants instead of masters of the people of the United States. I dream that they will give up bribes, corruption, influence peddling, lying, stealing, sexual immorality, and betrayal of their country. I dream they will love America and the people of America enough to change in their actions, not just say they are going to make a change in order to garner votes and positions. I dream they will become true to their word and their promises in their election campaigns, instead of acting just the opposite as they promised to act, when they were running for office. I dream that they will be held responsible, if they refuse to serve America before they serve themselves. I dream that the Courts and the Supreme Court over them will restore America's nearly totally destroyed Christian foundations and not re-invent America according to the laws of foreign states and the philosophy and religion of secular humanism and relativism. I dream that America will choose fairness and equality without dividing up into competing minorities and special interests--that we will all re-discover our unique inheritance as Americans and our role in the world bequeathed to us by our Christian forefathers and founders, which is to uphold freedom, Christian values, and happiness and a good life for all--regardless of their religion, race, color, or creed.

8. Lastly, I dream that America love and respect all human life and will turn from a mass, brutal, Nazi-like policy of genocide, viciously attacking the most helpless, the voiceless millions of unborn children in the wombs of mothers in order to further a political agenda and make huge profits. I dream that we will never again think we are enhancing our lives by attacking the most helpless and denying life and an equal chance to Americans, born and unborn. I dream that Americans will give up sexual immorality and the selfish pursuit of pleasure for itself, and seek true sexuality that enhances people rather than cheapens, degrades, and destroys them. I dream marriage of one man and one woman will be restored to sanctity in American law and society and in individual lives--for it has been proven to be the best way, the way God ordained, for human life to be preserved, enhanced, trained, protected, and passed on to the next generation.

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