"The Taylor Family Celebrates 60 Years in Brazil,"

August 2009, By Carleen Taylor Newton for the Taylor Family

"Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for they mercy, and for they truth's sake." --Ps. 115:1

It was August 1st 1949 when our DC-3 touched down on Brazilian soil...with precious cargo...among them, missionaries who would make Brazil their home for the next 60 years!

Carl and Cora Taylor were forced to leave their first ministry in Alaska when Carl came down with Rheumatic Fever in 1942. I was their first and only child when we left our little home (a log cabin made by my Father) tucked in among the mountains above Homer.

They were especially sad to leave the new believers--a church that remains faithful to God's Word even today.

During the years that Daddy recuperated his health and strength, God worked through them in starting the Amphitheatre Bible Church of Tucson, AZ--still going strong to this day! I witnessed the passion my parents had for reaching out in evangelism; yet nothing could quiet the impelling desire in Daddy's heart to go to the regions beyond where the Gospel had never been preached. They joined New Tribes Mission in 1948, sitting under the passionate teaching of its founder, Paul Fleming, in the Missionary Boot Camp of CA. By then, there were 3 of us children: Carleen, Calvin and Beth.

As of 1949, our parents served the Lord in Brazil, Daddy's first task, as field director, was to find unreached tribal groups where new missionaries could begin working. He was told by the government that they couldn't work among indigenous peoples. Now after 60 years, New Tribes Mission of Brazil works in 48 tribes. What a wonderful Mother God gave us. We received so much growing up...watching her tireless efforts at evangelism and hospitality, neatly sandwiched between her responsibilities of mothering us. In 1950, before she knew Portuguese well enough to speak, she would prop up a record player, you know, a hand cranked one, at the nearby park and play Gospel songs and dramatized Bible stories with music that had never been heard before. People would close their windows and cross themselves, having been told that Christians were demons; in spite of this, Baby Hudson's bald head attracted many a curious crowd!

We moved to Sao Paulo in 1954 and there my parents built a small home for our family and all of our guests. Daddy traveled amongst the tribal works, visiting missionaries in isolated villages, seeking to meet their needs. Mama raised her future four NTM missionaries while evangelizing and receiving missionaries into their home. Each of us served a vital part of these ministries. We well remember the Sunday morning street meetings, playing our instruments and speaking to the crowds of people at the open market! Youth rallies round Sao Paulo city and a very nice youth center that our Dad wisely built for us, filled our teenage years with wonderful memories and fruit for God. When Daddy was home, his objective was to challenge folks in churches for evangelism and missions. The whole family traveled many hours by bus to these Sunday meetings around Sao Paulo and other cities. By the time NTM started training Brazilian missionaries in 1957, many folks were prepared to begin studying.

The family then moved to the new Peniel Bible Institute, which is the site of our Mother's retirement home now. From 1957 till 1970 Dad and Mom gave themselves unto the Lord training missionaries (during the week) and challenging folks (on weekends) to get involved. From 1970 till Daddy's death in 1989 they traveled extensively, holding meetings in churches almost every weekend, all over Brazil [a country nearly the size of the continental U.S.], representing those that were hidden away in the jungles of the world. The Lord filled their nets with countless numbers coming to Christ and hundreds giving their lives for missionary work. Three hundred and fifty-six Brazilian missionaries now make up the major part of NTM of Brazil. During these years we returned to the mission field with our spouses to begin work with NTM.

Daddy's sudden "Home-going" in November 1989, along with his granddaughter Lenita and a fellow missionary, took place on his way to a missionary meeting [in a car crash on the highway]. He died as he said he would like to--actively serving the Lord--and "finishing his course" well! Since his death, Mama has lived close to the Peniel campus and continued praying, evangelizing, encouraging missionaries and proactively speaking to the Brazilian youth about missionary service.

Before Dad's death, the Lord used them to help establish a Bible preaching church in Jacutinga, which has provided a wonderful church family for our Mother.

We join with our mother in greeting you with this special verse: "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you." --2 Ts. 3:1

As a family, we love you and greatly appreciate you, our faithful ministry partners for many of these 60 years!--Cora Taylor, Carleen Newton, Calvin Taylor, Beth Templeton, and Hudson Taylor.

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