Samuel's Testimony:

"As I Walked Alone That Night, a Gentle Wind Brought His Help!"

Defeated. That's how I felt--completely defeated. It seemed all my effortgs and ambitions had gone down the drain, and nothing seemed to have much purpose.

You see, at that time I had been residing in the state of Washington, studying at the state university. But things were not working well for me. I had difficulties with one of my professors who gave me a "C" grade on the course he was teaching. A graduate student was not allowed to record a "C" and so I was asked to withdraw from the graduate program. It was quite a shock.

No wonder I felt defeated--forced to leave school, no finances and no direction to go. I was hopeless and miserable.

One night I decided to take a walk by myself to try to get my thoughts in order. There was a gentle wind that night, and as I walked along a piece of paper blew in front of me and landed at my feet. I reached down and picked it up. That piece of paper turned out to be the front cover of a Faith Magazine! And on it were printed the words: "Ask, and ye shall receive."

So it was that I first wrote to you, and I have been a Member of Fellowship ever since. That was over three years ago, and so much has taken place in my life since then!

The Lord has answered my prayers so lovingly! Opportunities came for me to move to Florida, and I got sufficient money to enroll at another university in Fort Lauderdale. I am happy to report that I was blessed with an advanced degree in Business Administration!

Who could ever doubt that God is real indeed! For He literally helped me turn what I thought was defeat into a greater victory than I dreamed possible. In thanks, I will do all I can to use this education of mine for the good of others.

Surely the Lord must have been guiding me when I went for a walk that night and found the message of Faith Magazine and the inspiration that was to come from having Dear Fellow Members praying for me and with me everywhere."

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