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His bank in town declined his loanЧ УIТll cut expenses to the bone!Ф УSo how goes it?Ф his buddy asked; he could see a flag half-mast. УAlf, do like me and try the hogs. DonТt let your spread go to the dogs.Ф Alf shook his head, he had his doubt Feed lot porkers would dig him out. Besides, there was that big ripe stink, HeТs rather live with some red ink. His buddy drove out one bad day, УWanna job with decent pay?Ф УOh,Ф said Alf, УyouТre hiring me to pressure wash machinery?Ф УHow did you guess,Ф his friend then grinned, Уthough itТs not hard, when youТre downwind. YouТve got first chance at it, old Pal! Hogs are great, IТm doing swell! Lexus, big house, barn all new--Ф УYeah, so it seems,Ф Alf said to Hugh. УWell, call me if you change your mind, I can tell youТre in a bind. HereТs my cardЧjust had it done, СHughТs HogsЧSecond to None!ТФ WouldnТt you know up went a sign, Right off the highway, the flashing kind-- But motorists could smell HughТs pigs As they dodged truckers and their rigs. Hugh had made himself a name, His feedlot stank, but big bucks came. Now down the road, Alf scanned the sky. УStill no rain!Ф he wondered why. Dusty devils crossed his land As he clenched nothing in his hand. УGod canТt help you, your friend is right. HeТs got the answer to your plight!ФЧ ItТs the voice Alf heard now speak, That tempted Elijah by his dried creek. Across all Israel stretched a drought, After Ahab the king cast God out. Guess who was blamed when no rain fell? УHeТll pay for this!Ф spat Jezebel. Then came about on Mt. Carmel, A great event that men still tell. BaalТs priests, four hundred strong, Earned ElijahТs jeers all day long. УPerhaps he sleeps, I can hear his snore!Ф So they danced and cut themselves the more. But still their offerings unlit remained As BaalТs priests lurched on ankles sprained. Their voices rasping, all worn out, Then Elijah sprang up and ran about. He poured on water, round and round, Until his offering was completely drowned. УMy source of incomeТs all dried up, thought Alf as he drained his coffee cup. УI got to decide, what should I choose? If I donТt act now, IТm bound to lose.Ф Just when he stepped out on the porch, He saw Mt. Carmel and a falling torch. ElijahТs offering, consumed in a flash, But without the sound of a thunderboltТs crash! God had answered ElijahТs call, The One True God revealed to all. Then Ejijah sprang up with a shout, УTruth or falsehoodЧstop wavering about!Ф УStretching his arms he faced the crowd, УYouТve got two gods, only oneТs allowed!Ф Whom you shall serve, choose this day, Will it be Baal? Or IsraelТs Yahweh? УYou canТt have both, and canТt be joined, BaalТs a counterfeit, printed or coined!Ф Baal or great Yahweh, whatТs your pick, Your indecision makes me sick!Ф Good thing Alf turned back on the road. HughТs feedlots, hogs, the success he crowedЧ E Coli, then hog futures crashed, And HughТs hogs were tracked down and Trashed. Shortcuts to a quick success Can really land you in a mess! Money gods are bound to fail. See those bankers in the jail? Providence is worth the wait. HughТs got a padlock on his gate. _________________________________ More Principles Planting seeds in barren ground Takes time to produce anything worth the effortЧbut donТt give up Like produces like Fruit does not form quicklyЧyou cannot force results Weeds come with the territory What we wait and work for is beyond our ability to make happen God deserves gratitude for a good harvest --From Daily Word, Mart de Haan !"NOxЯ┼яЁ9]~в┴ф  1U}бв├𤤤єє¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ &d P╞  !■р !O}е╞ш9VwЧШЩ╗ц 4 5 S z в ─ т  4 ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤4 Z ~ ж з ╬ Ё  < = \  е ╔ ╩ ї ! 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