10709 63rd St. E., Sp 28

Puyallup, WA 98372

Mr. Joseph Sebring

5606 Brookstone Dr

Cincinnati, OH 45230-3587

Dear Joe,

Subject: Matching Grant for Heritage Center

How are you? We hope you are well and your family too. Enclosed is a brochure telling about the Heritage Center to be built, starting spring, on Plain View Farm, rural Bryant, SD. We will need at least $100,000 to carry the Center to completion in the first stage. We have raised about $20,000 so far for the foundation work and footing, thanks be to God, so work can begin soon as the ground breaks up, which Steve Stadem, our project manager living in Sioux Falls, has just now called and written to us about. Notice of the project has been put in the Bryant Dakotan paper, and we also have a brochure to send out to be distributed at churches and clubs and also put in the papers here and in Sioux Falls. Now if you would be so kind, please know that our hearts are intent to inspire many in the Bryant and Sioux Falls communities to give to this project and be involved in it. To gain that level of participation would you consider a matching grant of any amount that could be matched by others? We would like to see this project go forth speedily, considering the ever growing needs of our society and the big challenges facing thousands of families as they seek to hold together and nurture their special, even unique values and heritage too, lest it be overwhelmed by the culture of the popular mass media and entertainment industry. The Heritage Center, emanating from Plain View Farm with its riches of an inexhaustible legacy bequeathed to us since Civil War days, will become, we firmly believe, a vital means to help Americans reaffirm the very things that made our people and our nation so great.

Is the heritage of a Midwest pioneer farm family and its small town life and community worth preserving? Does their abiding faith in God still have a message, an anchor for time of stress and storm, for today’s generation? We say, resoundingly, YES! That heritage and faith already has proven it can produce wonderful, selfless, loving, productive, focused lives! How we need this vital resource today not only preserved but shared with a wide audience, which I need not remind you. The Heritage Center is the actual, attractive means we intend to use to do those two things. We are assured children and youth will love it, and the older folks will be so happy to see their life legacies are highly valued and are indeed worth passing on.

I enjoyed talking with you so much, so please call me again anytime at your convenience. We are preparing a special gift for you, for presenting to you at the dedication of the Heritage Center.

With fond memories and bright expectations,