Dr. D. James Kennedy's Letter," Excerpt, December 29, 2006


Dear Friend in Christ,

Sometimes, you have to get angry. Sometimes, righteous anger is appropriate. Sometimes, this is what it takes to accomplish something important.

How upset are YOU when you look around at the spiritual condition of our nation today?

How do YOU feel when you see members of Congress exposed for sexual immorality, financial improprieties, and embarrassing lapses of judgment?

...or when courts hand down astonishingly anti-Christian rulings?

...or when churches are threatened by the IRS for speaking out against same-sex marriage?

...or when the College of William and Mary removes the Cross from its chapel to make the space less "faith-specific" and more "welcoming"?

How do you feel when you learn that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sued the Gideons for handing out Bibles to fifth-graders?

...or an open homosexual has been appointed to head the federal AIDS program?

...or the U.S. Air Force has removed "God" fom the flag-folding ceremony at military funerals?

What response, other than godly wrath, could be expected when a TV talk show host declares that "Christians and others who are religious suffer from neurological disorders"?

...or when a columnist likens Christians to Nazis -- calling us a new generation of fascists "carrying crosses and chanting the Pledge of Allegiance"?

...or when another columnist compares Christians to the Taliban in Afghanistan -- and to th fanatics who burned witches at the stake in Salem?

How SHOULD committed Christians feel when a state Supreme Court rules that live sex shows on stage are protected speech?

or when Planned Parenthood holds seminars in public schools (largely funded by OUR OWN TAX DOLLARS) to teach children about "safe sex" -- and launches an online "video game" belittling pro-life pharmacists who refuse to dispense the "morning after" abortion pill.

OUTRAGE. This is our response --

...when the New Jersey Suprme Court legalizes same-sex marriage,

...when a prominent senator and former presidential candidate disparages the intelligence of our men and women in uniform,

...when a member of Congress is caught preying on underage congressional pages for homosexual encounters.

It is time we realize that our nation is embroiled in an escalating civil WAR --a WAR OF VALUES. Anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-life...basically ANTI-AMERICAN VALUES VS. BIBLICAL VALUES.

And values must translate into behavior. I think we can safely say that this truth has been lost -- in light of recent immoral conduct by religious and political leaders from all sides

That is why I think this is an opportune time for our entire country to regroup and enter into a new era of REFORMATION, so that we can restore America to what God intended her to be...

Dr. Kennedy's word to us is timely and goes to the marrow of the bone. Pure and simple outrage over the cotinuing erosion of religious liberty and Christian value and morality in American society is what we should and must feel--if we want to see things changed to the good.

Right in your home, right in your dormitory room, you can march, you can fight the advancing Goliath of secular humanism destroying this nation root, branch, and trunk! Do we want another failed state like the Soviet Union or the zero-population growth-doomed member states of the godless, anti-Christ European Union? That is what we are rapidly becoming--a failed state, broken by a philosophy that denies God and that He has anything to do with American society and its progress.

But one shepherd boy, we know from the Bible, turned the dark, overwhelming tide that once ran against Israel's very existence as a nation--we all know his name now, and even see artists' pictures of him battling the giant, but until he decided that God was more mighty and Israel's foes, and could take down any giant however big and well-armed and armored, he was just like any of us who are still lingering on the sidelines, watching these dismal events Dr. Kennedy details, unsure our contribution will be any good at all. Let God decide that issue whether our efforts are helping or not--we just need to pick up the five small, smooth stones in the creek of our situation, wind up our sling-shot (which may be a computer) and let a rock fly at the target in the way that God instructs us in the Word. It is not hopeless, not until we give up and let Goliath rant and rave and have his way with us, and then slink home in chains as slaves to the Philistines, our mortal enemies.

David was in no mind to be the slave of a heathen. He was God's child. He said "enough is enough" from these blaspheming Philistines, and that little rock he threw at the foul-mouthed, infidel giant went round the world, changing it forever.

We too can do the very same thing, if any shepherd boy can who believes God is over everything in this world, regardless how bad it may look to us at the moment.

The rock can take the form of an email, or a letter, or a call to a Senator or Representative, or contributions to worthy ministries that can do what we individually cannot do to bring the right message to Congress, or a degree in a field that will impact the society, or a letter to the editor in a school or city newspaper, or a paid newspaper ad (which I used as a technique for over a year in the local paper here in town to promote Biblical values, since the churches were not making their values known in the papers anymore) or, best of all, prayer on a daily basis for America and the cause of spiritual reformation.--Ed.

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