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OUR MOST FAMOUS AND GREATEST ENGLISH WRITER AND PLAYWRIGHT, SHAKESPEARE, WITHOUT THE BIBLE WOULD HAVE BEEN ILLITERATE, WHICH IS TO SAY, IF LIVING IN OUR TIME, HE RISKED BECOMING A GRADUATE FROM A U.S. HIGH SCHOOL WHO CANNOT READ HIS OWN DIPLOMA! Not just sayings, but our greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare the Bard of Britain, probably would have written little or nothing except for the Holy Bible! Shakespeare's plays, without the Bible, would not have been written. They are not Greek tragedies--they are full of truth and candor and wisdom that come from various books of the Bible, not straight pagan philosophy. There may be allusions to Greek gods, but no real belief in them; rather, it is the Christian God who rules the universe and governs the affairs of mortal men, kings and nations. Shakespeare himself is thought to have been a secret or "closet Catholic," for at times the Catholics were bitterly persecuted by the Church of England or the Puritans under Cromwell (though under bloody Queen Mary, a Roman Catholic, the Protestants were persecuted and killed, rendering them tit for tat). It is impossible to imagine a William Shakespeare, in fact, without the Bible and a thorough knowledge of it. I have been to Stratford-on-Avon, and watched a Shakespearean play performed in a downtown London theater--a real treat, even with British actors and actresses. "Hamlet" and "King Lear" and "The Merchant of Venice" are my favorites. I have read all, or most all, his tragedies and plays, and loved them, studying them in college and on my own, and he is definitely within the Judaeo-Christian heritage and Christian civilization as a playwright and thinker. The Bible, then, is the source of the Shakespearean plays. Without that heritage he wouldn't exist as a playwright. You won't find this thesis, pro and con being discussed, being taken up in graduate schools, however. It would be just too politically incorrect in the secular humanist-dominated colleges and universities, institutions and faculties that are in the process of jettisoning English literature and its heritage in favor of the secular humanist sacraments of "diversity," and "multiculturalism" and "tolerance," while categorizing and defining English literature as the product of "dead white Anglo-Saxon males" and not worthy of a postmodernist's attention.

The glory of the Ark of God departed from Israel once upon a time, when the Ark was captured by the heathen Philistines after they defeated a reprobate Israel. Well, the glory of English literature and heritage (and it is truly glorious) has swiftly departing from the higher institutions of learning in America, which are fast turning into dungeons of politically-correct propaganda overseen by hate speech thought police. Shakespeare will find no place to lay his head in such venues of folly. He is just too, Biblical and moralistic!

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