"Christmas in Egypt,"

"Excerpt from Moorning Lines, Tacoma Seafarers Center, Port of Tacoma, Washington, January 2008

What do Christmas and Egypt have in common? That's right, Jesus and his parents went there to live some time after his birth. Something else too...we were able to deliver gifts to seafarers from this country from whom the Lord delivered the Israelites several thousand years ago.

We were unsure of what the response would be from these seafarers to Christmas gifts since they are all Muslims and there has been a sad history between them and those who called themselves Christians. To add to our fears and uncertainty, there were rumors that armed guards would be placed at ship side. The crew did not have shore passes or visas and were confined to the ship.

Well, there were no armed guards for these 36 Egyptians, but I went with 36 Christmas gift boxes in both arms. I guarded what I had in two black lawn and leaf bags (39 gal.). I did not go down the chimney, but up the gangway with your gifts bearing the name of Jesus.

In the ship's office I set down the gifts and several men gathered around to see what was in the bags. Inside the lawn and leaf bags I stacked the boxes in the shape of a pyramid. I thought that might help to identify with them. One man left and came back with a knife. I am glad it was not meant for me. It was to open the bags.

When they saw the gifts they said, "Christmas gifts!" Did they turn them down? No. They were so excited that one reached in and took four for himself. We made him put it back. Isn't it interesting? I never mentioned that they were Christmas gifts, but they knew what they were.

The next day I went back to the ship. They were so friendly, but I was sad. Previously I instructed them not to open until Dec. 25, but guess what? Theyt had already opened their gifts.

They were pleased to receive your gifts, so that made me happy. We gave these gifts in the name of Jesus. Thank you for your treasures, to give the treasure of the knowledge of Jesus name.--Submitted by Paul Peterson

Ancient Egyptian Farmer: Did he know the Bread of Life that comes from heaven, Jesus? We know he did not. He died in the centuries old darkness of a pagan religion, a worshipper of false gods, and entered a Christless eternity. But now the modern Egyptian farmer, who live the darkness of Islam, has the chance to know the Light of the World, Jesus, and seafarers have the opportunity as well!--Ed.

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