Part II,

by Ronald D. Ginther, Founder

Before God does something, he tells us enough details to get us thinking and praying, but not everything is revealed first off so that we will still have to go by faith to receive what He has planned for us. This is a principle, to use a term, of how God operates, as the Bible testifies, and God Himself testifies. The prophets always announced, hundreds of years usually, what God was going to do. God did them, but people had to take the announcements and prophecies by faith-- and usually people rejected the prophets, and killed them, to boot. It is nice for prophets to have some demonstrations of power. People in the natural and because of fallen human nature want to see demonstrations of divine power in order to believe God by faith. This is getting the horse and cart backwards, of course. Demonstrations (miracles, signs, etc) are supposed to follow those who believe, not lead. The wilderness Israelites wanted the cart before the horse, in fact, constantly demanded it. This ruined them, eventually. God knew it would, and so was very reluctant about granting Moses his two signs that Moses demanded before he would agree to obey God and go and deliver God's people in bondage back in Egypt under Pharaoh. The two signs, putting his hand into his garment about chest level and then pulling it out covered with leprosy, then slipping it back and withdrawing it so the people could see it completely healed (really two miracles of healing here completely visible, the leprosy suddenly appearing on a healthy man's hand and then the sudden healing, which no one with eyeballs and a brain of a parakeet attached could possibly deny), plus the second miracle, throwing down the rod of Moses by Moses or Aaron his spokesman and it would turn into a big, poisonous snake, and (really two miracles in one) Mose grabbing the snakes tail by God's instruction and it would turn right back into a wooden rod or shepherd's staff--these two miracles (actually four in truth!) were necessary, Moses knew and demanded of God, to convince his audience the oppressed Israelites under Pharaoh's power that God was really present and had really sent Moses back to them as a deliverer and had really intended to use him to lead them forth to freedom, and all the rest of it. This was the evidence, the "sign" the people demanded, because they lived and operated in the natural mind and the natural five senses, and Moses, knowing this, demanded demonstrations of power, and he got a fourfold answer in the two that God gave him. God always gives more than we ask or think, right?

I was thinking of Moses and his need and asking of God for demonstrations, not because I needed more faith, but because I knew people would never accept a divine inner healing ministry through me unless there were mighty demonstrations of God's power verifying and backing this ministry and me up. I had just prayed this before God in my office, then went to pick up my mother for a chiropractic session, and on the way to her home in my car it occured to me that God is known for giving double portions too. So I thought: "Moses got two (actually worked out as four). I will ask for a double portion (four). But then a thought came that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or think. So then I asked for five. FIVE. It hit me like lightning. This was the number God had really chosen for me. He was going to do it, and he had, believe it or not, already given me that number weeks ago.

"Five" was the word and number given me as part of my last session of the Living Free Church course a few weeks ago. I didn't know what that meant, and the prayer warrior who wrote it down after praying God to reveal my original design characteristics did not know either. God just said "five" to her. The other items were clear enough: servant, dyamic, mover, tender-hearted, honest, truth seeker, truth-loving, and so on. I could look at those the prayer warriors in the two sessions of prayer for me and go on that. Five, I thought, would be revealed in time--and it was--today, Valentine's Day. I had already given God audibly my valentine expression of love, in the early morning today, and he has given me His--the revealing of the divine number five that was, before the world was made and I was conceived, embedded in my divine original design.

Five demonstrations, if you get my drift here so far, mean God is going to show forth five mighty demonstrations of power so that His ministry (not mine) of divine inner healing will be confirmed. People who are not spiritual will need this to activate their faith and receptivity to God's healing touch of their inner man, inner woman, or inner child. This is the way it is. People have not changed, except for the fashions of their clothes, since Moses' time. I told God this in prayer this morning before setting out in my car to my mother's, as I previously related.

Now, a bit of a shift. I don't know yet what specifically the five demonstrations (five miracles) are, but there are five, and they are going to happen. I could ask for a doubling of them right now, but I am not inclined to do that, as ten might make the scene of a divine inner healing too confusing and eventful so that people are too much distracted and taken up with the signs rather than what God actually wants to do, heal the inner man, woman, child. That should be reasonable to our minds. People are easily distracted from the main course by the appetizers. But we need the main course of the meal. That is the purpose of the meal, not the appetizers, attractive and tasty as they may be--you can't live on appetizers very long. You need the main course to live and be well nourished. The appetizers (the five demonstrations, so to speak) are only to induce or encourage you to activate your faith in God so you will take the mainh course when it is laid on the table.

As for the shift, here it is. Duane L. Smith my beloved colleague and instructor at the on-line Bible school of the Emmaus Walk for some years now, has passed to glory this late January, as you have been informed here on the Home Page. But something has been revealed just today about this--in connection with the other events. A seed goes into the ground, spiritually (Duane was the prepared, precious, spiritual seed), and a plant springs up in God's time and season. Well, a world-wide ministry of divine inner healing has been birthed, already, just days after Duane L. Smith passed from this temporal world to the eternal realm of Jesus Christ in heaven. His seed was put into the ground (literally and spiritually), and a plant of God's world-wide inner healing ministry (DIHM) has sprung up in me. There is no other explanation. But the five demonstrations of God's miracles and power will next be revealed, to confirm this ministry is of God to the people who need it. As for the skeptics, they will always stand by or even come to the meetings to criticize, but the miracles will shut them up, at least temporarily. They will not be able to stop what God is doing, in any case, as the people after seeing the wonderful signs (whatever they are) of God's presence and power confirming the ministry of DIHM and then seeing the actual healings taking place in themselves and others will not let the skeptics overrule or crush or hinder this ministry so that it cannot freely operate. How do I know this?

I already know this because God has prophetically already told me this will happen this way. It is a world-wide ministry to millions, because God already told me it was. Two years ago God spoke at church here where I pray regularly at the meeting with others. The deacon (the oldest man here, a godly, praying saint in his seventies) saw that a young woman was full of the Spirit of God (her mother is a known and acknowledged prophetess in this church by our pastor (the deceased one now), but also by his family and son (the son is the new pastor), and also by the denomination) was able to minister to us that evening, and he allowed her to do so, as he said to me in a whispered aside. She stood by each of the five of us in the room (I believe there was only four or five), and prayed and then spoke whatever God was saying to us. She prayed over me in turn, and said there would be thousands, instantly changed to "millions" of people affected by me, and that the secret or power or gift to reach them was "in my hands." She kept repeating that. Before that she said I was, in God's view, "obedient." God does not choose disobedient instruments, not very often anyway. So God had already, two years ago, considered me obedient to Him, to the degree he could trust me with a world-wide ministry. So He began telling me so through this anointed and spiritually charged young woman. I received her prophecy by faith, and kept it in my heart, pondering on it like Mary the mother of Yeshua our Savior and Lord. But I did not know what was meant by "in my hands."

I naturally wondered if it meant my typing and writing, for that is what I do to do the various website ministries I have. I founded ministries of websites on the subjects of Pioneer Norwegian and God-fearing Grandparents on a farm over in South Dakota on the prairie called Plain View Farm. There are, in that group of websites, Stadems Saga on Yahoo/Geocities, Plain View Farm on Angelfire, The Buffalo Mound on Y/G, Plain View Farm on Geocities, and The Prairie Farm on Angelfire (moved there from a provider that began to charge for it). Besides that there is the Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible on Tripod, and Retrostar (a science fiction site) on Tripod. I have several others, but these are main, active ones.

I believed that these website ministries were sufficient for me, and thoroughly rewarding and challenging. But was that what God meant, exactly, and entirely? I was not sure. But now, since the passing of my colleague Duane L. Smith, and much continuing prayer (all this has been bathed in prayer before, during, and since, like water through the floodgates of a bursting dam), this DIHM has been birthed by the hand of the divine gynecologist, Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit. He birthed it in this vessel that bears my name and is me, Ronald Dean Ginther. It is not for my glory. It is for God's glory. It is also for the benefit of God's people (and others not yet in God's fold, I cannot tell yet) world-wide.

There is no reason to elaborate. I need not embroider what God has just revealed. I will look for the demonstrations, as I go by faith but need them to convince the people that God is present and going to do what I say He can and will do for them. God will take me step by step, as He is doing, and I am asking him to do this. I know what the five signify but not yet what they will be. I will post them up as God reveals them, whatever and however He identifies them. You on the Emmaus Walk have the privilege (I have the privilege of telling you) to read about them on these pages--even before people do in public.

This account was posted for the Emmaus Walk concerning DIHM developments (namely, the young prophetess's prophecy and prayer over me at church with the deacon present and at least three other people joined with me, her, and the deacon in the scheduled week of prayer at my church Praise Chapel) and now the on-going revelation of "Five" in regard to needed, confirming demonstrations of God's power). All this is revealed and declared publicly, with witnesses, as you have just seen. It is not something happening in a closet or a corner, imagined by someone. These are actual happenings, events, and, I truly believe and testify, initiated by the Lord God to launch the Divine Inner Healing Ministry here in my church, community, state, and nation of America but also world-wide to the nations of the world, reaching millions.

This means, of course, that I will be physically healed of various things that would keep me or hinder me from performing this ministry effectively or for the needed duration to reach millions. I will be renewed like the eagle in my strength. I am 63 years of age, almost 64. I will be renewed to be like a youth in my vigor (I already have a youth's vigor) and also my health will be preserved in whatever climate or temperature or environment (polar, tropical, temperate, Europe, Asia, South America, the Fiji Islands, whatever place God opens doors to this ministry to enter and minister in) I encounter. Nothing will hinder or stop this ministry, or harm or kill me. I will not be afraid of Arab terrorists. They cannot hurt or kill me, and I have Christ's love for them, along with the invitation to Divine Inner Healing which they desperately need (would you not agree to that?). We all may need DIHM, for all I know. I did, and I am simply bearing the invitation, with anointed hands for this ministry, to pray and touch hands so that the heart connection can be made, the channel to the hidden man, inner man, woman, or child, can be opened up to God's healing ministration.

Without physical impediments, with God's empowerment and anointing and Spirit-led direction and guidance, I can go freely anywhere, and God's angels will protect me and clear the way before me. I cannot be killed, anyway, as I am in Christ, and Christ is Eternal Life, so I am alive forever already and cannot be killed. The mortal body I abide in temporarily and currently will be shed one day (either before or in the Rapture or coming of Christ the second time), but I myself cannot and will not die. I am already a heavenly being in Christ by His Spirit, which is an Eternal Spirit and the Second Person of the Godhead. I will not go anywhere God does not direct and confirm, with at least three confirmations that are witnessed and agreed to by my spiritual oversight, my pastor at Praise Chapel, as well as my mother, and my long-term prayer partner in a Promise Keeper's group I have been in for years at another church, New Life Fellowship, Graham, Washington. I can trust these three people of God, who know me better than others, and will hear from God to help me keep on track and not make mistakes, going off on my own. God provides these protections and these oversights, or spiritual overseers. I will not be a Lone Ranger in a Lone Ranger ministry. That is dangerous. The Enemy can easily capture or distract or handicap such a ministry. But one that submits to authority and oversight, God and the ones that God has placed over us, will be one that endures and bears rich fruit that is truly of God. God's Word is the chief oversight, which is needless to say. It begins and ends in God's Word--how this ministry will go. I first defer to God and His Spirit and the Living Word of God. Next I defer to the authority of the spirit entrusted to pastor, my prayer parter, and church. This will protect me and the ministry, and it is absolutely necessary.

This was posted February 14, Valentines Day, 6:42 computer monitor time, at Praise Chapel, Puyallup, Washington. All praise and glory to God in the Highest!--Sincerely, in all honesty, Ronald D. Ginther, Founder of Divine Inner Healing Ministry.

It has occurred to me that a DIHM website will also be birthed soon, to focus on the ministry alone. A link to it will always be provided on the Emmaus Walk, however, with some information, such as this page and also what first appeared on the Home Page announcing and describing the newborn ministry of divine inner healing. But a website of its own will be necessary. An email address will also be necessary, and one will be created and posted on the Emmaus Walk Home Page. If you happen to belong to a Bible-based, Jesus-loving church, would you please pray for this newborn ministry. Take a part in praying for it, and you will receive the manifold blessings of what is reaped by it in the way of liberated, healed souls and hearts and mended lives, relationships, marriages, families. God will post these blessings to your account, you can be sure, and you will gain many crowns, which will be yours by His hand. We do nothing for self-gain. It is God who rewards and blesses His obedient children, and He chose to reward us in ths way, we did not and could not do it. So it is up to us to accept whatever He graciously gives. So there will be blessings to those who pray for this ministry. You may not be able to take that word to the bank on this earth, but certanly you can take it to the spiritual bank in heaven, which contains all the things and blessings that will really count for eternity after all the money and assets of this old world have long been burnt up and perished like hay, wood, and stubble in the fire. Don't you want blessings that will be yours forever, and cannot be consumed by time and chance and accident or a moth? They are splendid blessings. They will last and be yours to enjoy forever! Please pray, if you are so led by the Lord and the Spirit. You will be richly blessed in heaven, to be sure, since you will be a pioneering prayer partner, not someone who jumps on the bandwagon after it has been on the road, so to speak, for a time and all has been revealed to the public that it is a viable, true, working, wonderful God-thing, not something any man has cooked up or concocted. I personally have no time or interest in adding to my life, as it is already more than full with the wonderful websites I mentioned. But it seems God has more, and this is the "more"--Divine Inner Healing Ministry. I will obey and follow Him in this. I must and want and love to do what He wants. Then I know I will be blessed and will please Him, the only Person (actually three persons in One) I really want to please in his life and in the next soon to come. The last night service on Sunday, we prayed for the "Real Jesus" to come and fill me, as I went for prayer to the pastor and deacons. I do believe God answered that prayer too. Everyone else, sadly, stayed in their seat. We have as much of God as we want, someone said. How true! For many years of my life I steadfastly ignored God, but now I am trying to make up for all that lost time, and it is paying off royally, to say the least! Thank you, Editor.

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