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Anti-Semitism of = the "Church=20 Fathers"

Ignatius Bishop of Antioch (98-117A.D.) =96 Epistle to = the=20 Magnesians

For if we are still practicing Judaism, we admit that we = have not=20 received God=92s favor=85it is wrong to talk about Jesus Christ = and live like=20 Jews. For Christianity did not believe in Judaism, but Judaism in=20 Christianity.


"Epistle of Barnabas" Chapter 4vs 6-7 (between 130A.D. = and 138=20 A.D.)

Take heed to yourselves and be not like some piling up you = sins and=20 saying that the covenant is theirs as well as ours. It is ours, = but they=20 lost it completely just after Moses received it.


Justin Martyr - Dialogue with Trypho (Between 138A.D. = and 161=20 A.D.)

We too, would observe your circumcision of the flesh, your = Sabbath=20 days, and in a word, all you festivals, if we were not aware of = the reason=20 why they were imposed upon you, namely, because of your sins and = the=20 hardness of heart.

 The custom of circumcising the flesh, handed down = from=20 Abraham, was given to you as a distinguishing mark, to set you off = from=20 other nations and from us Christians. The purpose of this was that = you and=20 only you might suffer the afflictions that are now justly yours; = that only=20 your land be desolated, and you cities ruined by fire, that the = fruits of=20 you land be eaten by strangers before your very eyes; that not one = of you=20 be permitted to enter your city of Jerusalem. Your circumcision of = the=20 flesh is the only mark by which you can certainly be distinguished = from=20 other men=85as I stated before it was by reason of your sins and = the sins of=20 your fathers that, among other precepts, God imposed upon you the=20 observence of the sabbath as a mark.


Origen of Alexandria (185-254 A.D.) =96 A = ecclesiastical writer=20 and teacher who contributed to the early formation of Christian=20 doctrines.

We may thus assert in utter confidence that the Jews will = not=20 return to their earlier situation, for they have committed the = most=20 abominable of crimes, in forming this conspiracy against the = Savior of the=20 human race=85hence the city where Jesus suffered was necessarily = destroyed,=20 the Jewish nation was driven from its country, and another people = was=20 called by God to the blessed election.


John Chrysostom (344-407 A.D.) =96 One of the = "greatest" of=20 church fathers; known as "The Golden Mouthed." A missionary = preacher=20 famous for his sermons and addresses.

The synagogue is worse than a brothel=85it is the den of = scoundrels=20 and the repair of wild beasts=85the temple of demons devoted to = idolatrous=20 cults=85the refuge of brigands and dabauchees, and the cavern of = devils. It=20 is a criminal assembly of Jews=85a place of meeting for the = assassins of=20 Christ=85 a house worse than a drinking shop=85a den of thieves, a = house of=20 ill fame, a dwelling of iniquity, the refuge of devils, a gulf and = a abyss=20 of perdition."=85"I would say the same things about their souls=85 = As for me,=20 I hate the synagogue=85I hate the Jews for the same = reason.

From "The Roots of Christian Anti-Semitism" by Malcolm Hay


St. Augustine (c. 354-430 A.D.), Confessions, = 12.14=20

How hateful to me are the enemies of your Scripture! How I = wish=20 that you would slay them (the Jews) with your two-edged sword, so = that=20 there should be none to oppose your word! Gladly would I have them = die to=20 themselves and live to you!


Peter the Venerable =96 known as "the meekest of men, a = model of=20 Christian charity"

Yes, you Jews. I say, do I address you; you, who till this = very=20 day, deny the Son of God. How long, poor wretches, will ye not = believe the=20 truth? Truly I doubt whether a Jew can be really human=85 I lead = out from=20 its den a monstrous animal, and show it as a laughing stock in the = amphitheater of the world, in the sight of all the people. I bring = thee=20 forward, thou Jew, thou brute beast, in the sight of all = men.

 From "The Roots of Christian Anti-Semitism" by Malcolm = Hay


Martin Luther =96 1543

On The Jews and Their Lies

What then shall we Christians do with this damned, rejected = race of=20 Jews? Since they live among us and we know about their lying and = blasphemy=20 and cursing, we can not tolerate them if we do not wish to share = in their=20 lies, curses, and blasphemy. In this way we cannot quench the=20 inextinguishable fire of divine rage nor convert the Jews. We must = prayerfully and reverentially practice a merciful severity. = Perhaps we may=20 save a few from the fire and flames [of hell]. We must not seek = vengeance.=20 They are surely being punished a thousand times more than we might = wish=20 them. Let me give you my honest advice.

First, their synagogues should be set on fire, and whatever = does=20 not burn up should be covered or spread over with dirt so that no = one may=20 ever be able to see a cinder or stone of it. And this ought to be = done for=20 the honor of God and of Christianity in order that God may see = that we are=20 Christians, and that we have not wittingly tolerated or approved = of such=20 public lying, cursing, and blaspheming of His Son and His=20 Christians.

Secondly, their homes should likewise be broken down and = destroyed.=20 For they perpetrate the same things there that they do in their=20 synagogues. For this reason they ought to be put under one roof or = in a=20 stable, like gypsies, in order that they may realize that they are = not=20 masters in our land, as they boast, but miserable captives, as = they=20 complain of incessantly before God with bitter wailing.

Thirdly, they should be deprived of their prayer-books and = Talmuds=20 in which such idolatry, lies, cursing, and blasphemy are = taught.

Fourthly, their rabbis must be forbidden under threat of = death to=20 teach any more...

Fifthly, passport and traveling privileges should be = absolutely=20 forbidden to the Jews. For they have no business in the rural = districts=20 since they are not nobles, nor officials, nor merchants, nor the = like. Let=20 them stay at home...If you princes and nobles do not close the = road=20 legally to such exploiters, then some troop ought to ride against = them,=20 for they will learn from this pamphlet what the Jews are and how = to handle=20 them and that they ought not to be protected. You ought not, you = cannot=20 protect them, unless in the eyes of God you want to share all = their=20 abomination...

To sum up, dear princes and nobles who have Jews in your = domains,=20 if this advice of mine does not suit you, then find a better one = so that=20 you and we may all be free of this insufferable devilish burden - = the=20 Jews...

Let the government deal with them in this respect, as I = have=20 suggested. But whether the government acts or not, let everyone at = least=20 be guided by his own conscience and form for himself a definition = or image=20 of a Jew. When you lay eyes on or think of a Jew you must say to = yourself:=20 Alas, that mouth which I there behold has cursed and execrated and = maligned every Saturday my dear Lord Jesus Christ, who has = redeemed me=20 with his precious blood; in addition, it prayed and pleaded before = God=20 that I, my wife and children, and all Christians might be stabbed = to death=20 and perish miserably. And he himself would gladly do this if he = were able,=20 in order to appropriate our goods...

Such a desperate, thoroughly evil, poisonous, and devilish = lot are=20 these Jews, who for these fourteen hundred years have been and = still are=20 our plague, our pestilence, and our misfortune.

I have read and heard many stories about the Jews which = agree with=20 this judgment of Christ, namely, how they have poisoned wells, = made=20 assassinations, kidnapped children, as related before. I have = heard that=20 one Jew sent another Jew, and this by means of a Christian, a pot = of=20 blood, together with a barrel of wine, in which when drunk empty, = a dead=20 Jew was found. There are many other similar stories. For their = kidnapping=20 of children they have often been burned at the stake or banished = (as we=20 already heard). I am well aware that they deny all of this. = However, it=20 all coincides with the judgment of Christ which declares that they = are=20 venomous, bitter, vindictive, tricky serpents, assassins, and = children of=20 the devil, who sting and work harm stealthily wherever they cannot = do it=20 openly. For this reason, I would like to see them where there are = no=20 Christians. The Turks and other heathen do not tolerate what we = Christians=20 endure from these venomous serpents and young to the = devil,=20 a Christian has no more bitter and galling foe than a Jew. There = is no=20 other to whom we accord as many benefactions and from whom we = suffer as=20 much as we do from these base children of the devil, this brood of = vipers.

Translated by Martin H. Bertram, "On = The Jews=20 and Their Lies, Luther's Works, Volume 47"; Philadelphia: = Fortress=20 Press, 1971.


Martin Luther - 1543

Of The Unknowable Name and The Generations of=20 Christ

But your [God=92s] judgment is right, justus es Dominie. = Yes, so=20 shall Jews, but no one else be punished, who held your word and = miracles=20 in contempt and ridiculed, insulted and damned it for such a long = time=20 without interruption, so that they will not fall, like other = humans,=20 heathens and all the others, into sin and death, not up in Hell, = nor in=20 the middle of Hell but in the pit of Hell, as one cannot fall=20 deeper...

Even if they were punished in the most gruesome manner that = the=20 streets ran with their blood, that their dead would be counted, = not in the=20 hundred thousands, but in the millions, as happened under = Vespasian in=20 Jerusalem and for evil under Hadrian, still they must insist on = being=20 right even if after these 1,500 years they were in misery another = 1,500=20 years, still God must be a liar and they must be correct. In sum, = they are=20 the devil=92s children, damned to Hell...

The Jews too got what they deserved. They had been called = and=20 elected to be God=92s mouth as Jeremiah says...Open your mouth = wide and I=20 will fill it; they however, kept tightly closed their muzzles, = eyes, ears,=20 nose, whole heart and all senses, so he polluted and squirted them = so full=20 that it oozes from them in all places and devil=92s filth comes = from=20 them.

Yes, that tastes good to them, into their hearts, they = smack their=20 lips like swine. That is how they want it. Call more: =91Crucify = him,=20 crucify him.=92 Scream more: =91His blood come upon us and our = children.=92=20 (Matthew 27:25) I mean it came and found you...

Perhaps, one of the merciful Saints among us Christians may = think I=20 am behaving too crude and disdainfully against the poor, miserable = Jews in=20 that I deal with them so sarcastically and insulting. But, good = God, I am=20 much too mild in insulting such devils=85


John Calvin

A Response To Questions and Objections of a Certain = Jew

Their [the Jews] rotten and unbending stiffneckedness = deserves that=20 they be oppressed unendingly and without measure or end and that = they die=20 in their misery without the pity of anyone.

Excerpt from "Ad Quaelstiones et Objecta Juaei Cuiusdam = Responsio,"=20 by John Calvin; The Jew in Christian Theology, Gerhard Falk, = McFarland and=20 Company, Inc., Jefferson, NC and London,=20 1931.

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