"Can America Survive,"

by John Hagee

Commentary by Ronald Ginther

Starting off Chapter Six, "The Rejection of Israel," John Hagee explains from the Bible how Israel is unlike any nation on the face of Planet Earth, precisely because it is the only nation every created by a soverign act of God for an eternal purpose, based on the blood covenant with Abraham 3,500 years ago.Right off, we can see, if there are thinking heads screwed on our shoulders and not dolls heads, that anyone who "messes" with God's nation, the Jews of Israel, is messing with the Almighty Himself!

Strange, how the other nations cannot grasp this simple concept and matter of fact! It is even tragic for them, as God says in his eternal Word the Bible that He will bless any nations that blesses Israel and curse any nation that curses Israel. Strangely, the nations cannot grasp this either, as they continue to curse Israel and then incur the wrath of God and their own destruction! Pastor Hagee does not give us mere man's opinion, it is the Bible he presents as his evidence, and again the evidence is more than sufficient to convince the open-minded skeptic concerning the question of whose side God is on, Israel's or the anti-Israel community of nations called the United Nations.

These are eternal rules that God instituted, and one we find is chief concerning Israel is: anyone who seizes Israeli land, his land will be seized. But what is the "land of Israel" God gave them?

From south to north, the land God gave Israel stretches from the "brook of Egypt" (namely, from the area of the Suez Canal we find existing there today) to Tyre, a city in southern Lebanon. East to west, the land stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates. John Hagee gives this as his coordinates for north and south, citing Ezekiel 48:1: The north boundary to be at Hamath, about one hundred miles north of Damascus (Ez. 48:1) and the southern boundary at Kadesh, about one hundred miles south of jerusalem (Ez. 48:28).

Consult any map you have, and many Bible versions have maps at the back that will be sufficient.

Right off, you can tell that the single most valuable commodity on earth beside diamonds or gold is involved: oil is found in the territory, for what is now controlled by Arab-held Egypt in the Suez Peninsula (which God gave to Israel, by the way) has considerable oil, and the Euphrates area also has great oil deposits that far surppass Egypt's modest-sized fields. The Egyptians and Iraqis seized control of those oil riches and the lands covering them--and God intends them to be returned to Israel, as his covenant cannot be revoked by mere man. So they are now profiterring off of Israel's resources--illegally, in God's eyes! And every penny they stole from Israel is going to have to be returned to Israel!

Need we be reminded that the imperial British overlords ruling from London created these present tinpot Arab states of Egypt and Iraq? They have no history before this worth mentioning, since the Ottoman (Turkish, not Arab) Empire ruled these territories as provinces for the last six hundred years, during which the whole region languished and went to the dogs. They are not worth mentioning today, except that they are sources of continual conflict and trouble and warfare--not to mention persecution of Jews and Christians. They should be called "failed states," for that is exactly what they are. What a terrible, festering, unlawful legacy the foolish, arrogant British created! At least under the Turkish Ottomans, the Arabs in these territories did not dare to act on their own and disturb the world community as they are doing down whenever they feel like it.

It is interesting that according to God's Word Israel stretches north 100 miles of Damascus, the capital of Arab-ruled Syria. But don't be deceived by the appearances, that this a valid state like any other--no, it is a failed colonial era product. "Syria" was created from Ottoman territory called Greater Syria by the Ottoms, due to the colonialist French--and what a botched job they did of it too! Look at Syria, one of the world's worst terrorist states, with a genocidal government that seeks to eterminate the Jews its neighbors, and a defier of Almighty God's covenant with the Jews. This nation is earmarked for destruction! You can be sure of it, since anyone who curses Israel will be cursed, God's word declares, and Syria has cursed Israel since the earliest times, not only since its latest revival as an Arab nation state by France. Years before this, even before the Ottoman Turkish Empire, it was Byxantine Greek Christian, and the Arabs were not part of the picture at all, though some no doubt lived in the deserts or traded in the markets of the towns and cities. Before that it was Roman and then before that it was part of the Hellenistic kingdom of the Selucid kings, successors of that region that survived the breakup of Alexander the Great's world empire in the 4th century B.C. Before that it was Aramaean, one of the Semitic tribes that inhabited the Middle East. It was a refuge for a time for Abraham, before he moved on from Haran in Syria to to Canaan, the land promised to him and his descendants. But later when Israel was established as a nation by God himself, the Aramaean Syrians went to war against Israel again and again, and it was a bitter struggle to eradicate Israel. That struggle has continued right up to the present day, being especially revived under the French-revived Arab state of Syria.

We have spoken about Syria's coming destuction before this article, but again, let us say that the Bible has the prophecy that Damascus will be no longer inhabited. This is considered the world's oldest continuously inhabited city on Earth (Jericho long ago lost that title, as it was destroyed and only rebuilt again by Israel at a later time, so it doesn't compare to Damascus). But a day is coming, perhaps very soon, when this city will be destroyed and made uninhabitable. A nuclear blast would make such a change, to be sure. As Arab Syria contineus to curse Israel and seek ways to attack and destroy God's people and nation, Syria is sealing its own terrible doom.

We have in Syria and Egypt's cases given you some additonal history of rejection of Israel, but John Hagee does a better job, I think. He narrows in on Egypt's case, where the Pharoah in Moses's time drowned the Israelite male children, andd later he himself was drowned in the Red Sea! There is something in this account I find especially telling to us today, where we are facing the issue of abortion.

Obama's regime has rammed the Health Care Bill down upon us all in America, you are probably aware. Public polls were clear, that most Americans opposed this bill, but Obama and the Congress voted it in anyway over the expressed will of the American people. In this unread, mammoth bill is the stipulation of tax-supported abortion on demand. Refer to Pharaoh's decree that all Israelite male babies be killed at birth. What is the difference between Obama's "Health Care Reform Bill" and Pharoah's genocidal decree? Not a whit of difference, except language perhaps. God's people (at that time only Jews were God's people,t hough some Egyptians had become "god-fearers," believing in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) were the target under Pharaoh of Egypt. Today, again it is God's people, Christians as well as Jews who are targeted under this universal Health Care System that mandates universal abortion, tax-supported, on demand.

Christians are forced by the Pharaoh of today's America to pay for the destruction of their own (for many Christians, both black and white, go to abortion clinics to have babies aborted). We have no choice as Christians but to pay for this genocide against Americans and also Christians and Jews by this modern version of Pharaoh!

I see hope though in this account. "But the midwives fear4ed God, and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the male children alive" (Exodus 1:17).

I see that God will somehow provide a way around this genocidal provision of the Health Care Bill and save the unborn chidren that would otherwise be slaughtered (slaughtered for financial reasons, primarily by Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion industry in the world). This will spare Christians from financing this genocide, surely one of the most grevious things that Pharaoh Obama has every afflicted on us during his misrule of the country.

I do not presume to tell you how. God will do it, somehow, in his wonderful way. And also there is a blessing to come to us, if we trust Him for the deliverance from Pharaoh's cruel hand. For, as it says in John Hagee's account, God blessed the midwives who circumvented Pharaoh and refused to kill the Israeli male babies, by giving them "households of their own" and children of their own too, to multiply and prosper them.

God and read the Bible account in Genesis, which begins where it mentions the king or "Pharoah who did not know Joseph." Shiprah and Puah were the names of the chief midwives over all the others the Pharaoh commanded to kill Israeli male babies at birth. Hauled before the Pharaoh to account for the utter failure of his genocidal policy (as he could see the numbers of Israeli male children increasing daily in the streets), the midwives told him that they could hot help it, as the Israeli women were so vigorous that they gave birth without help before they could get to them!

How could he deny that? He knew the Israelite women were far more vigorous and fertile than Egyptian women, and that was the known fact beyond dispute. He could only throw up his hands in disgust and send them away without punishment: Pharaoh was defeated by two God-fearing Israelite midwives! So too God will defeat Pharaoh Obama if we fear God like they did and refuse to do Pharaoh's bidding under this new law that kills innocent babies, Christians, Jews, and all others too. We cannot say whether this is withholding our tax money somehow, by a legal means, or whatever else it may be. God will give us the wisdom when it is needed. We Christians obey the law, but there comes a time when the fearers of God must obey God rather than man's unjust laws, and God will be with us, just as He was with the midwives, Shiprah and Puah.

God be praised, for his great deliverance which is coming to the people of God.

Of course, it has to be noted, that some mainline Protestant denomionations have come out in support of abortion, so they are not being included in this deliverance. They will continue to heap up God's wrath upon themselves and judgment and destruction will fall upon them, just as judgment fell upon Pharaoh and his whole people and nation, when the Angel of Death was sent by God and he came and destroyed the first-born in every family, including Pharaoh's, and the firs-born in their flocks and herds as well. This will be a terrible judgement, which cannot be fathomed at this time, but it is coming to all those who support abortion in America, whether they call themselves Christian or not. Christians are liable for their unrepented sin and rebellion against God's laws and will. Just as the Jews were held to account, so Christians will be held to account, with terrible chastisement, if not outright destruction, for supporting the slaughter of innocent babies in America, of which the tally is over 40 million.<>p> John Hagee has declared before this book that he believes God will allow the destruction to come from our enemies, in some attack that will kill 40 million Americans. That could well be. The "Perfect Storm" of judgement and destruction is coming, it is just a matter of time before it happens, and it could happen today, tonight, tomorrow, the following week or month or year, but it is coming.

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