"America's Wake-Up Call,"

by Dr. Michael Youssef, Founder of Leading the Way Ministry

The vast majority of Americans are frustrated and angry over the building of a majestic mosque and Islamic center near the heart of GroundZero in New York City. Muslim leaders are using western language of "tolerance" and "freedom of religion" to gain approval for placing that monstrosity exactly where they want it. While in reality, Islamic and Arabic media outlets are triumphantly, if not blatantly, saying that Islam is a superior religion, therefore it can build a mosque anywhere in the world, and the infidels need to shut up and accept it.

When you realize that in Saudi Arabia (the most likely bank rollers of the $100 million project) it is forbidden even for Christian foreigners to worship in their own homes, you will soon realize the contempt they hold for the West in general and Christians in particular. One of the most celebrated Islamist clerics and head of the European Counsel for Fatwa and Research, Sheikh Al Qaradawi {may the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob rebuke him!--Ed.], was quoted as saying:

"Islam invaded Europe twice and then left it [actually, this is a lie, Islam invaded Europe countless times since the 7th century!--Ed.]...Perhaps the next conquest, Allah willing, will be by means of preaching and ideology. The conquest need not necessarily be by the sword...Perhaps we will conquer these lands without armies. We want an army of preachers and teachers who will present Islam inall languages and all dialects."

Building a 13-story mosque in New York City is part of this call to provide many preachers and teachers who will spread their sugar-coated message from the heart of the place where they rained death on nearly 3,000 "infidels."

Sadly, we have an administration in Washington that naively believes if we are nice to the Islamists they will be nice to us. The assassination of Egypt's President Anwar Sadat nearly 30 years ago should instantly put an end to that fallacy. He tried to be nice to the Islamists and set them free from prison. But in "thanksgiving" for what he had done, they pulled the trigger and killed him on the fateful day of Octover 6, 1981.

America and all of Europe must wake up before it's too late. Ponder these statistics and judge if Sheikh Al Qaradawi {may the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob rebuke him!--Ed.] is not right in many ways:

"There are 50,000 Muslims in Western Europe in the early 1900s. By 2008, as many as 25 million were living there.

"Forty percent of Rotterdam's current population is Muslim.

"In Brussels, one in three citizens (33%) follow Islam.

"In Marseille, one in four people (25%) is Muslim.

"Twenty percent of inner London's population "claims allegiance to Islam."

Socialists and leftists in the media play down Muslim ideology and present Islamists and Jihadists as peace lovers. This naivety and ignorance on the part of the Left is like Christmas in July for Muslim leaders. The Islamists and Jihadists are laughing in their sleeves at such stupidity, but they will soon laugh aloud if Muslims become the majority in these countries.

What most Westerners do not understand is that Islam is not a religion in their true understanding of what the word means. It is a political and social ideology that will never submit to a secular form of government. Rather, Islamists will wait until such time as they are able to transform societies into Sharia-dominated ones, giving citizens a Taliban-type government.

But ironically, guess who are the Jehadists' first victims? The leftists, the socialists and the godless.

May God have mercy on the persecuted Christians in Islamic countries from Indonesia to Nigeria to Morocco. And may we, as Americans, wake up to the true Muslim agenda which still seeks to destroy our way of life and this great nation's foundational faith in Jesus Christ.

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